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Brazil will have a new giant Christ, higher than that of Rio de Janeiro


How do American companies master the game of tax evasion? .. The giant “Amazon” as a model

Few of the corporate leaders announced their support for US President Joe Biden’s plan, at a time when his tax plan was welcomed by the CEO of “Amazon”, Jeff Bezos, despite the torrent of accusations that Biden made to the company during his election campaign about avoiding paying federal taxes.

Jeff Bezos’s welcome comes coupled with his belief that the tax cost will not rise significantly for his company, as it is one of the best in tax planning, as his company pays almost nothing out of the current corporate tax rate of 21%, let alone the 28% Biden seeks.

According to the company’s filings, Amazon’s federal income tax bill reached $ 1.7 billion in 2020. This does not mean that its actual payments have reached this level, but even this tax number is equivalent to only about 7% of the $ 24.2 billion in pre-tax income, which is Revealed by the company’s financial statements. Consequently, Amazon paid only about a third of the official tax rate of 21%.

For his part, Lyft founder and president, John Zimmer, also welcomed the increase in corporate income taxes, but his welcome stems from the company’s continuing losses, as it will not pay any income taxes for many years to come, according to CNN. Arab.net.

Real tax rates paid by companies

Amazon does not do anything illegal, inappropriate, or unusual. Few companies pay 21% of their pre-tax reported earnings in corporate income tax. While many companies can pay a lower figure than the official tax rate, there are many ways to ultimately reduce the amount of taxable income.

“They care more about the tax rate than they care about their ability to continue reducing their taxable income,” says Matt Gardner, senior fellow at ITEP.

“Of all the things the Biden administration might try to move forward, raising the corporate tax rate might be the least harmful to it,” he added.

Which is why those who advocate increasing the amount companies pay say it’s important that any tax law passed by Congress does more than just change the corporate tax rate. The amount of taxable income should increase against the tax protected amount.

“Increasing the tax rate would be a tragically incomplete way to fix that,” Gardner said.

Biden wants to increase the corporate tax rate to pay for his $ 2 trillion in infrastructure legislation. Bezos said recently that this is the time for a major investment in infrastructure and that Amazon is “supporting an increase in the corporate tax rate” to help pay for it.

Amazon, in turn, did not pay a federal income tax until 2018, making it a favorite target for those, including Biden, who argued that wealthy and profitable companies do not pay their fair share.

ITEP’s analysis showed that 55 major companies paid zero in taxes for 2020, and it said 26 companies had not paid taxes since the Trump tax law went into effect in 2018.

ITEP analysis also shows that the average effective corporate tax rate paid by the profitable Fortune 500 companies (the 500 largest companies by market value) was only 11.3% in 2018, the year that Trump lowered the tax rate from 35% to 21%.

The Congressional Joint Tax Committee found that US multinationals paid less than that, averaging 7.8%.

Amazon defends its tax bill

The federal tax bill comes low for Amazon due to a number of tax credits, none of which have been disclosed by the company.

Probably the most important exemption is Amazon’s ability to reduce its taxable income immediately, through a large portion of its capital spending.

It is also possible that it has taken some breaks due to employment, depending on the number of its new workers who came from different backgrounds, as it added 500,000 workers worldwide in 2020 after expanding its network of distribution centers.

According to experts, the tax breaks on research and development spending and money spent on green energy projects may have helped Amazon.

The company says the reduction in its tax bill is due to provisions of the tax law that benefit the state and the economy.

“Our economic investments have grown by $ 315 billion over the past decade, while creating nearly a million jobs in the United States … US tax laws are designed to encourage exactly what Amazon is doing to propel the American economy forward,” the company statement said.


Players of Liga MX Femenil make a trend #Juegocomobarbie

The footballers used this label to express their dissatisfaction with the publication made by Carlos Salcedo on Saturday night

Players of the Liga MX Femenil of Mexican soccer, make the hashtag #JuegoComoBarbie a trend, after the defender of the Tigers, Carlos Salcedo placeholder image, criticized in social networks the way as he said, soccer is played.

Carlos Salcedo published on social networks that in soccer there is physical contact and you don’t play “like Barbie”. This, because in the match on Date 14 between Tigres and América, which ended with Azulcrema triumph by 1-3 at the University Stadium, the feline player was sent off (at 56 ‘) for a double yellow, after committing a hard sweep over Roger Martínez.

A few days before Day 15 of the Liga MX Women, the soccer players raised their voices when they felt alluded to by the assertion of Carlos Salcedo placeholder image.

Thus, players like Janelly Farías, defender of the women’s America, was one of the first to demonstrate for the misplaced comment of the university defender: “This ease of using ‘femininity’ to mock and insult each other between men, has to stop and is part of the problem we have in our society. ‘Game of Barbies’, or ‘Game of Women’, in this context is the same and is the type of comment that my teammates from the women’s MX League and I have to deal with on a daily basis ”.

Among other things, he added that “it is enough to see a couple of league games, to realize that in women’s football there is a lot of contact and the intensity does not happen by being a man or a woman.”

He made it clear that in football there are many barriers for ‘them’ and that women’s football needs a lot of support and awareness from all parties involved.

Soon the hashtag #GameLikeBarbie began to go viral, as many people took sides with the response he gave Janelly Farías to what was indicated by Salcedo, considering erratic and disparaging the comment of the nicknamed ‘Titan’.

Gaby Lozada, Farías’s partner in América Femenil, said: “Let’s stop normalizing these types of comments.”


‘Cruz Azul and America eat apart’, Aguirre acknowledges superiority

Mexico City /

Striped seeks to secure one of the two places that America Y Blue Cross have made available to Quarter finals. Thus, the royal team chases the two clubs in the general, although it looks a bit far to be able to surpass them in points because the same Javier Aguirre recognized the superior level that both clubs have.

“The three points are good (before Toluca) because Cruz Azul and América eat separately, the rest of us fight for positions. One more week in third place, we no longer leave the house, we have three at home and then Tigres, “he said.

It should be noted that Rayados fell to the Machine in J11, while they were able to defeat the azulcremas at the start of the campaign.

He even confessed that his team is experiencing an irregularity in the campaign that they seek to put aside now that the closing of the tournament is approaching and therefore the next phase in which they want to tie their direct pass to Liguilla without a playoff.

“If there is a lack of regularity, the important thing is to get to the final part, there you have to be fine and well worked.”

On the other hand, the Basque was excited to return to the Nemesio Diez Stadium after he last visited him more than 20 years ago while directing Pachuca and he had to face the Red Devils by Enrique Meza.

“It’s another stadium, it’s wonderful. The last time I came was with Pachuca to face Meza and there were some great matches. Too bad, because I missed La Perra Brava because they give a lot of life to the stadium,” he said.


Solari is already thinking about Olimpia after beating Tigres: ” It will not be easy, we will have to be competitive ” – Ten

America defeated Tigers on matchday 14 of the 2021 Clausura of the MX League (1-3), accumulating their eighth consecutive win with Santiago Solari on the bench, but the coach quickly turned the page to think about the second match against Olimpia.

Pedro Troglio does not give up against América

The eagles coach already has the albos in mind to play the second leg of the Concacaf Champions League round of 16 at the mythical Azteca Stadium. He also stressed that for now he does not think about the records that he could break this semester as DT azulcrema, since he is only eight units away from equaling his maximum number of points collected in a short tournament.

“We are not thinking about those things or those numbers, we are thinking from the beginning about reaching goals and for that we have to keep in mind the long-term goals, but also in the short term and that tomorrow.” , he began by explaining Solar.

“ Today we are happy because we won a tough game, but we have to focus right away on the next game that is not going to be easy, we have a tie back home against Olimpia on Wednesday, where we will have to be as open and competitive as what we did today, ” said the Argentine in a videoconference, after beating Tigers in The Volcano.

For the miracle in the Azteca

The America He has a 2-1 lead in the tie against the Honduran team and will seek to liquidate the series to get to the quarterfinals of the tournament.

Olimpia travels with the illusion of eliminating America in Mexico

For its part, Olympiad got up early this Sunday to travel from San Pedro Sula to Miami, United States, where they will carry out the recovery exercises after their match against the Lifetime and on Monday he will head to Mexico.

The squad of Pedro Troglio he left the country with the illusion of doing the miracle against the Mexicans. “We are going to face America well, of course a good result can be achieved,” he said. Jerry bengtson before boarding the plane at the Ramón Villeda Morales airport.

The expected meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday at 6:00 PM in Honduras (7:00 PM in Mexico)


“European Medicines” studies the relationship of clotting to the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine

There is no UN recommendation regarding changing the type of vaccine between two doses

Yesterday, Friday, the European Medicines Regulatory Authority announced that it is studying some cases of blood clots after taking the American “Johnson & Johnson” single-dose vaccine against “Covid 19”, after 4 cases were recorded; Among them was one death. The “commission” stated that its safety committee “began studying reports to verify cases of blood clots after vaccination.” She added that 3 cases were recorded in the United States and the fourth during clinical trials at an unspecified location.

The European Union has authorized the use of the vaccine, but has not initiated vaccination with it. The “agency” said: “After vaccination with the (Johnson) vaccine, 4 severe cases of abnormal clots associated with low levels of platelets were reported.” The European Commission approved the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and it is scheduled to start administering it in European Union countries this April. The announcement came at a time when the Amsterdam-based “body” studied cases of blood clots in people who had received the “AstraZeneca” vaccine and decided that they should be considered as side effects of the vaccine, albeit rare. Both vaccines use adenoviruses as vectors. The European Medicines Regulatory Authority said yesterday that it is investigating the possibility of links between the “AstraZeneca” vaccine against “Covid 19” and a disorder of blood vessels, after it counted this week that there is a possible link between the vaccine and stroke, which were described as rare side effects. The agency said that it is studying 5 cases of capillary leakage syndrome, which is “characterized by fluid leakage from blood vessels, causing tissue swelling and low blood pressure.”

On the other hand, the Indian newspaper “Indian Express” reported yesterday that Johnson & Johnson had informed the regulatory authorities in India that it would soon start clinical trials of its vaccine. The report stated that the giant US pharmaceutical and health care company sent a letter to the “Central Organization for Monitoring Drug Standards” in which it wrote that “it will submit an application within a very short period of time for permission to conduct clinical trials in India.”

On the other hand, the “World Health Organization” confirmed yesterday that, in the absence of sufficient data, it cannot issue a recommendation regarding changing the anti-“Covid 19” vaccine between two doses, which is what France intends to do for those under the age of 55 who have received a first dose. From «AstraZeneca». “There is not enough data to clarify whether this is something that can be done,” said Margaret Harris, a spokeswoman for the “World Health Organization” during the regular press briefing in Geneva, and then the WHO experts concluded that the possibility of “changing the vaccine is not something they can recommend.” At this stage”.

She indicated that this is the position adopted by the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Vaccination last February when publishing its recommendations regarding the “AstraZeneca” vaccine and before information was available about a possible link between it and very rare side effects. She also stressed that these scientists then called for specific research on the replaceability of vaccines against “Covid 19”.

The “Supreme Health Authority” in France announced that those under the age of 55 and who took a first dose of the “AstraZeneca” vaccine will receive a second dose of the “Pfizer” or “Moderna” vaccine. This includes 533,000 people in France, according to the “authority” that stopped giving AstraZeneca to people under the age of 55 on March 19, due to rare cases of blood clots in Europe. But some, especially healthcare providers, have received their first dose of this vaccine since early February.


Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth II, died


Photo 1: What the Mexican press said about America’s triumph over Olimpia and Faitelson’s controversial words

Some praise and others criticize America that “submitted an Olympia without hitting”.

Mexican newspapers and other countries highlighted the victory of América de Solari over Olimpia de Troglio in the first leg of the round of 16 of the Concacaf Champions League.