Ship will bring tons of donations from the United States


The ship Thank God arrived yesterday Sunday at the docks of Florida to transport tons of donations from Hondurans living in that state of United States for the benefit of thousands of families affected by storms Eta and Iota.

As reported Presidential House, under the operation “They are not alone” the Naval Force fulfills the mission of sending the logistical and cabotage support vessel FAL-C Thank God, to the F-28 dock of the Florida port to embark the cargo that Honduran residents have collected to be destined for those affected by the natural phenomena just past.


The ship Gracias a Dios serves in the tasks of carrying water and supplies to thousands of Hondurans living in remote areas and operates with social assistance programs in areas affected by climate change and the impact of natural disasters.

The operation is led by the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces, General Tito Livio Moreno, and the commander of the Honduran Naval Force, Captain José Jorge Fortín Aguilar.

The ship Thank God Its main function is to safeguard maritime sovereignty and assist the population in cases of emergency. It has a capacity to transport 450 tons of cargo.

The ship was built by the Corporation of Science and Technology for the Development of the Naval, Maritime and River Industry, of Colombia, and was brought on November 3, 2017 to Puerto Cortes.


tons of aid has the capacity to transport the ship that has already arrived in the United States


In Florida Some 20 tons of medicines, clothing, imperishable food, health safety equipment, such as masks, and toys for children have been collected, Juan Flores, president of the 15 de Septiembre Foundation, made up of Hondurans living in the south of Florida.

It was planned that the ship Thank god He left this Monday with the cargo from Port Everglades (in Broward County), but “due to the bad weather we have in South Florida, the departure was postponed for next Wednesday, December 2,” he confirmed.

The activist added that “we are happy with everything that has been collected. This goes straight to town. We had the support of the entire Latino community, up to two trucks from New York ”.


Hondurans in the United States will send donations


The Foundation September 15 is “ready” to send 20 tons of donations from United States to Honduras on a military boat run by the migrant community, a week after collecting in Miami of food and clothing for the victims after the passage of Eta and Iota.

“We are ready, we have everything packed, we have managed the port,” said Juan Flores, president of the Foundation formed by Hondurans settled in South Florida.

“The ship is right now near the Keys (south Florida); It will be arriving at (the port of) the Everglades today Sunday night ”, assured the activist.

According to information provided by Flores, it is the ship Thank God, of the Honduran army, which was managed by the migrant community in the United States. Under the slogan Only the people save the people, they have managed to collect about 20 tons of medicines, clothing, imperishable food, health safety equipment such as masks and toys for children, said Flores.

“We are happy with everything that has been collected. This goes straight to town, in Honduras the load will be shared by the National Anticorruption Council (CNA), a non-governmental organization, he added.

The delivery of donations was attended by artists, bloggers and public figures such as Beloved guevara, the former captain of the Honduras soccer team residing in United States, and the model Nathalia Casco.


Super Mario Maker: the Wii U game soon to be withdrawn from the eShop and deprived of some of its features

Super Mario Maker 2 was entitled to one last content update earlier this year, but it’s far from having to bow out: the community will indeed continue to keep it alive for a few more years on Switch. On the other hand, Nintendo decided to terminate some of the services of its predecessor, Super Mario Maker on Wii U.

super mario maker test 3

From the March 31, 2021, it will no longer be possible to publish stages online, and the community site Super Mario Maker Bookmark will be closed. It will still be possible to play those already broadcast, but not to export new ones online. The publisher therefore made the decision to withdraw fromeShop this game cut off of some of its functionalities, as of January 13, 2021: only those who have already purchased it will be able to download it again.

Services shut down

  • Possibility to publish courses online with Super Mario Maker on Wii U.
  • Site web Super Mario Maker Bookmark.
  • As a result, the following features of World Stages mode will also cease to be available:
    • Update of the ranking of popular courses;
    • Search in the marked internships.

If you want to continue enjoying Super Mario Maker in digital version, so think about buying it as soon as possible. The physical version is still available for € 29.99.

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ETA, heroin and paranoia

The reactions in public opinion were swift, the same as in the world of historical research. The first to answer was the historian Juan Carlos Usó in his work Do they kill heroin? (Libros Crudos, 2015), where he dived among hundreds of primary sources and displayed an accurate catalog of arguments, an impressive accumulation of facts, evidence and sentences that moved that conspiratorial construct back to the lunatic fringe of the cultural atmosphere. Added to this is the professor and author of the voluminous work General History of Drugs (1989) Antonio Escohotado when in an interview, on October 1, 2016, he asked what he thought of this conspiracy and he replied: «That’s nonsense. Or if you prefer, conspiracy for memos.

Next, Justo Arriola published At the feet of the horse (Txalaparta, 2016), with which he intended to rescue that conspiratorial construct by gathering all the data, statements and alleged evidence to demonstrate that this master plan of the Spanish State to distribute heroin in the Basque Country it was a reality. However, what he tried to prove turned against him, since the book starts from the confirmation bias. It is the same method used by the faithful of those churches enthusiastic about the arrival of the Apocalypse, who look for signs that certify that Armageddon is approaching. Hence, Arriola, after exposing his belief to us, goes in search of the proofs, but uses the cherry picking fallacy; that is, select what interests you. Adding the feedback in his creed, since he quotes poets, singers, musicians or writers who expressed their opinion on the possibility of this master plan, but without providing evidence, and he does so with the aim of using the bandwagon bias in his conclusion: “It is common knowledge, so it’s true ”. And he finishes with several deductive jumps to prove his thesis. The evidence that he cites is the same as that defended by Pepe Rei and Edurne San Martín from Egin, Investigation in 1998 and that would have no effect in any court.

Now the doctor in Contemporary History Pablo García Varela (Oviedo, 1992) has joined with ETA and the heroin conspiracy. An investigation into the reasons why the terrorist gang caused 58 victims, of which 43 died, accusing them of heroin drug traffickers and executing them. Varela does not deploy any argument that he has not previously proven, which is welcome at a time when the sewers of epistemology dominate knowledge. Of all the murders stands out that of Antonio Díaz Losada, an example of reintegration at the age of 29, with a job, wife and son. After many years hooked to the horse and with stays in prison, he is assassinated by ETA on August 9, 1994. Even to this day, no ETA member has provided any evidence that demonstrates the involvement of these victims in drug trafficking. Varela continues exposing how the ETA leaders presented double standards, since many of them used drugs. An example was the Igueldo commando, the “gulf commando,” which melted the money from several robberies into heroin. To which we add works that defend that the real reason for this fight against drug trafficking was to eliminate competition. ―See the report by the sociologist Alain Labrousse, the investigations of Roberto Saviano and those of Carnwath and Smith―, since what is verifiable is that the circuits for the sale of illegal weapons were the same as those for heroin, in such a way that “Heroin came to function as a kind of narco-dollar in transfers between terrorist organizations and mafias” (p.212). The drug and arms trafficking routes were the same, those of the Mugadaris, and the way they worked consisted of “I’m going to sell you 50 Browning and you have to buy me a kilo of heroin too.”

The belief in that conspiracy came from the United States in 1970, when activists like Michael Cetewayo argued that the Black Panthers had been defeated because the FBI distributed heroin to African Americans to decimate their revolutionary potential. The same happened among the hippie movement, where one of its defenders, Cleo Odzer, claimed: “Without heroin, we would have won.” In England, sectors close to the IRA claimed the same from Margaret Thatcher’s government, which sold heroin to decimate the militant Northern Irish youth. And in Catalonia, Terra Lliure said the same thing and killed, and in Galicia, the Guerrilheiro do Povo Galego Ceive Army repeated it and killed it. At that time, in the European Union there were a million and a half heroin addicts, it was not a problem exclusive to one territory. What does always happen is that conspiranoid beliefs appear when it is necessary to justify political and military defeats to your followers, even Aldof Hitler used them, arguing that Germany had lost World War I because of the Jewish conspiracy.

ETA and the heroin conspiracy

Pablo Garcia Varela

Cataract, 2020

253 pages

18,50 euros


Private company is ready to support the plan to rebuild Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The president of the Business Council of Latin America (Ceal), Camilo Atala, he assured in a meeting with the Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernández that “private companies are ready to support the national reconstruction plan.

The meeting held by virtual means between the president Juan Orlando Hernandez, the head of CEAL and members of the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (Cohep), had the purpose of joining forces for the national reconstruction process derived from the disasters in infrastructure, crops and industry left by storms Eta and Iota in large part of the national territory.

The reconstruction of Honduras due to the severe damage caused by tropical storms Eta and Iota will take several years and will depend largely on the international aid that the country may receive, where poverty, which already affected more than 60%, could overcome 70%, according to analysts.

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So far there are no official figures on the amount that damage to infrastructure would add, which could be known within a few days when the evaluation that the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) has begun, under the methodology damage and loss assessment.

The two natural phenomena, which were previously powerful category 4 (Eta) and 5 (Iota) hurricanes on the Saffir-Simpson scale when entering Nicaragua, a country that with Honduras and Guatemala were the most affected in Central America, left thousands of Hondurans drowned between foul waters, mud and all kinds of garbage.

Iota and Eta left damage in 16 of the 18 departments of Honduras, but the most serious is registered in the north and Caribbean of the country, where most of its productive force is in the agricultural, livestock and industrial fields, among others, that they move its weak economy.

Private company list

“Private companies are ready to support the Government, both on the issue of the pandemic, as well as the impact caused by storms Eta and Iota,” Atala stressed.

He added that both phenomena have hit the country’s economy hard in employment, infrastructure, agriculture and trade, among other areas. This will require a new governance platform so that together we can move the country forward. ”

He noted that it is necessary to generate an aggressive home building plan for people affected by the floods in the Sula Valley and in the central-south and western regions.

Further: Lima is flooded for the fourth time in 20 days

“The important thing is to make the plans come true, we are ready to support the government,” Atala remarked. He pointed out that regarding the projects, “President, count on our support.”

The data

Founded on February 19, 1990 in Mexico City, the Latin American Business Council (CEAL) is made up of business leaders from Latin America, Puerto Rico and Miami, United States.

It was born in order to unify efforts that strengthen their reciprocal ties within a framework of democracy and the promotion of socioeconomic progress of the nations to which they belong, in which they have expanded their activities and business markets.


International Truck of the Year 2021: MAN TGX holt den Titel

And the winner is: MAN TGX! The completely redesigned heavy model series from Munich wins the Oscar of the commercial vehicle industry with the prestigious title “Truck of the Year 2021”.

Game, set and match for the new MAN TGX! In the race for the most important award in the European commercial vehicle industry, the heavy man from Munich was able to bring victory to Munich with a clear plus on the points account ahead of the second-placed Volvo FH.

The completely revised large series thus won the eighth “Truck of the Year” (ITOY) title in a year marked by the corona pandemic, market turbulence and management change. Having won this prestigious award again, the Bavarian manufacturer is now in second place among the most popular brands in the award that has been presented annually since 1977.

The best truck among all new trucks over 7.5 tons

Eligibility to vote for the ITOY trophy – a stylized steering wheel on a granite base – are 24 specialist journalists from the most important industry magazines from 24 European countries. For Germany, FERNFAHRER and lastauto omnibus are represented in the panel of experts with juror Oliver Willms.

All new trucks over 7.5 tonnes total weight that have made the greatest progress in terms of efficiency in road traffic within the current year are eligible to participate in the international competition for the “Commercial Vehicle Oscar”. The evaluation includes the technological innovation, comfort, safety, driving behavior, environmental compatibility and economy. In order to be able to participate in the elimination, the vehicle must already be in series production and be available for extensive test drives to the expert jury.

Difficult conditions for test drives

This presented the ITOY competitors with particular challenges in this Corona year, which was characterized by lockdown and travel restrictions. In addition to the MAN product launch in Bilbao, northern Spain, at the beginning of February 2020, the jury testers had enough opportunities to convince themselves of the qualities of the new MAN on an additional test tour in July. The combination of well-proven and modern drive trains with a completely redesigned cab design was one of the most outstanding pluses for the new MAN generation. The new controls and a driver’s cab concept geared towards maximum work and living quality, which also reveals the driver’s needs in detail, pay into the credit account of the new MAN. In addition to the switch to fully digitized display displays with differently assignable displays, the TGX scores with its new, innovative input concept in trucks with the rotary / push control called Smart Select. Numerous operating inputs can be intuitively adjusted with the right hand via the adjustment wheel pair, which is conveniently provided with a hand support bracket, without distracting the driver too much from the road. The mini-touchpad recognizes letters or numbers “painted” with the finger and makes it easier to enter navigation addresses. With its clearly structured input structure, the new operating module explains itself on a separate display after the first activation. In this way, the rotary / push control complements the new, fully digitized instrument display behind the also newly designed multimedia steering wheel. In short – when designing the driver’s workplace, the MAN TGX shows a consistent focus on maximum operational safety without overburdening the driver. The Smart Select rotary control is practically the crown of this new design philosophy. New comfort seats and optimized bunk beds, mirror packages finally attached outside of the blind spot with the option of digital mirror cams and the optimized aerodynamics of the heavily redesigned driver’s cab complete the package of new products.

Design: a successful symbiosis between future and tradition

With its all-round, new external shape, which ties in with the tradition of heavy MAN trucks, Munich chief designer Holger Koos has succeeded in creating a successful symbiosis between future and tradition. Even if many would have wished for more courageous shapes when they first looked at the new MAN – 20 years after its first debut, the TGX has again received an unmistakable face that will not make it look old in the years to come. The gold exterior color, with which the new heavy MANs were presented, is part of the coherent design philosophy. “The paint color gold stands for value and tradition. It signals that the truck meets the highest demands in terms of reliability and lasting value, ”says designer Holger Koos, explaining the choice of color.

Even under the newly styled outer skin, a lot of hands were made to switch products. New safety and comfort programs such as lane return assistants, turning assistants and traffic jam assistants complete the range of electronic helpers that make work easier for the driver on the move.

Reliable friend of the drivers

In the sum of its properties, the new MAN builds a foundation on which the image of the heavy Munich-based man as a reliable “driver’s friend” with an independent appearance in the group of the big parent VW Nutzfahrzeuge will continue to exist. The MAN TGX was able to prove its qualities in the first test carried out by numerous specialist magazines.

Organizational novelty for 2021: Due to the pandemic, the award ceremony took place virtually for the first time in the form of a video trailer published worldwide via social networks. In the electronic story, the ITOY trophy traveled from the hands of jury president Gianenrico Griffini on board a MAN TGX from Milan to Munich, where it was received by the new MAN Truck & Bus CEO Andreas Tostmann. Despite the crisis in the Group, he didn’t spare his employees praise: “The title ‘International Truck of the Year’ is a great recognition for the excellent work of our MAN team. For more than five years, the team has been working towards one goal: to develop the best truck for the drivers and our customers and get it on the road. This coveted award reflects us back: Goal achieved. “

International Truck of the Year

The “International Truck of the Year” organization was founded in 1977 by the British specialist journalist Pat Kennett and today comprises 24 specialist judges from leading transport magazines across Europe. In addition to the ITOY jury members, the expert group was expanded to include additional associated expert members in China, India, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Japan and Iran in order to take the most important world markets for road freight transport into account. Overall, the ITOY jury together with its eight associated members represents more than a million readers.

More information at

The ITOY organization would like to thank the world’s leading expert and expert organization Dekra for the independent election management, vote evaluation and certification of the election results.


Hondurans return to their homes devastated by Eta and Iota

San Pedro Sula, Cortés.

The inhabitants of Sula Valley and from other regions of the country have gradually returned to their severely damaged homes after the floods caused by Eta and Iota devastated almost everything they had.

To return to inhabit the houses seems still a long way off, since for now the common objective is to wash, clean and disinfect them, in addition to the multiple repairs or purchases that must be made to furnish them again.

In the faces of most of them a series of feelings is configured translated into pain, uncertainty and helplessness when looking at how almost everything they built for years vanished overnight, others on the other hand, still remain firm, positive and hope to rise like eagles.

Some experienced this tragedy derived from nature for the first time, others repeated the story as when they had to escape to safety during the powerful Hurricane Mith registered in 1998.

There are thousands of people they stay in the shelters because they were practically on the street, settling for the amount of food they were given, the clothes they were provided and exposing themselves to risks such as contagion of viral diseases and even rapes.

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Another part of the population still sheltered under bridges or inside booths on the side of the street and in precarious conditions, all scattered among parks, squares and other public spaces.

Who they managed to save the material they had in their homesThey know that when they return they will have to reconnect the public services that were interrupted by the floods, in addition to washing and cleaning the waste that the dirty waters washed away everywhere.

Recovery is slow for the inhabitants of Rivera Hernández, La Lima, Planeta, Pimienta, Choloma, Villanueva and other sectors classified as the most devastated. Although the water has dropped significantly in several of these places, the unhealthy is still real and it is a consequence that will surely take its toll in terms of health sooner or later.

The two tropical storms left material destruction, mainly to agriculture and infrastructure works such as roads and bridges, as well as houses of humble peasant families, many of them built with adobe and zinc sheets and in other cases of very extreme poverty with bahareque or rustic wooden boards.

A tragedy not to forget

Eta and Iota are considered natural phenomena with catastrophic consequences due to the damage caused in Honduras, its effects began to be felt last Sunday in the region of La Mosquitia, department of Gracias a Dios, adjacent to Nicaragua, where there was rainfall that exceeded 200 millimeters , according to meteorological experts.


To date, regions of the east, south, west, central and north of Honduras remain cut off due to the partial or total destruction of roads and bridges left by the rains derived from Eta and Iota.

Both phenomena also caused flooding in departments such as Olancho and El Paraíso, as well as in the entire coastal area that includes the departments of Atlántida, Cortés and Islas de la Bahía, and in Yoro (north), Comayagua (center), and the rest. in the west they border Guatemala and El Salvador.

Flooded cities, completely destroyed houses, desperate families, flooded agricultural crops and other damages form the panorama of destruction seen in the productive zone of the Sula Valley, affected mainly by the flooding of the Ulúa and Chamelecón rivers.

Further: There are 140,000 people exposed in flooded areas in Honduras

Thousands of rescuers, including members of the Armed Forces, National Police, Fire Department, Red Cross, Green Cross, Copeco and many volunteers, have carried out innumerable rescue operations for victims with the support of aircrafts and boats of the security organs. , as well as others provided by companies and individuals.

So far there is no exact figure for the losses caused by the two natural phenomena, which globally have left more than 70 dead, while economic losses according to some analysts could exceed 3,000 million dollars.

According to aid agencies, more than 3 million Hondurans were affected by the two natural phenomena and the number of sheltered would exceed 100,000.

Country reconstruction alternatives

President Juan Orlando Hernandez recently announced the creation of a task force to attend the emergency caused by tropical storms Eta and Iota in the central-south areas, which joins another working group in the western area, seeking to bring humanitarian assistance to those affected in the shortest possible time.

For the Sula Valley, which continues to be an area doubly affected by Iota and Eta, there is the presidential designee María Antonia Rivera working with the mayors and accompanied by General Jaime Omar Silva from Copeco, who is in charge of the north and west region, and that has to do with the delivery of humanitarian aid, rescue processes, as well as identifying humanitarian assistance actions and road rehabilitation.

The Minister of the Finance Secretariat, Marco Midence, stated that this week ordinary transfers to 100% of the country’s municipalities, of which they can have up to 50% for emergency humanitarian aid and also for cleaning and rehabilitation of these communities.

He also affirmed that as of Monday begins “the programming of payment of transfers of what corresponds to the 298 mayors, so I want to ratify the municipalities of the affected areas that they should already have the availability and that they can contract services and to be able to start deploying resources for immediate attention ”.

The secretary of General Government Coordination, Carlos Madero, affirmed that “the machinery available in the 18 departments of the country for the rehabilitation of roads, fords, bridges ”.

“It is very likely that in some places it enters faster than in others because the water saturation is perhaps higher and you must wait for the land to dry out a bit,” he explained.

Strategic Investment of Honduras (Invest-H), the Secretariat of Community Development, Aguay Sanitation (Sedecoas) and the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Public Services (Insep) are working together and have an initial fund of 200 million lempiras to carry out works rehabilitation.

Madero reported that the help of the United Nations has been confirmed by three million dollars, a donation that will be focused “on the most affected municipalities and departments” and through immediate humanitarian aid for those affected who are in shelters or who suffered enormous damage in their homes.

The official concluded by saying that they are working on a plan for the sustainable reconstruction of Honduras, “which is being structured and for which the contribution of the Economic Commission for Latin America is being counted on to count the damage caused by the phenomena natural ”.


Plane arrives from Miami with 18,000 pounds of humanitarian aid supplies

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

A flight with more than 18,000 pounds of supplies humanitarian aid landed at the Palmerola Air Base, as a result of the joint work between the Honduran Consular Mission in Miami, Honduran organizations in the State of Florida, companies and people of other nationalities.

Due to the difficult situation that Honduras is facing after the hurricanes And it’s Iota, the Consular Network in the United States has arranged collection centers for the collection of aid destined for the thousands of affected compatriots.

The humanitarian aid consists of food, hygiene equipment and personal protection, which were received by the vice chancellors Nelly Jerez and Karen Najarro, Mauricio Cabezas and Lenin Padilla, on behalf of the Permanent Contingency Commission (Copeco).

Vice Chancellor Najarro expressed that “we are very happy to receive this donation sent by the Honduran community and from other nationalities in Miami to be delivered to all the shelters where our affected brothers are.”

Lea: Eta and Iota leave dozens of Honduran firefighters in calamity

“This is the first of three planes that Spirit Airlines has made available to us to transport all this humanitarian aid collected by our compatriots,” added Vice Chancellor Jerez.

Two representatives of Hondurans in that state accompanied the flight to deliver the donations: Delmi Carolina Jiménez, vice president of National Community Service, and Brenda Betancourt, president of the 8th Street Chamber of Commerce.

Further: Uncommunicated and at risk in Copán and Belén Gualcho

The consulate received donations from the Fundación Olanchanos Unidos Por Honduras, Organización Hondureña Integrada Francisco Morazán, Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), Calle 8 Miami Chamber of Commerce and Fundación Hermano a Hermano.

Spirit Airlines

In addition to transporting the freight with the donations, the Spirit airline also donated 13 boxes with humanitarian aid directed to 54 of its employees affected by the hurricanes, also five boxes with computer equipment for temporary operation in Honduras while the service is reestablished at Ramon airport. Villeda Morales.


Pokémon GO: new bonuses for containment, and they will last

Pokémon GO is having its best year since launching in 2016, so Niantic take the opportunity to bring it into a new dimension with an update GO Beyond. The title also had to adapt to the travel limitations in place since the start of the health crisis, with Remote raids and mechanics of evolution or renewed interaction. However, some bonuses had been withdrawn in recent months when the situation seemed to be improving.

Pokémon GO Beyond 11 18 11 2020

But you well know, the ‘second wave’ of COVID-19 is surging in many countries, and in France as in others, containment is topical. Niantic therefore backtracked in reactivating immediately the following bonuses:

  • The effectiveness of Incense will be increased, which will allow players to attract Pokémon more often;
  • Pokémon Buddies will now bring more gifts each day, up to five gifts at a time and up to three times a day.

They will be available at least until June 2021, and the developers agree to give at least a month’s notice before their withdrawal. To this, the team also wants to add no more temporary bonuses during events, such as reduction of the incubation distance, increase of the exchange distance, or 1 bundle of PokéCoin. If you had let go Pokémon GO, so there is always time to think about getting back to it.

Other than that Pokemon Sword is available from € 59.99 on

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