China imposed sanctions on Trump’s associates on Biden’s inauguration day :: Politics :: RBK

Beijing waited until the last day of the Donald Trump administration to impose sanctions on officials working in the White House. China accuses them of interfering in internal affairs and undermining US-China relations

Mike Pompeo

(Фото: Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

China has imposed sanctions against 28 American officials who were part of the administration of former US President Donald Trump. This was reported by the Global Times (a division of the People’s Daily, an official resource of the Chinese Communist Party) with reference to the Foreign Ministry’s statement.

Among those caught up in China’s sanctions are Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Director of the US National Trade Council Peter Navarro, US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, Assistant Secretary of State David Stillwell, former US National Security Adviser John Bolton (retired 2019 year) and Stephen Bannon, Trump’s senior adviser in his first year in office.

Beijing said the sanctions were imposed on officials “who have seriously violated China’s sovereignty and are primarily responsible for such US actions on issues related to China.”

“Some anti-Chinese politicians in the United States, out of their own selfish political interests, prejudices and hatred of China, showing no respect for the interests of the Chinese and American peoples, planned and took insane steps, intervened in the internal affairs of China, undermined the interests of the PRC, insulted the Chinese people and harmed Chinese-American relations, “- this is how the Trump administration’s policy was described in the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

The sanctions imply a ban on Chinese companies and individuals from doing business with those on the blacklist. Also, those against whom sanctions have been imposed are prohibited from visiting China.


Biden took office as President of the United States. Main :: Politics :: RBC

  • Biden’s inauguration is significantly different from conventional ceremonies. Due to the pandemic, the traditional lunch was canceled, there will be no large-scale parade either, it has been moved online.
  • There are also much fewer guests at the inauguration: only about 1,000 people are expected. Usually, about 200 thousand tickets for events in the capital are distributed, but this time there are no tickets, and each of the congressmen can invite only one person with him. It is assumed that due to the cancellation of mass events, budgetary expenditures will be reduced.

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Enhanced security measures

After the events of January 6, when supporters of Donald Trump stormed the Capitol building, the authorities announced that they would strengthen security measures during the inauguration.

  • The FBI warned that a significant number of threats have been recorded on the Internet over the past two weeks. The head of department Christopher Ray said that he fears outbreaks of violence in Washington on the day of the inauguration.
  • In the vicinity of the American capital, they decided to transfer about 25 thousand employees of the National Guard, usually stationed in various states on the East Coast.

Patrols and road closures: Washington prepares for Biden’s inauguration

  • Also involved in ensuring security are 6,000 DC police officers, radiation, chemical and biological defense units, Coast Guard forces, Secret Service officers and FBI agents.
  • In downtown Washington, 13 subway stations were closed. Trains pass them without stopping.
  • For security reasons, Facebook has promised to block the creation of any new events near the White House and the Capitol in Washington, as well as near capitol buildings in the US states. The company will also continue to block the creation of events in the United States from non-US accounts.

“Nightmare”: events of the end of Trump’s term on the covers of world media

  • Airbnb has canceled all reservations in Washington DC. This was done at the request of the authorities, who feared that extremists from other American regions would arrive in the capital on the day of the inauguration.

Trump’s last hours in office

  • Donald Trump decided to leave Washington ahead of his inauguration. He announced in advance that early in the morning he would hold his own seeing-off ceremony in Maryland, and then, together with his wife Melania, would go to Florida.
  • Trump left the White House shortly after 16:00 Moscow time. In his farewell speech, he stated that he had achieved “amazing results” as president. Among his achievements, he named the strengthening of the armed forces and tax reform.
  • The president took with him, among other things, one of the “nuclear suitcases”: until 20:00 Moscow time he retains the authority to use nuclear weapons, and therefore Trump must carry a bag with a set of launch codes with him until that time. Biden will be handed a similar suitcase immediately after the oath.
  • Trump landed in Florida an hour before Biden’s inauguration. According to CNN, he followed events in Washington along the way.

“Not smart, but a genius”: the brightest shots of Trump’s presidential term

Biden’s first steps as president

In his first hours as president, Biden signed a series of documents overturning Trump’s decrees. By 3:30 Moscow time, he signed 15 decrees.

  • In particular, the President launched the procedure for the return of the United States to the Paris Climate Agreement (Trump announced his withdrawal in 2017), as well as to the World Health Organization (WHO) (Trump decided to leave WHO in the summer of 2020, as he believed that the organization allowed many mistakes while coping with the coronavirus pandemic).

“Fine, even if it doesn’t do anything.” What New Yorkers Expect From Biden

  • Biden also lifted travel bans for citizens from a range of Muslim and African countries, halted construction of a wall on the Mexican border and construction of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada. Ottawa has already announced its disappointment with Biden’s decision.
  • In addition, the president introduced the mandatory wearing of masks and the observance of social distance in federal institutions.

Who will join the Biden team

Back in late November, Biden’s headquarters published a list of potential members of the new administration. Subsequently, the media reported on several more possible appointments.

  • Secretary of State – Anthony Blinken. In the administration of Barack Obama in 2015-2017, he was the Deputy Secretary of State.
  • Secretary of Defense – Lloyd Austin. General retired.
  • CIA Director – William Burns. Former Deputy Secretary of State, ex-US Ambassador to Russia.

“Defiant, but pretty straightforward.” What the CIA candidate said about Russia

William Burns (right) in Alexander Gardens after laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

  • National Security Advisor – Jake Sullivan. He was Biden’s assistant when he was vice president.
  • Homeland Security Minister – Alejandro Mallorcas. Deputy Minister of Homeland Security 2013–2016.
  • The US President’s special envoy for climate change is John Kerry. Former Secretary of State.

New old white house

Joseph & nbsp; Biden

Should Russia wait for new sanctions

Biden’s sanctions policy towards Russia is still a mystery. The basic consensus is that anti-Russian sanctions could expand under Biden, but not too dramatically. It is also worth remembering that during the Trump presidency, several initiatives were prepared in the US Congress containing additional sanctions against Russia, in particular, restrictions on ruble sovereign debt, financial institutions and energy projects in Russia. Some of these initiatives can now be supported by both parties in Congress, especially since both the House of Representatives and the Senate are now under the control of the Democrats.

Taking into account the bills of the Congress, Biden’s set of sanctions options include:

  • sanctions for federal loan bonds (OFZ);
  • targeted sanctions against Russian individuals for alleged interference in the US elections or human rights violations, alleged corruption schemes;
  • increased sanctions pressure on the Nord Stream 2 project by imposing sanctions against its participants;
  • sanctions for the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, not imposed under Trump.


The Kremlin answered the question about the foundations of “Putin’s ideology” :: Politics :: RBC

Vladimir Putin

(Photo: Alexander Wilf / RIA Novosti)

The ideology of President Vladimir Putin is associated with “the development, stability and prosperity of Russia and every Russian.” This was announced to reporters by the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov, reports “RIA Novosti”. According to him, this is “the basis of Putin’s ideology.”

“And everything else, as you understand, is foreign policy goals, foreign policy ideology, the development of our relations with other countries is based on this main goal. Everything should be in the interests of Russia and for the Russians, ”said Peskov.

Peskov added that liberal ideas are close to Putin.

“But liberalism differs from liberalism. Can we now say that someone can be attracted by the ideas of American liberalism? This is a very dubious formulation of the question, which at least can become a topic for a serious discussion, ”the press secretary explained.

According to him, there can be no universal liberalism, since each version of it is based on the national characteristics of each individual country. Peskov added that there are liberal elements in the Russian political system as well.


Durov announced the blocking of hundreds of calls to violence in the United States on Telegram – RBC

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The United States added Xiaomi and eight other Chinese companies to the sanctions list :: Politics :: RBC

The list was compiled by the Pentagon on the basis of a 1999 law that prohibits American investors from owning shares in companies associated with China’s military-industrial complex

Фото: Abhishek N. Chinnappa / Reuters

Donald Trump’s administration blacklisted nine Chinese companies in the final days of his presidency, including aircraft maker Comac and mobile phone maker Xiaomi. The list is published on the website of the US Department of Defense.

Americans are barred from investing in listed companies because Washington suspects them of links to the Chinese military-industrial complex. American investors are required to dispose of the assets of these companies by November 11, 2021.

Such sanctions are provided for by a 1999 law requiring the Ministry of Defense to compile a directory of companies owned or controlled by the Chinese military. The Pentagon has so far added 35 companies to the list, including oil giant CNOOC and China’s leading chip maker SMIC, according to the agency.

US tightens supply controls for Russian military intelligence

Photo: Matt Rourke / AP

Earlier on January 14, the US Department of Commerce announced that it was tightening control over the supply of goods and technologies to the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Ministry of Defense – Russian military intelligence, as well as the military intelligence services of China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Syria and North Korea. The new regulation comes into force on March 16, 2021.


US media overwhelm Trump after second impeachment procedure

Donald Trump has become the first US president to face impeachment proceedings twice. What do the American media think of it? Newspaper.

MOn Wednesday, a majority of elected House of Representatives voted to formally indict Donald Trump for inciting violence on Capitol Hill, paving the way for a historic second trial of the President of the United States.

“Impeached again”, “again indicted” is what emerges most in the press “made in US”.


The threshold of 217 votes in favor of indicting Donald Trump was exceeded, the Democratic-majority House therefore adopted the indictment against the Republican president, and this a second time, a year after being accused of ‘pressuring the Ukrainian president in exchange for information about Joe Biden. For the Washington Post “there is no doubt” that the outgoing president “deserved” it. But this trial could have serious consequences for Joe Biden. Indeed, such a procedure “would eclipse the first days of the elected president, slowing down the confirmation of the members of his cabinet” as well as its program, notes the Post. Especially since Joe Biden has made the “reunification” of a divided America a priority at the start of his mandate. This will not be an easy task in a context of “impeachment”.

“There is no precedent” for trial after president’s term ends, New York Times notes
. For the daily of the East Coast, even if he was condemned, Donald Trump could present himself in 2024, a hypothesis that the president on the exit himself evoked. Unless another simple majority vote in the Senate prevents it.

Across the United States, in Los Angeles, the LA Times sees this second impeachment proceeding as “a key moment that will undoubtedly overshadow all the accomplishments of the Trump presidency such as tax cuts, business deregulation and the appointment of federal judges ”.

“Trump’s grip on the GOP is still strong”

For the Wall Street Journal, this indictment deepens the divisions within Republicans. “The split has repercussions on the party,” notes the economic daily.

The Huffington Post, however, warns that “Trump’s grip on the GOP is still strong” and breaking it will be “a long and uphill battle” for Republicans. “It remains the heart of their party, but with an asterisk next to its name reminiscent of its two impeachments,” said the news website.


Peru will check judges who accused Gates and Soros of creating coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

Earlier, judges of one of the regions of the country made a decision in which they announced the creation and management of the COVID-19 pandemic by “criminal world elites”, which include Gates, Soros, Rockefeller and others.

Фото: Getty Images

The Peruvian judiciary will examine the judges of the Ica region, who previously ruled that the coronavirus was created by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and investor George Soros. Radio station RPP reported about it.

Proceedings will be conducted to “gather evidence that will help determine the presence or absence of the alleged violations.”

As previously reported by Peru21, at the end of December, Judges Tito Gallegos, Luis Legia and Toni Changaray of the Chincha and Pisco Provincial Criminal Court of Appeal were considering an extension of pre-trial detention for a person accused of a serious crime.

Gates explains rumors about his involvement in the coronavirus pandemic

Bill Gates

In the text of the court’s decision, as an excuse for refusing to release the accused, it is said that the coronavirus pandemic was created artificially by “the world’s dominant criminal elites.”


State Department lifted all restrictions on cooperation with Taiwan :: Politics :: RBC

As explained by Mike Pompeo, the US authorities have introduced them for decades to appease the communist authorities in Beijing. US-Taiwan relations should not be “shackled by the self-restraint of a permanent bureaucracy,” he said.

Mike Pompeo

(Photo: Saul Loeb / AP)

The US State Department has decided to lift internal restrictions on cooperation with Chinese Taiwan. This is stated in a statement by the head of the State Department, Mike Pompeo.

For decades, the State Department has imposed complex internal restrictions that governed the interaction of American diplomats, employees and other representatives with their counterparts in Taiwan, he said.

The secretary of state explained that the US government took these measures unilaterally to pacify the communist authorities in Beijing. “Today I am announcing the lifting of these restrictions,” said Pompeo.

China pledges US sanctions after approving fighter jet sales to Taiwan

Thus, as the diplomat noted, American departments should consider the past recommendations of the State Department regarding relations with this Chinese province invalid. Relations between Washington and Taipei should not be “shackled by the self-restraint of a permanent bureaucracy,” the secretary added. “The United States government maintains relationships with unofficial partners around the world, and Taiwan is no exception. Our two democracies share the common values ​​of individual freedom, the rule of law and respect for human dignity, ”Pompeo said.


who can deprive the Chiefs of a double?

Kansas City and his quarterback Patrick Mahomes, at the top of his game, advance as big favorites to their succession in the Super Bowl race, even if Green Bay, Pittsburgh or Buffalo will be clients during the play-offs, which begin this week-end.

. On the road to Tampa Bay

The city of Florida will host the Super Bowl, 55th named, on February 7. They are only fourteen to seek the supreme title of American football and there will remain eight after this first weekend of play-offs, which oppose Saturday the Buffalo Bills to the Indianapolis Colts, the Seattle Seahawks to the Los Angeles Rams, Washington Football Team at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and on Sunday the Tennessee Titans at the Baltimore Ravens, the New Orleans Saints at the Chicago Bears, the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Cleveland Browns.

. The Chiefs big favorites

With the best record at the end of the regular season (14 wins, 2 losses), Kansas City, crowned for the second time in its history in February 2020 at the expense of the San Francisco 49ers, has everything to install supremacy in the wake of Mahomes , irresistible and more impressive than ever as a conductor of a fire attack.

At 25, he also competes with veteran Aaron Rodgers (Packers) for the title of MVP (best player) of the season, which would be his second after that of 2018.

Statistically, he compiles fewer pass touchdowns (38 in 15 matches, against 48 in 16 games), but has covered more yards (4,740 against 4,299). Above all, he pulled his team out of the rut several times, thanks to decisive actions in the last moments, demonstrating a formidable composure, like last year in the final (31-20), during which he sent his receivers on the touchdown twice during the 4th quarter.

Proof that the gap between Kansas City and its competitors may not be so great. But the growing experience, the confidence in good shape, the good automatisms preserved – Mahomes is always so well surrounded with the runners / receivers Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, despite the absence of the Canadian defender Laurent Duvernay-Tardif who chose not to play this season due to the risks of Covid-19 – make this team hard to beat.

. Green Bay, serious outsider

The Packers are, like the Chiefs, exempt from the 1st round (or Wild Card round) this weekend and therefore benefit from an extra week of rest. A privilege due to their record of 13 wins and 3 losses, the best of the National Conference (NFC).

Aaron Rodgers, MVP in 2011 and 2014, was the great architect. He had one of his best seasons at the age of 37 and was not disturbed in the least by his managers’ choice to draft a promising quarterback, Jordan Love, last spring.

Another leading team this season, but unexpectedly, the Bills, who wreaked havoc in the American conference (13 v. 3 r.) Behind the Chiefs, in the wake of quarterback Josh Allen, who has turned a corner, and from his favorite receiver Stefon Diggs.

Still, Buffalo is looking for a first victory in the play-offs since 1995. If it succeeds against Indianapolis, not to be underestimated on Saturday, a click could occur and decomplex them for the future.

. Brady is aiming for 7th heaven

After twenty years of dynasty with the Patriots, with six Super Bowls to the key, the superstar Tom Brady made the choice in the offseason to join the Buccaneers. After a difficult start, he finished the regular season better (11-5) and the time has come for him to prove that he remains at 43 this formidable player when it counts.

Against Washington, it looks pretty tight and if the adventure continues then, it will be Green Bay and Rodgers who will emerge. Not a simple route.

Especially since in this National conference, New Orleans also appears as a better armed rival, with another veteran still very successful at the throw, Drew Brees (41 years old), and the running back Alvin Kamara who has just equaled the record six successful race touchdowns in one game, against Minnesota.


UAZ “Patriot” for the United States was fond of Americans

Light weight and strength tested in Siberia and approved in America.

American UAZ pleases the eye.  Photo: Bremach
American UAZ pleases the eye. Photo: Bremach

“Patrick” decided to aim at the American market under the guise of Bremach Taos. The car did not receive any special changes, but it was warmly received by many motorists from the United States. What exactly did the UAZ like, says the editorial staff of the portal “Drive”.

Spare parts for the American UAZ will be supplied from Russia, in the USA Bremach will only carry out the assembly. But even this fact inspired local off-road lovers.

“It’s made for hunting fans, not football players and college students buying the RAV4. Considering how far something with real off-road potential has progressed in the United States, prices for UAZ are competitive, ”the motorist wrote on

Yes, not powerful, but it will go everywhere.  Photo: Bremach
Yes, not powerful, but it will go everywhere. Photo: Bremach

But the price of the UAZ “Patriot” for the United States turned out to be too big – $ 26,405 (1 million 953 thousand rubles). But taking into account the delivery and licensing, the promotion is adequate. In the US, not everyone accepted this, but fans of mountain riding are ready to “fuck off” and a lot of money.

“Lightweight and automatic with transfer case – ideal off-road tug. Start up with a power of only 150 liters. with., but there will be enough of them where there is nowhere to accelerate ”, – the Americans caressed the Patriot more than the Russians do.

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Wait six months or overpay half a million: KIA dealers don’t want to sell naked Sorento 2021

Residents of the United States admit that the “Patriot” is a niche car and cannot find mass love for it. But with a low cost and tolerable traction capabilities, it will find its buyers and loyal fans, as was the case with the UAZ-452, which was sold in the USA in the 80s.