5 “low cost” alternatives, what they offer and how much they cost

In the midst of the economic crisis deepened by the pandemic, the Ministry of Health authorized mid-year a staggered increase of 41.14% in the fees of prepaid medicine companies, which began to apply the first in August, and the second in September. The last will be January 2022. In this way, through resolution 2125/2021 published […]

Covid-19: WHO calls for a moratorium on the 3rd dose – RFI – RFI

Covid-19: WHO calls for a moratorium on the 3rd dose • RFIRFI Africa: Covid-19 deaths reach record highSenego.com – News in Senegal Covid-19. What is the vaccination rate in each country in the world and with which vaccine?West France Coronavirus: Israel persists with 3rd dose of vaccine despite WHO callProvence 3rd dose of Covid vaccine: […]

unions fear the disappearance of paper cards

The printed maps of the National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN) could they disappear ? This is what the unions fear CGT of the public establishment of geographic information, after the management announced that it wanted to close its printing plant. From 2023, these maps, well known to hikers and lovers of geography, […]