Naglaa Badr publishes a new photo with Amr Diab.. the best days of my life

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The artist, Najla Badr, shared her fans with a new photo through her account on the social networking site for the exchange of photos and videos, Instagram.

The artist, Najla Badr, accompanied the artist, Amr Diab, and commented: Amr Diab is in another situation, my life, my memories and the best days of my life.


Sherine Reda to Nour Amr Diab: Speak Arabic… The latter responds: it is covered | news

Nour Amr Diab, the daughter of the artist Amr Diab and the artist Sherine Reda, appeared in a live video broadcast on her Instagram account to answer the questions of her followers.

Her mother, Sherine Reda, participated in the live broadcast, but she preferred not to appear, and as soon as she participated in the broadcast, she asked her daughter to speak Arabic so that everyone could understand it.

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Nour tried to speak Arabic and answer all the questions and said that she was ashamed because she did not speak Arabic well, because she had been outside Egypt for a long time and always spoke in English or Spanish.

She was asked about her father, the artist Amr Diab, and that he is not with her, and she said that this is for sure. He is in Egypt and she lives in London, explaining that in the last period due to the spread of the Corona virus, she could not come to Egypt much.

Nour had previously spoken about the nature of her relationship with her parents and her artistic interests, and said: “My relationship with my father is very good, he is the father who is most busy with his work, but he is always there when I need him, which reveals his many advantages … He is inspiring to me and to many The people, fortunate to have him, love him with all my heart.”

She also talked about his relationship with her mother, artist Sherine Reda, and explained: “My mother is my absolute best friend, the person I would do anything for, and I love her very much, I miss her very much, Mama if you saw that message, I love you.”

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Amr Diab’s new lover, her name is Dina, and these are her pictures!

Some time ago, it was reported that the Egyptian artist Amr Diab is living a new love story after his separation from his ex-girlfriend, the Egyptian artist Dina El Sherbini.

Today, the Egyptian journalist Khaled Sawaf published a picture of Amr with a number of his friends, and announced that among them is Amr’s current girlfriend, whose name is Dina Diaa Bahgat, and she works as a photographer for the Arabic version of an international magazine.

Amr and Dina’s love story began last February, and the young photographer accompanies him on all his trips.

And here we publish to you more pictures of our Dina that we were able to obtain.

This comes after news spread during the last period of the separation of Dina from Amr because she asked him for an official marriage, but he refused for fear of losing half of his wealth because he is still married to his Saudi British wife, Zina Ashour, who has the right to take half of his wealth if he marries her according to the English law that prohibits polygamy.

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Dina disappeared from sight as soon as the news spread, then a picture of her spread during a working session with author Mohamed Suleiman Abdel Malek and director Khaled Marei, to prepare for her new series (Qasr El Nil), and she appeared as if she was sad about parting the plateau.

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Amr Diab with Dina Diaa Bahgat
Amr Diab's new lover, her name is Dina, and this is her picture!
Dina Dia Bahgat
Amr Diab's new lover, her name is Dina, and this is her picture!
Dina Dia Bahgat
Amr Diab's new lover, her name is Dina, and this is her picture!
Dina Dia Bahgat
Amr Diab's new lover, her name is Dina, and this is her picture!
Dina Dia Bahgat


Amr Diab’s recipe … How do you preserve your youth after fifty? | news

Amr Diab’s name has always been associated with youth and vitality, the star who maintained his youthful appearance, no matter how much time passed, became a puzzle for his followers.. How does the plateau maintain his youthfulness constantly?

The question has become raised whenever the plateau concludes a decade of his life, after forty, after fifty, and now he is approaching his sixtieth year, and the question still arises: Does Amr Diab have a special recipe for staying young?

We asked the question to a number of nutrition and fitness experts, who gave us some advice that we might call “the plateau prescription to stay young after fifty.”

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Among the guidelines that must be followed to have an athletic body such as a plateau:

Eat healthy and divide meals throughout the day.

Exercising 5 times a week, about half an hour to an hour a day.

Periodic follow-up and treatment of any vitamin deficiency, under medical supervision.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle, avoiding fatty foods, eating grilled meats with low calories, making sure to eat vegetables and fruits constantly and being the main component of the meals.

Paying attention to foods that contain antioxidants, because they maintain the delay in the appearance of aging on the skin, and make the body resist cancerous diseases.

This is in regards to nutrition, what about exercise? Usually, those who are old suffer from exercising regularly or performing violent exercises, but it requires some instructions that were mentioned to us by fitness trainer Muhammad Abul-Naga, who told us that exercising at an early age is the most important step to maintain physical fitness during old age, Here are some of his notes:

Follow a diet that contains all the nutrients.

The average daily exercise rate is only one hour, and this is for those over forty years old.

Reducing weights for those who practice weight lifting, preferably relying on regular light kinetic exercises with walking and running.

Drink water regularly and in large quantities before and after exercise and during it as well, and do not take any nutritional supplements without consulting a doctor.

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Amr Diab sings at the wedding of the son of businessman Mohamed Abu El-Enein – Photos | news

A short while ago, businessman Mohamed Abu El-Enein celebrated the wedding of his son, in a hotel in Greater Cairo overlooking the Nile.

The artist Amr Diab published pictures of him from the wedding on his account in the Instagram application.

A large number of stars were keen to attend the wedding, including Yousra and Zahi Hawass, in addition to the presence of a large number of public figures.

The most prominent attendees were the famous businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, Ahmed Al-Sajini, Undersecretary of the Local Administration in the House of Representatives, and Suleiman Wahdan, the former Deputy of the House of Representatives.

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New pictures from Ali Al-Gamil’s wedding that Amr Diab lived … A wonderful wedding dress! | Album

The wedding of Egyptian businessman Ali Al-Jamil, Ali Laila, the daughter of a Syrian businessman and head of the Damascus Chamber of Industry, Samer Al-Dibs, is still the talk of the pioneers of social networking sites.

The concert was held in the city of El Gouna, and the artist Amr Diab performed it in the presence of a large number of artists, including Yasmine Sabry and her husband, businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, Yousra, Nelly Karim, Laila Elwi, Lebleba, Ilham Shaheen, the dancer, Jawhara and Loujain Omran.

The bride wore an elegant dress designed by Lebanese Elie Saab, makeup by Bassam Fattouh and hair by Wassim Morcos, and the wedding planner is an Italy-based company called Vincenzo Dascanio Studio.


Bad news on the Covid-19 front: the Indian variant may well be resistant to messenger RNA vaccines


Precautions to be taken

While the WHO has just moved B.1.617 from the category of variant to watch to variant of concern, this strain is spreading ever faster in an India where the epidemic had so far been dominated by the British variant.

Atlantico: According to a new German study on the subject, the B.1.617 variant of SARS-CoV-2 could bypass antibodies produced by infection and vaccination. Should these latest data encourage us, if need be, to further consider the threat of the Indian variant?

Philippe Froguel: It is not a surprise. This is what was feared given the characteristics of the fifteen mutations of the Indian variant. We have seen that in India, despite vaccination, the spread of the virus continues to increase. It is also consistent with what we know of partial South African resistance to RNA vaccines. The question we must ask ourselves is what “partial” resistance means. The South African variant lowers the level of antibodies but the resistance still seems sufficient to avoid contracting serious disease. We will see what exactly happens for the Indian variant. We will know gradually.

WHO has detected the Indian variant in 44 countries and now considers it “of concern”. Where is the situation in France?

A case of the Indian variant was discovered in Lille on May 11. This is a patient of Indian nationality who had transited through the Middle East. I have always told the government to be very careful because most flights from India are not direct and stop in Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai or Abu Dhabi. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to all the countries of arrival. Last Friday, 11 cases described by Public Health France.

This is not the only concern. At the Institut Pasteur in Lille, we found 17 patients who have a new mutation of the English variant which is reminiscent of the South African variant. We were called by Public Health France on Monday because it worries them. Brazilian and South African variant cases continue to be found. It does not increase but it does not decrease. You should always be careful – in January, we had 3% English variant in Roubaix. It can disappear like it can explode

With a still very important circulation of the virus and a slow vaccination, we are in an ideal situation for the appearance of variants which further complicate the vaccination policy. And beyond the question of these variants from abroad, the majority strain in France (which is by far the so-called English strain) is changing. It was also expected but despite that we did not prepare for it.

Are we doing enough to spot and control these variants?

We sequence much less than elsewhere. We make 2% of it when we should do at least 5% to be effective. We do flash studies every 3 weeks and it takes us 2 or 3 weeks to get the results. This effectively prevents any real action.

In Lille, the Indian patient was tested positive on May 2. But it was announced on May 11. The least we can say is that we are hurrying slowly… At the Institut Pasteur in Lille, we do the sequencing in two days and we return the result in two days. In France, we have a very “observational” strategy with regard to variants. We see and we do nothing behind.

We are unfortunately far behind in research. Madame Vidal had to do two things, donate money to do variant research and create a scientific committee to analyze these variants. She did neither. When we, in Lille, we discover variants, we put it on a database and we are contacted by someone we do not know from Public Health France. Normally that’s not how it should be. There should be a scientific committee that analyzes this to draw conclusions.

Now there aren’t 36 things to do. It is necessary to decrease the viral circulation and to block the arrival and the development of the Indian variant. We missed the boat of border control. For the moment the situation is not dramatic but things can change. Vaccination should be speeded up and prayed that the decrease in the number of cases will go faster than the development of new variants.