This is how FETÖ was prepared for ‘betrayal’

AA correspondent, indictments, opinions and reasoned decisions prepared for coup attempt casesAccording to the information compiled by the AK Party, the AK Party came back to power with 49 percent of the votes in the general elections of November 1, 2015, Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) It caused her to panic.

Because the government that came to power again alone, The organization, which knows that it will liquidate the FETOist soldiers with the decisions of the Supreme Military Council (YAŞ).‘s brain team was shaken by the decision of the Izmir Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office to detain the soldiers who were members of the organization, including the generals.

Realizing that MIT Undersecretary Hakan Fidan as well as senior officials of the organization could not be called to testify, he could not make the government take a step back with conspiracies such as the 17/25 December investigations and the stopping of MIT trucks. FETO decided to stage a coup as a last resort.

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The ringleader of the organization Fetullah Gülen, standing in front of the camera in his khaki robe on March 19, 2016, said, “I am speaking on behalf of Anthrparantez. He gave his speech, which also included statements.

The mass that Gülen called “Cappadocia residents” were soldiers from the organization that would attempt the coup.

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Following this instruction from the ringleader, top-level private imams Adil Öksüz, Kemal Batmaz, Nurettin Oruç, Hakan Çiçek and Harun Biniş, who will lead the coup at Akıncı Air Base together with the soldiers of the organization, began their trips abroad as part of preparation for the coup.

Öksüz and Batmaz, who went to the USA for the last time on the same plane 4 days before the attempt, got Gülen to approve the coup plan.

Betrayal meetings in Ankara

After Gülen’s call, the soldiers from all over Turkey and the private imams responsible for them started the coup meetings.

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Under the chairmanship of Adil Öksüz, the final preparations were reviewed on 6-7-8-9 July 2016 in the villa in Ankara Konutkent, where the so-called peace council members also attended.

Details regarding which troops will be used throughout Turkey, especially in Ankara, critical public institutions to be bombed by planes, anti-coup generals to be detained and martial law appointments have been determined.

The putschist pilots, who flew low and rained bombs in the skies of Ankara on the night of the betrayal, started the preparation process for the coup after the instructions of their private imams.

The day before the attempt, former pilot first lieutenant Müslim Macit, who bombed the Presidential Complex Junction, former pilot first lieutenant Mehmet Çetin Kaplan, who shot the Directorate of Security Aviation Department, and former pilot first lieutenant Adem Kırcı, who flew low over Ankara’s skies, made the first low flight on the night of July 15 and attacked the putschist pilots. They met at the house of former staff major Mehmet Fatih Çavur, who conveyed the information of the bombing points.

To the pilots, “I know you’re from the congregation.” Çavur said, “You have been trained for these until today. You will pay for the effort we put in. I was expecting war-like days until today.” He said what to do on the night of the coup.

In addition to the F-16 pilots, helicopter pilots who attacked the TRT, Gendarmerie General Command and MIT campus in Ankara also held a meeting as part of the preparations for the coup.

At the meeting on 13 July at the organization’s house in Yenimahalle, the so-called council member, former lieutenant colonel Özcan Karacan, and former lieutenant colonels İlkay Ateş, Erdal Başlar and former major Taha Fatih Çelik were present.

Receiving the information that the coup would begin at 03.00, the aforementioned putschists divided the tasks among them.

Three days before the treason attempt, some members of the gendarmerie class members of the organization were at the coup meeting with private imams in Ambarlı, near Şaşmaz Sanayi Sitesi.

The soldiers assigned on the night of the coup were introduced to each other by their real names for the first time under the supervision of private imams.

Expressing that the coup will take place, the imams asked everyone to comply with the distribution of duties regarding the evening of July 15.

Coup preparations in Istanbul

Another address of the coup preparations was Istanbul, where 99 people were martyred.

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Maltepe 2nd Armored Brigade Command, 66th Mechanized Infantry Brigade Command and Air Force Academy hosted the meetings of the putschists.

The putschists held their first meeting in Istanbul on 12-13-14 July 2016 at the Maltepe 2nd Armored Brigade Command.

In the meetings, in which the putschist former staff colonel Muzaffer Regular, whose place of duty was in Ankara, also attended, former 2nd Armored Brigade Commander brigadier General Özkan Aydoğdu, former 1st Army Operations Lieutenant Commander Brigadier General Eyyüp Gürler, former staff colonels Mehmet Kapan, Uzay Şahin, Ömer Faruk Özköse, Sadık Cebeci, Rıfkı Keser and Onur Özden, former staff lieutenants Engin Durmaz, İrfan Arat, Fatih Karakaya and Şakir Çınar, former staff majors Mehmet Murat Çelebioğlu and Murat Yanık and former captain Mehmet Karabekir were present. Former Kuleli Military High School Commander Colonel Mürsel Çıkrıkçı only attended the meeting on 12 July.

After explaining to the unit commanders how the critical institutions and transportation routes will be occupied on the Istanbul map on the evening of July 15, regularly and Aydoğdu distributed the tasks.

Accordingly, the 2nd Armored Brigade Command would control the Kuleli Military High School bridge piers, Sabiha Gökçen Airport would be controlled by the Üsküdar Riot Force, Türk Telekom Headquarters, one of the TEM and E-5 connection roads would be controlled by the Motor Regiment Command in Samandıra and the Infantry School Command. .

Regular, Murat Yanık, Onur Özden, Mehmet Murat Çelebioğlu, and Space Şahin would act as the liaison and coordination team.

Mehmet Nail Yiğit took responsibility for the detention of politicians and bureaucrats, and Fethi Alpay took responsibility for the activities of the Air Force Academy and the flights in Istanbul.

Özkan Aydoğdu assigned the 1st Tank Battalion Commander Şakir Çınar to Sabiha Gökçen Airport, and 2nd Tank Battalion Commander İrfan Arat to take control of the entrances of the Anatolian side of both Bosphorus bridges and to occupy the Riot Forces Branch Directorate in Üsküdar.

During the meetings, it was decided to use the soldiers of the Hasdal 6th Motor Rifle Regiment for the occupation of AKOM, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Logistics Support Center, TRT Harbiye Radio building, TRT Ulus building and Taksim Square.

The day before the coup attempt, the meeting at the 66th Mechanized Infantry Brigade Command was attended by Yanık, Şahin and Çelebioğlu, as well as the putschists Brigade Commander, former Brigadier General Mehmet Nail Yiğit, Deputy Commander, former staff colonel Yusuf Sarı, former staff lieutenant colonel Osman Akkaya, former staff major Ahmet Baykal, former staff captain Özkan Özgenç, former staff lieutenant colonel Kadir Yıldız and former staff major Fatih Sönmez.

At the meeting, it was discussed by whom and how those who would be detained on the European side would be detained.

The final coup preparation meeting in Istanbul started at the Air Force Academy on July 14 at around 21.00.

Fethi Alpay, Murat Yanık, Space Şahin, Mehmet Murat Çelebioğlu, Muzaffer Regular, Eyüp Gürler, Müslüm Kaya, Nebi Gazneli, Sadık Cebeci, Onur Özden, Gökhan Şahin Sönmezateş, Ahmet Gümüş, Rıfkı Keser, Zafer Özleblebici, Ahmet Zeki Gerehan. It was determined from the camera recordings he participated in.

The coordinators of the meeting were Alpay, Sönmezateş and regularly, the final preparations of the treason attempt and the distribution of duties were reviewed.

Sönmezateş, who was at the head of the team that attempted to assassinate President Erdoğan, also organized the detention of the generals who would attend the wedding at Moda Deniz Club.

Coup preparations in Anatolia

In addition to Ankara and Istanbul, FETO also made preparations for coups in Edirne, Denizli, Isparta and Izmir.

Former 54th Mechanized Brigade Commander Brigadier General Hidayet Arı, who was appointed as Edirne martial law commander on the so-called assignment list, met with fugitive colonel Uzay Şahin and major Mehmet Murat Çelebioğlu at the official residence of the brigade command in Babaeski district of Kırklareli the day before the treason attempt.

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After returning to Edirne, Arı transferred the task distribution made for the evening of 15 July to the former 55th Mechanized Infantry Brigade Commander, Brigadier General Bekir Koçak, and said that he would take action at 03:00.

Former 11th Commando Brigade Commander Brigadier General Kamil Özhan Özbakır, who was appointed as the so-called “martial law commander” in Denizli, was among the names who took an active role in the preparations for the coup attempt.

Returning from his annual leave on July 12, 2016, Özbakır held a meeting with putschist soldiers like himself in the arbor at the headquarters in the evening, and their cell phones were kept in a separate place during the meeting.

Özbakır shared the information that there would be a coup with the names he met, and continued his treason meetings in the surrounding provinces after the distribution of duties there.

Özbakır visited the Söke Deputy Commander’s Office in Aydın with his official vehicle, on which he had a civilian license plate installed, and then went to İzmir.

Özbakır, who prepared his unit under his command within the scope of the task he would undertake on the night of betrayal, started the junta activities with the start of the coup.

Another address for the coup preparations was the Eğirdir Mountain Commando School and Training Center Command located in Isparta.

Former Egirdir Mountain Commando School and Training Center Commander Major General Metin Akkaya continued to come to the barracks after receiving information about the coup attempt, despite being on annual leave.

Çetinkaya, who worked on the coup plan for hours in his room where he locked his door, then told former colonel Ahmet Yıldırım, the commander of the 40th Infantry Training Regiment at the Isparta Anti-Terrorism Training and Exercise Center Command, about the time of the coup, how it would be carried out, and their role in this process.

Former Major General Memduh Hakbilen, who was appointed as the so-called Manisa and İzmir martial law commander, was the person who prepared the coup attempt days before July 15.

Hakbilen, who is in an important task as the Chief of Staff of the Aegean Army Command, instructed the Aegean Army Engineering Battalion to prepare units within the scope of the abolished Security Public Security Assistance Protocol (EMASYA) days before the coup attempt.

Hakbilen also requested that the armored vehicles of the 11th Motorized Infantry Brigade stationed in Denizli, the 19th Motorized Infantry Brigade in Edremit and the Bergama Regiment Command be prepared for the deployment of critical public institutions in İzmir and to ensure control in the city.

Hakbilen waited for the hour of betrayal after reviewing the final preparations with the putschists acting with him.

Completing the preparations in this way, FETÖ attempted treason on the evening of July 15. The coup attempt, which started with the low flying of fighter jets, resulted in the victory of the people who resisted at the cost of their lives.

Of the civilians, policemen and soldiers who fought for Turkey to come to the light on that dark night, 150 marched to martyrdom in Ankara, 99 in Istanbul, and 2 in Muğla.

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Tropical storm Elsa approaches central Florida in the United States

Tropical Storm Elsa continues its path towards Florida, United States, and is expected to make landfall in Tampa on Tuesday night, July 6, or early Wednesday, later crossing the peninsula from west to east.

The National Hurricane Center (CNH) located the center of the storm about 70 kilometers east of Kingston, Jamaica, and 235 km southeast of Cabo Cruz, Cuba, with sustained winds of 100 km / h.

The CNH added that heavy rains and tropical storm winds are predicted to spread over eastern Cuba in the next few hours this Sunday. The system decreased its power in its passage through southern Haiti last Saturday.

Elsa will make landfall in Cuba on Monday morning, before reaching the Straits of Florida in the afternoon. It would then pass near Key West, then continue north along Florida’s Gulf Coast all Tuesday.

Elsa has left three dead on her way through the Dominican Republic and Saint Lucia.

On the other hand, Elsa’s presence forced demolition work to be carried out on the building that partially collapsed in Miami-Dade on June 24.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that “we have a building here in Surfside that is tottering, it is structurally defective. If the building is torn down, this will protect our search and rescue teams. “

The authorities of Miami-Dade County in Florida, United States, indicated that last Saturday two more bodies were found in the rubble of the building that collapsed. Thus, the number of deaths left by the partial collapse of the structure is 24.

See also: Hurricane Elsa is heading towards the Caribbean with winds of 120 kilometers per hour.

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President Erdoğan put Türksat 5A Satellite into service

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, In his speech at the TÜRKSAT 5A Satellite Commissioning Ceremony held at TÜRKSAT’s Gölbaşı campus, he wished the satellite to be beneficial to the country, the nation and all sectors that will benefit from this opportunity.

Expressing that the TÜRKSAT 5A Satellite was launched into space with a Falcon 9 rocket in January, and the satellite, which reached orbit in the first days of May, is ready to provide service after a long test and preparatory work, Erdoğan said that with the satellite, whose maneuver life is calculated as 35 years, both satellite communication capacities and satellite communication capacities will be improved. He said that both the existing satellites were backed up and their orbital rights were guaranteed.

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Erdoğan congratulated the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and related institutions and employees who contributed to the launch of the satellite, which is the product of nearly 4 years of effort.

“Now it’s time for our TÜRKSAT 5B satellite”

Stating that the satellite will serve a wide geography covering Europe, Mediterranean, Aegean, Black Sea, Middle East, North Africa, Central, West and South Africa regions together with Turkey, Erdoğan continued his words as follows:

“TÜRKSAT 5A, which has the capacity to provide quality service in television broadcasting and data services, is a very important project in its field with the high added value it will provide. Now it’s time for our TÜRKSAT 5B satellite. The tests of our TÜRKSAT 5B satellite, whose design and production phases have been completed successfully, are continuing. Our aim is to launch this satellite of the year. Our mission is to send it into space again with a Falcon 9 rocket in the last quarter of the year. The payload capacity will be more than all the satellites to date. With the entry into service of TÜRKSAT 5B, our data communication capacity will increase by 15 times. The maneuver life of TÜRKSAT 5B, which is also important in terms of protecting our frequency and orbital rights in the eastern orbit, will also increase. It is predicted that it will be over 35 years. Of course, we do not stop there. About 5 years ago, we started our national communication satellite project by witnessing the signing ceremony. In this context, we produced our TÜRKSAT 6A satellite with the contribution of many institutions and organizations such as TÜBİTAK, TÜRKSAT, Aselsan, TUSAŞ, CTECH. Coming to the test phase b We are planning to launch our satellite into space next year. Thus, Turkey will be among the 10 countries in the world that can produce communication satellites. I wish you all the best in advance.”

“The name of this era that causes radical change is the digital age”

President Erdoğan stated that the world is going through the pains of transitioning to a new age, and that the name of this age, which is directly involved in production relations and has radically changed the way of production, is the “digital age”.

Emphasizing that this process will lead to the re-establishment of the political, social, economic and cultural balances of power in the world, like every change of age in the history of humanity, Erdoğan drew attention to the fact that the digital age will have similar results, just as the use of soil and machinery has caused great breaks in the history of humanity. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said:

“The most important feature of the new age is that it is based on the production of information, which we call abstract production, and the control of the resulting data. Humans are now inclined towards systems that do not only work for themselves, but also think for themselves. This digital production and management that extends to the capillaries in all areas of life. process has reached a very different phase with artificial intelligence.This change makes itself felt in every field from state administration to social structure.

The phenomenon we call democracy emerged when people gathered in a square to discuss and decide on the problems of the city. Later, this method turned into a representative democracy, in which all people over a certain age living in the country took part through elections. Today, hundreds of millions of people from all over the world can come together, discuss and develop a common attitude thanks to digital infrastructure and communication opportunities. Moreover, this last change took place in a very short time span of several generations. Indeed, we think about the childhood and youth of our generation and how we lived life in those times. Then we look at our grandchildren, the new generations. The difference between just three generations is too much, too obvious and clear to be compared to the difference we have had with dozens of generations before us.”

“Justice at the global level should be evaluated in a way that includes the infrastructures of the digital age”

Stating that almost all of the public services could be carried out within the e-government system, Erdoğan reminded that in his youth, it is necessary to work for hours, days, weeks or even months and years when necessary for each of the transactions they perform by pressing a few keys on a mobile phone or computer screen.

President Erdogan made the following evaluations:

“Certain facilities and programs were needed for people to communicate, meet, talk and talk with each other. Today, it is possible to communicate with people all over the world in seconds with mobile phones and applications on it. There is no doubt that there are serious injustices between countries and societies in this process, just like transformation. While in some places individuals benefit from every opportunity of the digital age to the fullest, in some places there are still communities struggling to hold on to life under the conditions of the primitive period.Now, at the global level, justice should be evaluated in a way that covers the infrastructures of the digital age as well as food, bread, water, shelter and housing needs. “

“We will create a cyber defense mechanism”

Emphasizing that Turkey firmly embraces the digital age in the light of its experiences in the past two centuries, Erdoğan shared the following views:

“Thank God, thanks to the strong infrastructure of works and services we have brought to our country, we have succeeded in putting the possibilities of the digital age at the disposal of our nation before many developed countries. We are determined to further develop the digital infrastructure, which is of critical importance in every field from industry to commerce, from public services to education and health. We are preparing to take the necessary steps, especially fiber infrastructure, to the top of the global value system brought by digitalization. We will soon share with the public our strategy work that will support data-based innovation, improve our national technology production capabilities, and enable us to get ahead in artificial intelligence technologies. In our strategy document, which will include our long-term roadmap, we will also reveal how we will protect our country against the risks involved in the process. We’re going to create a mechanism.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan wished God’s mercy to those who were martyred in TÜRKSAT’s Gölbaşı campus during the coup attempt of FETÖ on July 15, 2016, and patience for their families, saying, “Our country has risen with these martyrs, and it continues to rise.” used the phrase.

After the speech, the TÜRKSAT 5A satellite was put into service by pressing the button by President Erdoğan and his entourage.

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, AK Party Deputy Chairman Binali Yıldırım, AK Party Secretary General Fatih Şahin, Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun, Presidency Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın and TÜRKSAT General Manager Hasan Hüseyin Ertok attended the ceremony.​​

President Erdoğan visited Gölbaşı Municipality after the ceremony.

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The Turkey section of the EU Leaders’ Summit statement was shared

EU Summit After the completion of the talks with Turkey, the summit declaration Turkey section about it was made public.

Pointing out that the European Council is re-negotiating the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean and EU-Turkey relations, the statement emphasized that a safe and stable environment in the Eastern Mediterranean, mutually beneficial relations with Turkey and developing cooperation are in the strategic interest of the EU.

In the statement, it was stated that the decrease in tension in the Eastern Mediterranean was welcomed and it should be continued.

Pointing out that the EU is ready to increase cooperation with Turkey in many areas involving common interests in a gradual, proportionate and reversible manner, it was stated that EU leaders noted the start of technical studies for the authorization to update the Customs Union between the EU and Turkey.

Customs Union and high-level dialogue

In the declaration, it was stated that the authorization for updating the Customs Union could be accepted with additional guidance at the EU Council, and it was noted that the problems experienced in the implementation of the existing Customs Union should be eliminated and it should be applied effectively to all EU member states.

In the statement, it was emphasized that EU leaders noted the preparations for high-level dialogue with Turkey on issues of mutual interest, such as migration, health, climate, counter-terrorism and regional issues.

Official offer for Syrians requested to be submitted

In the statement, “The European Council calls on the European Commission to present without delay the official proposal for the continuation of funding to Syrian refugees and host communities in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and other parts of the region.” it was said.

In the statement, which drew attention to the EU thesis that a solution to the Cyprus issue could be achieved on the basis of a bicommunal, bi-zonal federation based on political equality, it was stated that EU leaders emphasized the importance of the status of the closed Varosha and called for the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions.

The European Council expressed regret that the talks on Cyprus in Geneva, Switzerland, did not lead to the start of official negotiations, and that the EU will continue to play an active role in supporting the process.

In the statement, which argued that the developments regarding the rule of law and fundamental rights in Turkey were a source of concern, it was claimed that political parties, human rights defenders and the media were targeted and that they caused a decline in democracy, rule of law and women’s rights.

In the statement, “The European Council expects Turkey and all actors to contribute positively to the resolution of regional crises in line with the common interests of Turkey and the EU in regional peace and stability.” evaluation was made.

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Terrorist wanted in the red category was neutralized in Sulaymaniyah with the MIT operation

Interpol sought by a red notice, Ministry of Interiorof “List of Wanted Terrorists in the Red Categorylocated in ” PKK‘s Iraqhead of the so-called self-defense forces in Ulas Dersim codenamed terrorist reach Born, MIT operationyla Iraq‘in Sulaymaniyah destroyed in the city.

According to the information obtained from the security sources, the MIT was informed that the terrorist Doğan was seeking action against the Turks in northern Iraq.

It has been learned that Doğan, who is trying to organize the civilian population in the cities of northern Iraq against Turkey on behalf of the organization, has recently started information gathering activities about Turkish citizens in the region in order to respond to the successful operations against the organization’s administrators in Iraq and Syria.

The terrorist Doğan, who came to the region to work on the action plan, was neutralized in the Kaladize district of Sulaymaniyah in the north of Iraq with the MIT operation.

The perpetrator of many acts

It was stated that the terrorist, who carried out actions in the Tunceli countryside in the past, carried out many mines, road blocking, vehicle burning and ambush activities carried out by the organization in the region.

It was learned that Doğan was appointed as the so-called administrator in Hakurk after these actions, and later became the so-called Iraqi self-defense forces officer.

It was stated that the terrorist Doğan directed the attacks in which two police officers were killed in the Nazimiye district of Tunceli on June 22, 2011, and a police officer and his wife were martyred on the police playing football on the carpet field in Tunceli and their relatives watching the match on September 4, 2011. It was learned that Doğan also ordered many terrorist acts, including the attack in which a temporary village guard was martyred in Tunceli’s Nazimiye district on August 22, 2012.

Hasan Adır, who was in charge of the PKK/KCK for a period of time in Sulaymaniyah, was also neutralized by the MIT a while ago.
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Statement by Director of Communications Altun on ‘manipulation over working hours of musical venues’

Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altunthat the night working hours of musical entertainment venues are arranged according to a certain time zone even in normal times all over the world, and the President Recep Tayyip ErdoganPointing to a general rule regarding this practice, which has similar examples in the world, he said, “Our nation follows the example of those who try to cover up their political confusion with social polarization efforts to use the name of musical entertainment venues with all kinds of distortions and lies.” used the phrase.

Altun said in a written statement, “musical entertainment venues He commented on “manipulation over working hours”.

Reminding that President Erdoğan, in his Address to the Nation speech after the Cabinet Meeting, he also announced the new period practices regarding normalization in the Kovid-19 struggle process, which has been successfully continued as a country and nation, and continued as follows:

“The new decisions taken, especially the removal of the curfew as of July 1, are an indication that we have left behind the difficult days in the Kovid-19 epidemic. One of these steps is the opening of musical entertainment venues, which have suspended their activities due to epidemic measures, as of July 1, within the framework of the rules to be determined, and the opening of the hours. They have been able to serve until 24.00. However, unfortunately, instead of rejoicing with the new normalization practices with our nation, there have been those who cling to the hype and manipulation that ‘music is blocked’ with an ideological distortion.”

Stating that the night hours of musical entertainment venues are arranged according to a certain time zone even in normal times all over the world, Altun said, “Our President has pointed out a general rule regarding this practice, which has similar examples in the world.” made its assessment.

“It was recorded as an example of impotence”

Emphasizing that President Erdoğan is always with the arts and artists, with his instructions, the relevant institutions of the state did not leave the music community, which is one of the sectors affected by the epidemic measures, alone in this process and supported it with all its means, Altun said:

“Despite this fact, our nation is following the example of those who try to cover up their political vacillations with social polarization efforts to use the name related to musical entertainment venues with all kinds of distortions and lies. Their attempts to collect rent have been recorded as an example of insolvency.”

Altun stated that they will continue to show sensitivity as a state and nation in order to completely get rid of the scourge of the epidemic that the whole world is trying to cope with, and that they will not give any credit to those who try to manipulate this successful struggle.

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The works of the first bridge of Kanal Istanbul continue at full speed

The groundbreaking ceremony of the first bridge to be built on the Kanal Istanbul route continues. ( Lokman Akkaya – Anadolu Agency )

Turgay Çolak, 1st Regional Director of Highways, said that the works for the first bridge to be built on the route of Kanal Istanbul are continuing at full speed.

Çolak made statements to the press regarding the groundbreaking ceremony of the first bridge to be built on the Kanal Istanbul route.

Expressing that the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure continues to carry out major projects all over Turkey, Çolak said that the ones whose construction works were completed were put into service and new projects were started quickly.

Noting that they made a press statement at the construction site of the Sazlıdere bridge, which will provide the passage on the Başakşehir-Kayaşehir-Bahçeşehir road within the scope of the Canal Istanbul works carried out by the Ministry, Çolak said, “Our work started on May 29 and our work is accelerating on both the western and eastern pylons. Currently, 165 personnel are working at our construction site. Our business items and works will continue to increase.” he said.

Referring to the technical information about the bridge, Çolak explained that the main span of the bridge, whose main span is 440 meters, will reach 860 meters with its 210 meters of side spans on the right and left, and the total length will be 1,618 meters with the approach viaducts.

Expressing that the construction period is thought to be 3 years, Çolak stated that they have negotiated with the contractor to shorten this period.

Noting that the bridge, whose tower height will be 196 meters, will have 8 lanes, 4 going and 4 coming, Çolak emphasized that they will complete the bridge and put it into service in a short period of 2 years.

“Our work continues at full speed”

Turgay Çolak, when asked about the allegations that the works have stopped, said, “No, it is not true. Our works are continuing at full speed on the foundation of both towers. The west tower you see behind me is on the foundation and the east tower is in front of us, we are excavating on the foundation.” made the statement.

In response to a question that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is making the work difficult, Çolak said, “We continue our work in our own work area. In line with the instructions of our President and Minister (Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu), our aim is to complete this work in a shorter time than the specified time. We are focused.” used his statements.

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The gas extracted from the Amasra-1 well turned into energy

Fatih Dönmez, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, on his Twitter account, by sharing the test images of the first burning of gas by engineers in a laboratory environment, “Our second discovery in the Black Sea. Amasra-1 wellThe natural gas that comes out of the gas has turned into energy in the hands of our engineers. The fire of our discovery will make Turkey’s nights brighter, its winters warmer, and its industry stronger,” he said.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last week Fatih drill shipnin Black Sea‘deki Northern Sakarya Gas Fieldannounced that it had discovered a new reserve of 135 billion cubic meters in the Amasra-1 well in Turkey.

With the said discovery, Turkey’s total gas reserves discovered in the Black Sea reached 540 billion cubic meters.

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