US military base in Syria came under rocket fire :: Politics :: RBK

Five drones fired at a US base in southern Syria, striking barracks and outbuildings. No data on victims Фото: B Shamlo / Global Look Press The US military base at Al-Tanf in southern Syria came under rocket fire and five unmanned aerial vehicles, Al Mayadeen reported. According to him, the target of the strikes were […]

IBM and American Airlines, Texas’ top job seekers, reject state-issued vaccine bond ban

Posted on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 at 07:14 a.m. Through AFP The IT company IBM and the airlines American Airlines and Southwest Airlines said Tuesday that they would comply with the federal law of Democratic US President Joe Biden requiring employees to be vaccinated. With such announcements, these companies are going against an executive order […]

An American green light for cryptocurrencies.. Bitcoin jumps to this level

Bitcoin jumped, within minutes, to its biggest daily gain since July, and other digital currencies rallied in a sudden rally that followed the biggest monthly decline since May. Ethereum, Litecoin, and EOS also jumped, and the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index rose 8.9%. This comes after Bitcoin tumbled 7.6% in September amid fears of increased regulatory […]

WSJ learned about Facebook’s special privileges for celebrities – RBC

WSJ learns about Facebook’s special privileges for celebritiesRBK Journalists learned about Facebook’s special privileges for celebritiesMoscow’s comsomolets WSJ: Facebook has failed to cope with the influx of misinformation about coronavirus vaccinesTASS Facebook has been ripped offKommersant Media: Facebook has failed to deal with misinformation about COVID-19 vaccinesMoscow’s comsomolets View in the Google News app .

US Secretary of State withstood a two-day interrogation in Congress

Republican Senator Marco Rubio expressed bewilderment that members of the administration did not understand from intelligence reports that President Ashraf Ghani’s regime would fall immediately after the withdrawal of American troops. His party colleague Mitt Romney drew attention to the fact that the Biden administration had moved the date of the withdrawal from the end […]