The final parquet of Fontajau is almost installed

After a couple of temporary installations, one in February and the other in August, Fontajau is about to release the final parquet that will replace the one that was damaged a year ago due to the storm Gloria. The workers are taking advantage of these days to complete the preparations so that the work, which has cost 135,000 euros, can be premiered tomorrow taking advantage of the match between Uni and La Laguna (19.30).


CaixaForum Girona received almost 39,000 visitors in 2020

CaixaForum Girona he recived more than 38,928 visitors throughout 2020, of which more than 17,000 have done so since the center reopened and resumed exhibition activity, from June 1 until the end of the year, after being closed for almost three months, with significant capacity limitations and a drastic reduction in scheduled activities.

The public has supported the cultural commitment of the Girona facility, “as evidenced by the fact that the number of visitors has been around 25% of the total number of visitors who went during 2019, taking into account the permitted capacities “, according to the La Caixa Foundation in a statement yesterday.

Currently, you can visit the center’s exhibitions Poetics of Emotion and Direct Access to Acrux-Vela-Hamal, 20, by Rosa Brun, both inaugurated this past autumn. Until September 20 last year, the Apollo 11 exhibition could be seen, with which CaixaForum Girona resumed its activity after spending a few months closed due to house confinement. Also within the Direct Access cycle, until last November 8, the work El bosc de llet, by Curro González, was on display. And in February the exhibition Building New Worlds closed. The historical avant-garde in the IVAM collection, 1914-1945.

The Pixar characters

For this 2020-2021 academic year, the Fundació la Caixa has presented a new cultural offer, with a constellation of 34 exhibitions, 25 of which are scheduled in centers and 9 are traveling exhibitions. Thus, as announced yesterday by the entity, CaixaForum Girona will be filled next April with the magic of Pixar. The Pixar exhibition. Building characters delves into the process of creating the protagonists of the films in the animation studio, the result of a long and careful teamwork.

Drawings and models of Pixar characters will be exhibited, showing their construction process until they reach their final appearance. The works belong to different productions of the factory, from Toy Story to Soul -his most recent film, which includes a sketch-, through Brave, Ratatouille, Monsters, Cars, A Bug’s Life (Bichos), Coco or Up. This new exhibition can be visited between April 15 and August 22 this year.

Yesterday, the Fundació la Caixa presented the balance of attendance at its centers and its cultural and scientific exhibitions during the year that has just closed. In a year marked by the pandemic situation, the organization has made an effort to keep the centers open whenever possible, rescheduling their exhibitions and activities.

All the institution’s centers had to close their doors between March 13 and June 1, and have subsequently faced very severe capacity constraints and a drastic reduction in the activities scheduled for both the general public and the public. the educational.

Despite all these conditions, the cultural, scientific and educational proposals of the entity in the whole of the State received the visit of 3.8 million people in 2020. This figure includes visitors to the centers (1.2 million) and those of the numerous traveling exhibitions organized throughout the territory (2.6 million).

In the total balance sheet, the eight CaixaForum and CosmoCaixa centers received 1.2 million visitors, which represents 35% of the total number of visitors who went during 2019. The centers in Barcelona and Madrid recorded daily averages of 1,000 visitors for a few weekends, until the capacity allowed by the restrictions is reached.


Woolly rhino over 20,000 years old found almost intact in permafrost (video)

The animal would have drowned in Siberia at a time between 20,000 and 50,000 BC.

Last August, Alexei Savvin, a resident of Siberia, toured his region. But at one point, he sees something unusual: a rhino. But make no mistake, it is not the same species found in Africa, and this one is indeed dead … between 20,000 and 50,000 years ago. This woolly rhino, to be precise, was trapped in the permafrost (or permafrost), in the Yakutie region, near a river. But the most impressive thing is that the carcass is almost 80% intact, with astonishing findings.

Organs still present

Scientists have not yet fully examined the corpse, but several observations have already been made. First, the whole body is present and is in such a state of preservation that soft tissue has survived. It even seems that some of the organs have also been preserved. An extremely rare fact for a carcass which dates from such a remote period. Part of the intestine, still full, is of particular interest since it could give a lot of information on the diet of this species.

The dating of the body is still relatively imprecise but a radiocarbon analysis should make it possible to clarify this point. According to the first hypotheses, the animal, separated from its mother, would have died by drowning at around 3-4 years of age, which means that it was relatively young. The sex is not yet known.

A few years ago, another very well-preserved carcass of a woolly rhino was discovered not far away. The habitat area of ​​this species was nevertheless much larger since it extended from western Europe to eastern Siberia. It would have disappeared because of the end of the Ice Age and because of hunting by humans in prehistoric times.


The British economy fell almost 20% and sinks into its worst recession

This is the largest quarterly contraction in the British economy since quarterly records began in 1955, and marks the second consecutive quarterly decline, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Compared to the same quarter of the previous year, the UK economy fell by 21.5%.

“It is clear that the UK is in the biggest recession on record. Latest estimates show that the UK economy is now 21.8% smaller than it was at the end of 2019, highlighting the unprecedented size of this contraction “said a spokesman for the agency.

According to the ONS, there were record quarterly declines in services, production and construction in the second quarter of 2020, which have been particularly frequent in those industries that have been most exposed to government restrictions.

In general, the production of services fell by 21.3% accumulated in the first six months of this year.

The quarterly decline in the second quarter of 2020 reflected declines in the vast majority of industries, in particular accommodation and food services, wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles, health and social work expenses and administrative services activities. These industries accounted for almost half of the total contraction in service production in the second quarter.

On the other hand, the agency reported that household spending registered a record drop of 23.6% between April and June, because consumers were forced to stay at home because of the quarantine, so the British increased their savings instead of spending.

This caused the household savings rate to skyrocket to an all-time high of 29.1% in the second quarter, against 9.6% in the first three months of the year.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, the labor market worsened in July, even with the gradual reopening of the economy, bringing the total job loss to nearly 700,000.

To mitigate the massive layoffs, the British Government last week presented in Parliament a new employment support plan to replace the current subsidy scheme, whereby both private and state employees received a payment of 80 from the state % of your salary up to an amount of 2,500 pounds.

Under the new scheme, which will begin to be applied from November, companies will be able to incorporate greater flexibility in their employees’ hours.

The Government will assume up to 22% of the total salary, provided that the workers fulfill at least one third of what was their usual working day, while the employer will assume the payment of the hours worked and a third of those not worked. Ultimately, the employee could end up receiving 77% of his full salary.


The ENRE sanctioned almost $ 1 million to a company belonging to the Macri and Enel family

It did so through the synthesized resolution 12/2020 published today in the Official Gazette, where it specified that the sanction is “For having distributed dividends, corresponding to fiscal year 2017, in May, June and August 2018 without having complied with the procedure established for the prior evaluation and authorization of the ENRE”.

The Entity clarified that this “constitutes a breach of the provisions of the Fourth Clause of the Agreement between the former Secretary of Energy, the ENRE and Yacylec, signed on January 30, 2017”.

According to the resolution, the fine is “for an amount equivalent to 320 times the remuneration received as an hourly charge for the transport capacity for lines of 500 kilovolts per 100 kilometers”, and noted that this charge “in force as of August 2019 it is $ 3,039,754 ”.

The ENRE determined that “Yacylec must deposit the amount of the fine imposed within ten administrative working days from the notification of this act, under warning of execution.”

Yacylec is one of the companies that connects the Yacyretá binational hydroelectric dam with the Argentine Interconnection System (SADI), and was one of those responsible for the June 2019 blackout that left the entire country without electricity.

In March 2016, already as President of the Nation, Mauricio Macri had to transfer his private interest in Yacylec to the Sideco firm, owned by his family.


Worrying data from the WHO: almost 2 million infections of Covid-19 in a single week

All regions of the world, except Africa, registered an increase in infections between September 14 and 20.

“From September 14 to 20, there were about two million new cases of covid-19, which represents an increase of 6% compared to the previous week and the highest number of cases since the beginning of the epidemic. In it During this period, the number of deaths decreased by 10% and 37,700 deaths were registered, “according to the Organization.

In total, more than 30.6 million cases and 950,000 deaths have been registered since covid-19 appeared at the end of last year in China.

This number of positive cases only reflects a part of the total, due to the disparate policies of different countries when it comes to diagnosing, since some only do it with those people who need hospitalization. Furthermore, in many poor countries the capacity to carry out diagnostic tests is limited.

By countries, the United States, the most mourning in the world, and Brazil, the second most affected in the number of deaths, continue to register the highest number of new deaths, with more than 5,000 new deaths each last week.

The American continent, which accounts for half of the cases registered in the world and 55% of the accumulated deaths since December, nevertheless registered a 22% decrease in the number of deaths last week, thanks to a decrease in deaths in countries like Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and Bolivia.

By region, Europe, the scene of major outbreaks, recorded 4,000 new deaths and was the area that recorded the greatest increase in the number of deaths (+ 27% compared to the previous week).

Southeast Asia, which registers 35% of new cases, registered 9,000 new deaths last week and has already exceeded 100,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

In Africa, the pandemic appears to be losing steam and last week, there was a 12% reduction in the number of cases and a 16% reduction in the number of deaths.


If you need work, Amazon will open almost 1,500 positions in South Florida

The news gives hope to thousands of families in southern Florida who have been out of work for months due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in the south of the state. Miami-Dade and Broward counties still have unemployment figures of around 10% and more, being the areas most affected by the health crisis. Cities like Miami and Hialeah still appear on the list of US cities with the highest number of unemployed people.

Most of the positions you will offer Amazon They are in the Opa-locka area, where one of its largest distribution centers is located in South Florida.

Jobs include processing and delivering customer orders, but also in business management, security, information technology and for the human resources department.

During a visit to Opa-locka, Heather MacDougal, Amazon’s vice president of health and safety, said that “Health and safety is our number one priority. It always has been, much more so now during this pandemic,” adding: “We have made 150 changes to our work process since the beginning of the pandemic. We have spent more than $ 800 million so far this year to make our workplaces safer. “

Amazon has more than 30,000 employees in Florida and expects to increase that number in the coming months if strong demand continues.

The Seattle-based company announced last week the hiring of some 33,000 permanent employees for corporate and technology positions in the coming months.

Amazon is one of a handful of companies that has grown during the coronavirus months. Consumers have been forced to buy online, after a six-month pandemic and confinement measures for several weeks in most states of the country, which has helped the company post record income and profits between April and June. That happened despite the fact that he had to spend $ 4 billion on cleaning supplies, to pay his employees overtime and bonuses.

The demand has been so high that Amazon it has had trouble delivering items as quickly as it usually does and had to hire 175,000 more people to help pack and ship orders in its warehouses. Walmart and Target have also seen an increase in their sales during the pandemic.

Other retailers have been through tougher times: JC Penney, J.Crew and Brooks Brothers have all filed for bankruptcy. Lord & Taylor, which has been in business for nearly 200 years, recently said it will be closing its stores for good. Companies in other sectors have announced massive layoffs, including Coca-Cola and several airlines such as American Airlines.


“In October and November, the second wave, there will be a boom in cases and deaths”

Those who hoped that the worst was now behind them will have to change their mind. October and November will be the most difficult months on the Coronavirus front. “There will be a boom in cases and we will also face a higher death rate.” Hans Kluge, director of the European section of the World Health Organization (WHO), leaves little room for illusions.

First day of school, the emotions of teachers. “Everything possible has been done.” Video by Angelo Papa

Covid Italy Bulletin: 1,008 infections and 14 victims in 24 hours, but 27 thousand fewer tampons

less than 450 units compared to yesterday, but with almost 27 thousand Covid in Italy, today’s bulletin 14 September 2020: the new cases of coronavirus positivity are 1,008, while 14 are registered in the last 24 hours. There are fewer swabs: 72,143 were performed on Saturday, 45,309 yesterday.

In an interview with the French agency AFP, Kluge stated that although currently, in the face of an increasing number of infections, the number of deaths is stable, the worst is yet to come. “We are at a time when people don’t want to hear this news.” In this regard, between Monday and Tuesday, the WHO will gather delegates from fifty European states to discuss the strategy to be adopted through a five-year plan. “Although many are confident that the vaccine will put an end to the pandemic, research is still ongoing.”

«It is premature to unbalance – continues Kluge – we do not know if a possible vaccine will affect the entire population. The findings are mixed: on some positive, on others less. Furthermore, when we have the vaccine, the problem of the volume of orders and therefore of distribution will take over ». And therefore a piece of advice: “The best solution is to learn to live with the virus, to stem its spread and this depends only on us”.

Another warning issued by the WHO concerns the management of the epidemic: «We must put aside politics and manage the situation according to the study of epidemiological data. It is impossible to please everyone, in some countries doctors have to submit to political decisions, while it is also necessary to deal with people’s skepticism and this is dangerous ». Finally Kluge addresses a thought to the schools: “Some may have to close temporarily because in particularly sensitive areas from the point of view of contagion”

RECORD IN CASI Kluge’s words fall into a world reality that today records 307,930 in 24 hours, is the highest number of cases traced since the beginning of the epidemic. Thus the total cases reported by the WHO rise to 28,637,952. Meanwhile, according to the reprot of Johns Hopkins University, in the world the total share of infections has exceeded the threshold of 29 million. The toll of infections in the world is at 29,019,639, including 924,463 deaths. Since the start of the pandemic, 19,630,897 people have healed.

Last updated: September 15, 09:26


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Unstoppable saving dollar: in July almost 4 million Argentines bought banknotes to treasure

Additionally, the figures multiplied by 10 compared to February and March, prior to the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the purchase of “saving dollar” had added a total amount of around US $ 70 million, distributed among about 450,000 buyers.

Dollar purchase

Source: BCRA

In net terms, hoarding operations totaled US $ 740 million and accounted for most of the net purchases made by “human persons”, which reached US $ 876 million in the seventh month of the year.

Due to currency transfers received from abroad, Net Formation of Foreign Assets was US $ 452 million. As reported by the BCRA, the “oilseeds and cereals” sector registered net income of US $ 1,976 million, almost exclusively for the concepts included in “goods” (export charges net of payments for imports), in line with its status as the main exporting sector of the economy.

However, the rest of the “real sector” presented a negative net result equivalent to US $ 1,367 million, mainly explained by imports of goods and services and cancellation of financial debt.

The increase in demand for dollars, compared to an offer that does not react in the same way, generated, both in July and August, a significant pressure on BCRA reserves.

Despite the optimism generated after the agreement for the debt swap, So far this month the monetary authority had to sell more than US $ 900 million to support the official exchange rate, while gross reserves decreased by US $ 472 million.