US President Biden takes off: Again in Paris

Joe Biden initiated a re-entry into the Paris Climate Agreement immediately after his inauguration. The construction of the wall on the border with Mexico is also stopped.

Hardly in office and straight to work: US President Joe Biden Photo: Tom Brenner / Reuters

WASHINGTON dpa / afp / bep | US President Joe Biden initiated the return of the United States to the Paris Agreement a few hours after he took office. As announced, the 78-year-old reversed one of the most controversial decisions of his predecessor Donald Trump. Biden signed a corresponding document to the United Nations in Washington on Wednesday. A little later after the World Organization had received it, General Secretary António Guterres officially informed the member states that the USA would become part of the agreement again from February 19.

The United States officially withdrew from the historic United Nations Convention to Limit Climate Change in early November – a year after the US government formally withdrew. The United States has the second highest greenhouse gas emissions in the world after China, with significantly fewer inhabitants. Biden says he wants America to be a leading nation in the fight against global warming.

UN chief Guterres was delighted: “I welcome the steps taken by President Biden to re-enter the Paris Agreement on climate change,” he said. In doing so, the United States joined the growing coalition of governments, cities, states, companies and people who were taking ambitious measures to deal with the climate crisis.

The new US president recently affirmed several times that he wanted to convene a climate summit for the major economic powers in the first 100 days of his term in office. The fact that the new US administration wants to put a special focus on the fight against the climate crisis was also shown by a personnel decision Biden: With the former US Secretary of State John Kerry, a political heavyweight is taking up the position of special climate envoy in the National Security Council of the White House.

Disappointment in Canada

At the same time as the re-entry into the Paris Climate Agreement, Biden planned further steps. This also includes the withdrawal of a permit to build the Keystone XL pipeline to Canada. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that they had taken note of the decision, but were “disappointed”.

All parts of the US government apparatus were also instructed to identify environmentally harmful political decisions by the Trump administration and to take appropriate steps. This also includes environmental standards for fuels and emissions.

Biden also reversed the United States’ exit from the World Health Organization (WHO) initiated by Trump. The prominent virologist Anthony Fauci is expected to attend a WHO meeting as a US representative on Thursday. Trump had turned his back on the organization in the dispute over how to deal with the corona pandemic.

Biden also initiated a change of course in the controversial rules for immigration and entry into the United States. Biden distanced himself from his predecessor Donald Trump and signed an order to stop the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico. The new president presented a comprehensive immigration reform on Wednesday (local time) and revoked Trump’s entry ban for people from several Muslim-majority countries.

Not to Mexico immediately

In addition, a controversial practice in asylum procedures has been repealed. In future, asylum seekers from Mexico will no longer be brought back to the neighboring country to wait for the decision on their application there. However, the current travel restrictions at the border due to the corona pandemic remained in force, informed the US Department of Homeland Security.

Trump had agreed with the Mexican government in 2019 that Mexico would temporarily accept asylum seekers again. At the end of last year, around 70,000 people stayed at the US-Mexico border and waited for a decision by the US authorities.

Avideh Moussavian, director of the National Immigration Law Center, welcomed Biden’s decision to lift the entry ban against people from several Muslim countries and said on the NPR radio station that ways must be found to help people harmed by the ban. A few days after taking office in January 2017, Trump had issued the ban.

Biden presented a reform for “humanity and American values” to the US Congress in immigration law. This is intended to open the way to legalization for many undocumented migrants living in the USA. At the same time, the reform paper contains measures to secure borders with “technological means”. With economic aid programs for El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, the government of Biden wants to tackle root causes of migration.

According to a calculation by the research institute Pew Research Center, around 10.5 million migrants in the USA live without valid papers.


The changes that Solari prepares in America to face Juárez

The Águilas coach will be forced to modify for the duel on Tuesday by the players who tested positive for COVID-19

The Águilas del América coach, Santiago Solari, will have to modify his team for Tuesday’s game against Juárez FC for the players who tested positive for COVID-19 and among his alternatives, Oscar Jiménez stands out to replace Guillermo Ochoa, due to the results obtained with the team when he should be in goal.

The players who were infected by COVID-19 are also Richard Sánchez and Nicolás Benedetti, so the Argentine helmsman will have to make modifications to play the match for the third date of the Guard1anes Clausura 2021 Tournament, which was postponed precisely because of that situation.

Since Guillermo Ochoa returned to the capital team in 2019 to date, he has been absent from various matches of the Apertura 2019 and Guard1anes 2020, to which he will now add this match against the border team.

In his place, Oscar Jiménez has participated, who has had positive results, by virtue of the fact that in the Apertura 2019 he played three games and in all the capital’s team won the victory.

For Guard1ianes 2020 once again the goalkeeper was active in four matches, with a balance of one win, two draws and one defeat, which occurred on the fourteenth day when they faced the Esmeraldas de León who defeated them 3-2 .

For Jiménez, the balance has been positive in his performances with the Coapa team, which is why he is a good alternative for Solari in the face of the match against Juárez FC.

America vs Juárez lineup


US authorities stick with Made in America

Dhe new American President Joe Biden wants to oblige the federal authorities by decree to buy primarily products from their own country. An economic adviser to the White House said that domestic production should be boosted and jobs preserved. Biden wants to sign the “Made in America” ​​decree on Monday. He is taking up a topic that was very important to his predecessor Donald Trump.

The executive order should “increase investment in manufacturing and the workforce,” a Biden government official in Washington told journalists. Federal authorities should also close loopholes for companies that, for example, only have a small portion of the work on a product done in the United States.

The debate over components of his “Made in America” program was one of the reasons Trump fell out with the unions. Their allegation was that he had never kept the second part of his promise: a billion dollar infrastructure program he had promised was intended to secure the demand for steel for bridges, airports and railway lines with “Made in America” ​​clauses. But that never happened.

In his election campaign, Trump put together an agenda with 50 goals for a second term. His “limitless” optimism and confidence be America’s size reflected in it, he said before the presidential election. The program had an emphasis on economic and social policy objectives. Decoupling from China, promoting “Made in America” and restrictive immigration policies were key elements of the list.

During the election campaign, however, it had already become apparent that a complete departure from the “Made in America” principle could not be expected under a Biden government. Precisely because Trump’s project was aimed at former core voters of Biden’s Democratic Party, who were disadvantaged by globalization, it became apparent that the Democrats would also retain these protectionist traits.


“This is America”. The Twelve Jobs of Joe Biden: The Challenges of the New President

We chose to call this episode “the twelve works of Joe Biden”. But the title is a bit misleading. Admittedly, Joe Biden’s mission is Herculean, but he has much more than twelve projects to complete. Fight against the virus, historic economic crisis, reconciliation of the country, climate change… The list goes on. Joe Biden’s program is it up to the projects that await it?

As a new presidency opens, we reviewed the Democrat’s promises to see which ones could and could not be kept. Max Paul Friedman, professor of history and acting dean at American University in Washington, helped us to see more clearly.

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US Foreign Policy under Joe Biden: The External Values

The US President-elect wants to change many of Donald Trump’s political legacies immediately. But not everything is turned back.

Aus MAGA wird „American Leadership Plan“: same same but different? Photo: Carlos Barria / reuters

In his last 48 hours as US President, Donald Trump tried to rule into the term of office of his successor Joe Biden, who was sworn in from Wednesday. On Monday, Trump ordered the lifting of the corona-related entry bans for foreigners from most European countries and Brazil, in force since March last year, on January 26th.

The future White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki immediately stated that Trump’s measure would not be implemented. Because of the dramatic pandemic situation in the USA, a tightening of the entry restrictions is to be expected.

On Tuesday, the Trump administration then imposed the first sanctions against the German-Russian pipeline project Nord Stream 2. With this, the outgoing President merely implemented the corresponding legislative resolutions that Congress had already passed in 2019 with a large, bipartisan majority. Therefore, there was no objection from the Biden camp.

Earlier statements by the new president and his foreign minister-designate, Anthony Blinken, even suggest that the new government will take even more decisive action against the pipeline project. This could very soon lead to a conflict with Angela Merkel’s government, which has so far been resolutely sticking to the project.

Russia in future “main opponent”

In addition, Biden had even called Russia the “main opponent” of the US in the election campaign, while Trump had always assigned this role to China. As different as Biden’s reactions to the last foreign policy measures of his predecessor, as different as – supposedly – contradictory, the new US leadership will continue to behave in the various fields of international relations and politics.

Apart from the fact that Biden, Blinken and Vice President Kamala Harris appear much more objective, friendly and authoritative than their predecessors: The Biden government will only partially or completely correct Trump’s policy on some points, but will continue it in other areas or even aggravate. And it will do so according to its definition of US national self-interest.

It is still unclear how the commitment of Biden, Blinken and Co. to “multilateralism” and “international cooperation” is compatible with their very clearly formulated claim to a “global leadership role of the USA”.

The clearest thing is the turning away from Trump’s policy on climate protection and the fight against the corona pandemic. As his first official foreign policy act, Biden wants the US to return to the Paris Agreement on Wednesday.

Change of course: Climate, Corona, Iran

He also announced the goal that the USA – like other industrialized countries – want to bring their carbon dioxide emissions to zero by the year 2050. Even the national environmental protection agency EPA, which was completely neutered by Trump, wants to strengthen Biden financially and personally as well as by appointing a committed environmentalist as director of the agency.

In addition, the new president wants to revoke the approval for the controversial Keystone XL natural gas pipeline from Canada to the USA – against which the Canadian government protested violently on Monday.

Even before he officially took office, Biden had appointed his team to fight the corona pandemic. This is thus immediately able to act. In addition, the president announced spending of initially 1.9 trillion US dollars to cope with this challenge, which Trump has neglected.

This will be Biden’s government’s top priority for the foreseeable future. Their success or failure is likely to determine whether the Democrats can hold their current majority in both houses of Congress in the mid-term elections in November 2022.

Complicated conflict with Tehran

The USA can only benefit from the return to the World Health Organization (WHO) announced by Biden and the resulting improved opportunities for cooperation with other countries in dealing with corona and future pandemics.

As the third correction to Trump’s policy, Biden has announced a return to the nuclear deal with Iran. However, only on the condition that Tehran initially reverses the incremental contractual violations that have taken place since the United States left in 2018.

Tehran, on the other hand, demands that the US take the first step and lift the drastically tightened sanctions imposed under Trump. The conflict is compounded by calls for the nuclear agreement to include restrictions on Iran’s conventional missile armaments and other issues.

The time to reach agreement and rescue the agreement is pressing. The hardliners in Iran have been strengthened by Trump’s policy of “massive pressure” on Tehran. With the majority they won in the last parliamentary elections, they have already implemented further violations of the agreement. And in the presidential elections on June 18, a hardliner threatens to win.

Course tightening: NATO, China, military

The Biden government will adhere to NATO, which Trump has devalued as “obsolete”. After all, regardless of all internal controversies, this institution is still the most important instrument for the USA to exert influence in and to have partial control over Europe.

The pressure from Washington on the European allies to take on more financial and military burdens, however, will increase. To the extent that the US is actually turning to Asia, which ex-President Barack Obama announced ten years ago. However, this is where the greatest uncertainties lie.

The Obama administration – which in addition to Biden also included many other members of the new administration – spent eight years unsuccessfully discussing a correct strategy towards China. Hard confrontations, including military ones, due to massive increases in US armed forces in the Asian Sea and the Pacific, or the inclusion of China in international regulations, cooperation and institutions, was the question that was never decided.

As the first official act, Trump announced tomorrow four years ago the free trade area negotiated under Obama between the USA and all economically relevant states in Asia except China. In addition, Trump waged an economic war against China, which as a result did more damage to the US economy than the Chinese.

USA has long been losing influence

The decisive factor for the future behavior of the USA towards China will be whether Biden’s government actually takes its claim to a “global leadership role” for the USA seriously, or whether this is more of an empty phrase. Because given today’s global political framework, this claim is unrealistic.

The USA has been in a relative decline in power since the 1990s. One of the many indications for this is their declining competitiveness against other highly developed capitalist industrial countries.

The EU’s gross national product is already larger than that of the US. China is expected to overtake the US in two years. In the field of science and technology, too, the future world power China has already reached or even overtook the USA.

Russia is at least on a par with the USA as an approximately equal nuclear power. And in a few years, India will be the fifth to join these four strongest geopolitical actors.

New Cold War?

Should the Biden government not recognize the multipolar reality of the world and actually insist on the enforcement of a “global leadership role” by the USA, this would only be possible – if at all – by maintaining and constantly expanding its own military strength and superiority over others.

That would mean that Biden’s administration would stick to the nuclear and conventional armament and modernization projects that were decided and launched not under Trump, but under Obama. Then the military budget, which in the past was almost always decided by broad consensus between Democrats and Republicans and reached a new record high of more than 778 billion US dollars for 2021, would continue to grow.

With a “global claim to leadership” by the USA, which is essentially enforced through military strength and superiority, the danger of a new bipolar Cold War confrontation between the USA / the West and China increases, and this with the risk of escalating into a hot war.

In addition, without a reduction in gigantic military spending, Biden’s government will lack the urgently needed funds to repair the infrastructure and cope with other pressing domestic political challenges.


Refugee caravan heading for the USA: stopped in Guatemala

Up to 9,000 people have set out in a caravan from Honduras to the USA. Police and military took action against them in Guatemala.

Heavy military operation against the refugees from Honduras in Vado Hondo, Guatemala Photo: Sandra Sebastian / ap

OAXACA taz | The Guatemalan government leaves no doubt that it will not allow a migrant caravan from Honduras to travel through their country. About 50 kilometers from the border of the neighboring country, soldiers and police officers used tear gas and batons against the march on Sunday, in which around 6,000 people took part.

The Hondurans had previously tried to break a lockdown by the security forces. “Several migrants, members of the army and employees of the immigration authorities were injured,” reports Alejandra Mena, spokeswoman for the Guatemalan Institute for Migration (IGM).

With the deployment in Vado Hondo near the city of Chiquimula, the officers were able to stop the caravan, but thousands of women, men and children were still waiting at the barrier early Monday morning. More are on the way there. The IGM informed that only those who had a negative Covid-19 test were allowed to continue traveling.

At the same time, according to the authorities, 980 people were deported to Honduras by Sunday evening. Videos from journalists show that Mexican buses are also used for repatriations.

The goal: USA

According to the Guatemalan government, around 9,000 people have entered the country from the neighboring country in the past few days. Your destination is the USA. Even before the migrants left the city of San Pedro Sula last week, the governments of Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras made it clear in a joint declaration that they would not tolerate “illegal immigration” and took appropriate measures.

The Guatemalan government had “prevention status” in order to maintain “citizen security and social peace” in the face of the pandemic. Police officers and soldiers were instructed to break up public meetings. In Mexico, 500 national guards marched on the border. Soldiers also patrolled the Rio Suchiate, which separates the country from Guatemala.

Despite the measures, around 4,500 migrants broke the border between Honduras and Guatemala on Friday. Since there were also numerous children among the travelers, no violence was used, said a police chief at the El Florido border post.

Should those involved in the caravan succeed in crossing Guatemala and overcoming the Mexican border, they will face another challenge in northern Mexico. Future US President Joe Biden, who will take office on Wednesday, has announced that he will no longer continue the repressive migration policy of his predecessor Donald Trump. Nevertheless, he called on those seeking protection not to come now. “The situation at the border will not change overnight,” he told NBC News.

After the Guatemalan security forces were deployed, the government of Honduras asked for an explanation. Guatemala must investigate how the unfortunate incident could come about, it said in a communiqué. The Guatemalan ombudsman for human rights, Jordán Rojas, also criticized the actions of the security forces. He recalled that the migrants had to flee their homeland from poverty and violence. In addition, two hurricanes that struck the country in November exacerbated the situation.


What to expect from the first 100 days of the new Biden administration

DECRYPTION – The Democrat could quickly unravel the legacy of his predecessor, especially in the fight against climate change.

The first 100 days of a term are the “la” for a presidency. Four years ago, as soon as he entered the White House, Donald Trump announced the renegotiation of NAFTA to his neighboring countries, launched his project to build a wall on the Mexican border before signing a presidential decree prohibiting the entry for nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries. In all, the Republican had signed 24 presidential decrees in the first three months of his mandate, most of them aimed at the legacy left by Barack Obama. Joe Biden’s transition team has been preparing for this moment for several months. The latter will have a lot to do. The president-elect, who moved to the White House on Wednesday, will find himself at the start of his mandate grappling with an unprecedented health crisis. Like his predecessors, the Democrat should however take advantage of his first 100 days at the head of the United States to realize some symbolic promises, well helped by the Democratic majority

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The tragic life of Joe Biden, who almost died

Updated January 22, 2021, 9:37 a.m.

The new US President Joe Biden must rebuild a deeply wounded America. He is virtually predestined for this. Because his own life is an incredible chain of tragedies that he bravely coped with.

One column

of Wolfram Weimer

The extreme unction Joe Biden has already received. That was in February 1988 during the election campaign for the then presidential candidacy (he’s been trying for so long).

In a hotel room he suffers one Stroke. He can do one with effort Make the last emergency call, is carried to the hospital in a snow storm, where doctors find an aneurysm in the brain.

His chance of survival is so slim that a priest is called for the devout Catholic. He arrives before the wife supposed deathbed and gives the last sacrament.

Joe Biden: A man of second chances

A Emergency surgery Appointed, but the chief surgeon warns that if Biden survives, at least he will lose his ability to speak. There follows one second operation, a second aneurysm, loads of complications, months of hospital and rehab. The presidential candidacy is over. The He can save lives.

It takes seven months before he can walk again. His personal doctor, who hardly thought recovery possible, tells him in the darkest hours: “You are a lucky man”. And when Joe Biden speaks for the first time in front of an audience, he thanks everyone, because life has given him “a second chance”.

This Key experience becomes the model of his life. Joe Biden has suffered gruesome private disasters and at the same time unbelievable ones Comebacks reached. Biden has seen many times in his life that a new day begins in the darkest hour of the night and has made it a specialist in comfort, resurrection and “second chances”.

Biden is therefore one A stroke of luck for the current situation the USA. A deeply wounded, divided country with more than 400,000 corona deaths, a deep economic crisis and the global political disgrace of booming Trumpism wants to be healed.

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As a kid, Joe Biden was a stutterer

Biden had to overcome shame as a child. He was ten years old when his father became unemployed and afterwards cleaned boilers and later sold cars.

That boy Joe a little under extreme stuttering, was called in school as “Disabled Joe” spurned. He had to practice speaking hard all his life – and yet he is a Speakers on the world stage become.

Congressman Steve Solarz told how he visited the Senate late one evening and found a lone man in the empty room: “The man was giving a speech as if he were in the Coliseum in Rome. It was Joe Biden. This man was actually training, he was training like a professional tennis player. “

But it got even bigger. On the afternoon of December 18, 1972, a man laden with corn on the cob raced Truck in the Chevrolet station wagon his family. His wife Neilia and his one year old daughter Naomi died, his two sons Hunter and Beau (two and three years old) were hospitalized seriously injured. Biden had to be his first Senator’s oath of office as a young widower at the bedside of his sons. His world was in pieces, he was thinking of suicide.

His sister later reports: “The boys had lost their mother and sister. They were not allowed to lose their father too. And that’s why he tortured himself out of bed in the morning. Biden developed one Coping strategy in the catastrophe to tame the inner agony. He put pen and pad next to his bed and gave a mark between one and ten every day in order to record small progress which in turn gave him hope. He learned to oppose great pain with great resistance.”

In 2015, Biden suffered the recent family tragedy. He actually wanted to succeed Obama as a presidential candidate, but then fell ill his beloved son Beau at the age of only 46 at one Brain tumor and died a cruel death from cancer.

Desperate, Biden wrote in his diary on May 30th: “It happened. My God, my boy. My wonderful boy.” His other son Hunter sank into drug and alcohol excesses and produced in series Scandal.

Ted Kaufman: “Joe Biden is the happiest and most unhappy person I know”

Biden survived everything badly wounded, but with great dignity. And he pulled out of every crisis too Power for new things.

Biden’s old companion Ted Kaufman (who heads the government transition team) describes the incredible interweaving of Tragedy and happiness to the new president like this: “If you ask me who the most unhappy person who I know personally and who just terrible things happen, then I would say Joe Biden. And if you ask me who the happiest person who I know personally and to whom things happen that are just absolutely incredible, I would say Joe Biden.”

In any case, the politically arrogant has been completely washed out of Biden’s bleeding wounds in his life. He embodies the rare, almost old-fashioned virtue of humility.

Dignity and humility are two categories as far from Donald Trump as water and fire. And so the new presidency is likely to be completely different, new and better, especially in its habitual and moral core.

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In the USA there is sometimes a point, a very old man political dinosaur how Biden could no real new beginning embody. In fact, he becomes the oldest elected president in history, serving as a Delaware Senate representative from 1973 to 2009. From 2009 to 2017 he was under President Barack Obama the 47th US Vice President.

Biden has spent five decades in the Washington grinder. Can someone like that stand for a new beginning for America after Donald Trump? Biden biographer Evan Osnos concludes: “Joe Biden’s life is so full of mistakes and remorse and terrible personal losses. As President he is just the right manto comfort and heal a grieving people. “

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Several big stars have celebrated the inauguration of Joe Biden with sometimes brilliant virtual appearances. Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake and John Legend were among them. (dpa / ska)


Violence scenarios in the USA: system change instead of civil war

The US Republicans’ shift to the right did not begin with Donald Trump. The party is characterized by a climate of intimidation.

“No, the United States is not on the brink of civil war” Photo: Katja Gendikova

The more dramatic the words, the deeper the shock. The desire to create this impression has already led to many linguistic mistakes. As is currently shown by the example of the USA. Whether civil war, uprising or coup: no term in the last few days seemed too full-bodied to describe the situation there – in comments and moderations inside and outside the country. These terms are all wrong.

No, the United States is not on the brink of civil war, nor is it threatened with a coup. However, that is by no means reassuring. Because democracy in the USA is actually at risk. However, for reasons that do not fit into a brief headline.

Example civil war. In a modern state, this presupposes that – at least – one of two requirements is met: a power struggle within the army, if possible between forces of approximately equal strength, or significant foreign military aid for those who are planning an overthrow. There can be no question of either in the USA.

Hardly any other institution enjoys such high recognition across party lines as the US military – regardless of how the majority of the population feels about a specific war effort abroad. Gun service is considered patriotic, and patriotism is a term with positive connotations throughout the United States. In addition, the army offers many opportunities for integration and advancement. This also binds conflicting forces within a society.

Fight right-wing extremists

Yes, there are right-wing extremists in the US Army – just like in many other organizations. By the way, there are also those in the Bundeswehr. As weird as the comparison would be in many other respects, it is just as coherent in this one: Tolerating right-wing extremism on the one hand harbors the risk that it will spread. And on the other hand that weapons and other material are stolen for attacks. Therefore it has to be fought.

However, further fantasies would be absurd. The mountain troops will not soon control the access to the Feldherrnhalle in Munich with weapons at the ready, the infantry will not guard the Kurfürstendamm – and the US Army will not shoot itself over the Potomac. If the current crisis in the United States was only about preventing this, it would already be over. Right-wing militias couldn’t crawl under their beds as quickly as they would like if the US military cleared its throat seriously.

But it’s not just about that. Not just about civil war and not just about the military and other security forces when talking about political violence in the US. It is easy to imagine, even likely, scenarios in which people are murdered who are viewed by right-wing extremists as enemies. In which shops are looted, cars set on fire and cities are “made unsafe”. That is enough to disturb the population. And to poison the political and interpersonal climate. Bad enough.

Institutions work

But if the half-empty glass is to be described as half-full, then one can say with regard to the USA in the past few days and weeks: the institutions have worked. The courts have ruled, regardless of whether judges were appointed by Donald Trump or not. The election supervision in the individual states has done its job. Brad Raffensperger, Georgia Secretary of the Interior, who withstood shameless threats from President Donald Trump, became a shining light. However, if he were alone and not one of many, then there would be no useful election result. All of this is not little.

If, on the other hand, the half-full glass is to be described as half-empty, then it must be stated that the security forces were incredibly poorly prepared for violent right-wing extremist demonstrations. Worse still: there are increasing signs that at least some security forces have made common cause with the demonstrators or at least let them do their bit with a wink. Members of Congress may even have helped the perpetrators.

Yes, Donald Trump stirred up his grassroots. But he was and is obviously not a lone perpetrator. The most interesting question in this context has hardly been discussed so far: who actually pulls the strings behind such actions in the background. It can be said for sure that this is neither the much-noticed man with horns nor the man who took over the desk of the democratic politician Nancy Pelosi with his feet. Or does anyone seriously believe that these people have the tactical and intellectual skills to take such an action? No, nobody can believe that.

Coordinated actions

But who then planned the demonstrations that are currently making headlines around the world? Who is coordinating protests that – supposedly – are to take place in all 50 states of the USA in the next few days? Such complex actions are never – never – arranged solely via social media. Who is behind it? Why is the state of the investigation so inadequate that the public is not yet allowed to find out about it and the security authorities are silent?

It now looks like it was no more than a lucky coincidence that there was no mass murder of Congressmen. But even in such a case, it shouldn’t have led to the outbreak of civil war. The concept of “designated survivors”, the emergency survivors in the event of a terrorist attack with far-reaching consequences, seems bizarre in the deepest peace. The idea behind it is powerful, however: Nobody is irreplaceable. The system is stronger than any individual.

Then why get upset at all? Everything went well. A few madmen who are about to be brought to justice have trampled into a public building. A president whose sanity may be doubted will resign from office in the next week. His party will be busy licking its own wounds. The new leadership tackles all important tasks and leaves the past behind.

It would be nice. Permanent uncertainty and the fear of attacks change a society. Not overnight, but slowly, step by step, creeping. Some Republican Congressmen allegedly failed to vote for Donald Trump to be impeached because they feared for the safety of their families and their own. That is – or would be – understandable. Forgivable too.

Fear for families

And what if a reorganization of constituencies that discriminate against minorities is planned and contradicting it becomes life-threatening? Or if the registration of voters is tied to conditions that privilege white middle-class people? Will some of those who have a say and decide again be afraid – for themselves and their families? If that is the case in Texas or Florida, it won’t make global headlines. Then nobody cares.

The really threatening question of the last few days is therefore: Why is the Republican party still not distancing itself by the majority from Donald Trump? Just out of fear of a man who has lost his power, who may soon be broke and will probably have to answer for tax evasion in the state of New York? Oh no, hardly. Rather, it is because the individual Republican MP is afraid of losing office and dignity if he or she opposes the will of the majority.

The Republican Party’s opening to right-wing extremism did not start with Donald Trump. Unfortunately. But much earlier, at the latest with the founding of the Tea Party movement in 2009, which managed to exert a decisive influence on the selection of candidates for the party. She hijacked the US Republicans – whoever turned against her had no chance.

Which means: The Republican Party’s shift to the right does not begin and end with Donald Trump. And whoever it is who is behind the tea party, the presidency of Donald Trump and the “storm” on the Capitol: A civil war or a coup is not needed for success. Fear, insecurity and anger are enough. There is no shortage of such feelings.


Against America, no Rayados player had symptoms: Davino

Mexico City /

After the positive cases of Stefan Medina and Avilés Hurtado were announced, Duilio Davino assured that during the match with America there were no players with symptoms, but it is strange that several presented the discomfort the next day.

“During the game no player with symptoms, we isolate these players as we do with all positives. Mention that we had not had as many positives as now. On Sunday after the game there were two players with symptoms, we isolated them and sent them to their test. On Monday another two reported symptoms, we isolated them and sent them to test, “explained the president of Rayados.

On Tuesday that we did enter, three players returned with symptoms. There we decided to close El Barrial on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. In addition to this, there are not only eleven players, we have eight members of the staff and coaching staff, we are 19 and we have another number in sub-20 and sub-17 ”.

As in the statement that Rayados issued in response to the indications of America, the manager assured that they would not put anyone’s life at risk for a soccer game.

“Emphasize that we follow the League’s protocol in due time and form, of course we did not know of any positive case or with symptoms that was on the field. We would not put our players or their families or the rival or anyone at risk at all, the most important thing is health “,point.

He assured that they have taken the measures recommended by the health authorities, that they do not share the dressing room and that in the hotel they change in different areas. In addition to the fact that Basic Forces and the Rayadas team enter through another door to avoid crossing with the first team.

The manager acknowledged that there was a meeting with the MX League that he described as informative where they spoke of the moment of the pandemic that the country is experiencing. “It has happened that a game or two has been suspended. Thank God they didn’t have to suspend a whole day ”.

Mourned the passing of Martín Padrón, who was his partner in a club called Tecomán. Padrón was the technical director of the Santos Under-17 team and the strategist lost his life due to covid.