«Creativity of the ban» .. Hanan Mutawa sings with “Amel her husband” and Amy Salem challenges “her virgin son”

Actress Amy Salem shared her son’s dance challenge with a song «Ohnanana», And published a video from her home for the first time after her old age, sending a message to her followers on the need to stay at home.

Published «Salem» Video over “aInstagram», Commented Saying: «My son and I are taking up a challenge ohnanana »As Bassem’s follower said «Jojo Shawky“: “aMy thoughts are that you do not have children because of your personality».

Another follower Bassem said «Islam leader»:«Your son, Amy?», To actress responds: «Aya Youssef al-Bakri»With a third account said: «Mother Farfoush Rizk».

The actress Hanan Mutawa participated in the “Stay at Home” campaign, and published a photo via “aInstagram» For “The Bite of the Judge”, prepared by her husband, is pending: «I did not see it, nor was it going to be the judge of the forms in this way, nor the taste, the nuts from my beloved, the creativity of the ban».