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At its federal party conference in Kalkar, the AfD argued with great ruthlessness about the position of its party leader Jörg Meuthen. Numerous speakers, including members of the party leadership, accused the AfD leader of dividing the party and harming it. In the highly emotional debate on Sunday, many of Meuthen’s supporters also spoke up, expressly thanking him for his speech. In his opening speech on Saturday, the chairman voiced severe criticism of the party’s demeanor and warned that it would be a shame for the AfD if it appeared “increasingly aggressive, increasingly coarse, increasingly uninhibited”.

Despite the high levels of corona infection, the AfD met in Kalkar for a presence party conference. The meeting with 600 delegates was subject to strict conditions. The participants had to wear masks throughout. The party chairman Meuthen initially criticized the recent riots in the Bundestag made possible by AfD MPs. “It cannot and must not go on like this,” he said. “Either we get the curve here, or we fail and get into very heavy seas.” He spoke of the fact that “rumbling and rolling around”, as had just happened in the Bundestag, let the party appear in a bad light. “People no longer choose us because of incidents like this.”

He expressly opposed speaking of a Corona dictatorship: “We do not live in a dictatorship, otherwise we would hardly be able to hold this party conference today.” He was also directed against the parliamentary group leader in the Bundestag, Alexander Gauland, who then accused him of having given a speech that was “partly divisive”. The debate on Sunday exposed the party’s massive dispute over the direction. Party Vice-President Stephan Brandner accused the chairman of causing serious damage to the party. Meuthen is on the wrong track. The Bundestag member Jürgen Pohl, a confidante of the AfD right wing Björn Höcke, said Meuthen’s time in the AfD was over. Birgit Bessin, member of the state parliament from Brandenburg, said that Meuthen was spoiled with hundreds of thousands of opponents of the corona policy.

In contrast, the state chairman of the AfD North Rhine-Westphalia, Rüdiger Lucassen, thanked the party leader for having “spoken plainly and shown leadership.” Others spoke of an overdue speech. The Hessian state chairman Robert Lambrou said: “At the moment something is breaking out here that has been smoldering for a long time.” In the end there was no clear opinion. The party congress finally decided not to vote on a motion to disapprove of Meuthen’s behavior as “divisive behavior”.

On Saturday, the AfD decided on a pension concept for its program for the first time, which should end an internal dispute over its social orientation with a compromise. According to this concept, the pay-as-you-go pension system is to be retained. According to the ideas of the AfD, many state employees should also pay into the statutory pension fund.


Violent dispute over direction after Meuthen’s fire speech

AfD federal party conference

AfD federal party leader Jörg Meuthen: Fierce debate after sharp criticism of internal party provocateurs.

(Photo: dpa)

Berlin The mood in the AfD was seldom as lousy as it was these days. At the federal party congress in Kalkar, North Rhine-Westphalia, with around 500 delegates, the differences between the moderate camp and the right wing of the party came to light. The reason is the opening speech by federal party leader Jörg Meuthen.

On Saturday, Meuthen warned his party not to scare off voters with an increasingly aggressive demeanor. So he turned against the term “Corona dictatorship”, which was used by parliamentary group leader Alexander Gauland. Meuthen also criticized the fact that some in the party showed no distance from the so-called lateral thinker movement and used the term “enabling law”.

An application to disapprove of “the divisive demeanor” of Meuthen and the “allegations from the welcoming speech” failed, however. A narrow majority prevented him from being voted on.

This was preceded by a two-hour, sometimes bitter, debate about the leadership style of Chairman Meuthen. “We need leadership that is courageous and friendly,” said Birgit Bessin, who spoke for the Brandenburg State Association on Sunday at the party conference in Kalkar on the Lower Rhine. Meuthen misused the stage “for accounting”, possibly because he was unable to assert himself with his proposals for a pension concept.

“Are you crazy?” Asked Norbert Kleinwächter, member of the Bundestag, from Brandenburg. Instead of starting a public debate about the party leader, possible criticism should be discussed internally.

Rift within the party leadership

Meuthen defended his speech. He accused the critics of “deliberate ideological distortion” and strictly rejected the accusation of division. “I have called for a new unit in discipline. And that actually seems to me to be urgently needed. ”The AfD has a difficult election year ahead of it and is currently only seven percent in surveys. “I want our party’s success with all my heart,” emphasized Meuthen. “But we will only achieve this success with a serious demeanor.” The AfD must be a “party of bourgeois reason”.

Meuthen made it clear on Saturday that it is obviously not: In his speech, Meuthen asked whether it was really wise to speak of a “Corona dictatorship” and emphasized at the same time: “We don’t live in a dictatorship, otherwise we could do it Hardly hold a party convention like that. ”Meuthen warned: The AfD will fail if it appears ever more aggressive and uninhibited.

Although a majority of the party congress delegates, albeit a small one, gathered behind Meuthen on Sunday, the crack within the party leadership was unmistakable. The AfD federal deputy Stephan Brandner took a clear stand against the chairman and dismissed his speech on Saturday as “out of place and politically unwise”. “I hope that he will refrain from such superfluous and harmful polarization within the party in the future, act immediately in the interests of the party and concentrate on the political opponent who is outside the AfD,” wrote Brandner on Twitter.

Previously, AfD parliamentary group leader Gauland had already said to the party chairman’s address that he did not need “any censorship from Jörg Meuthen for the group leadership”. Gauland no longer saw the argument on Sunday directly. The 70-year-old had left the party congress in the morning because he was not feeling well, as a member of the party executive of the news agency dpa said. But it is not serious. A spokesman said the Gauland had a small vein burst in the nose. He therefore left the premises in an ambulance accompanied by two vehicles with Berlin license plates.

“Observation by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution is becoming more and more likely”

The main topic of the party congress was marginalized by the dispute over direction: the AfD added a socio-political concept to its program and thus closed a previously existing gap in content before the federal election in 2021. On Saturday, the delegates passed by a large majority a corresponding motion with guidelines on health policy and proposals for stabilizing the pension system.

Regardless of this, the Berlin political scientist Oskar Niedermayer sees the party as facing difficult times. “The AfD’s recipe for success in recent years has been that it has been able to attract a broad spectrum of ideological voters with right-wing conservative to right-wing extremist attitudes as well as protest voters who wanted to give other parties a lesson through the AfD election,” Niedermayer told Handelsblatt. Above all, she succeeded in doing this with her “anti-attitude” to migration policy. However, this policy area is no longer so relevant.

In addition, with a “total opposition” first to the climate change issue and then to corona policy, as practiced by the hardliners of the party, the party has “lost a large part of the protest voters” because the vast majority of voters do not share these positions. “In addition, this radicalization makes it more and more likely,” the politics professor is convinced, “that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution will soon classify you as a right-wing extremist suspected case, which will further harm you.”

The Mainz political scientist Kai Arzheimer continues to see the AfD split into two roughly equally strong camps: “an openly radical that seeks solidarity with extra-parliamentary movements and right-wing extremist actors,” as Arzheimer explained, “and one that is more bourgeois in tone and demeanor “.

Over a long period of time, the AfD was able to address a wide range of right-wing voters. “This dual strategy may now be slowly coming to an end,” suspects the professor at the University of Mainz.

However, he believes that neither of the two currents alone could permanently reach more than ten percent of the electorate. “Meuthen’s hope that one can find his way back to his old strength by breaking away from the radical forces or at least maintain the current level of support seems naive to me,” said Arzheimer.

However, Niedermayer expects that the party will not disappear from the political scene anytime soon. The hard core of the AfD electorate is now so large that “a complete failure – in other words: a slide below the five percent hurdle – is rather unlikely,” he said.

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AfD party congress: Gauland strikes back

Dhe sensational speech by AfD party leader Jörg Meuthen at the federal party conference in Kalkar has caused clear criticism in his party. In a highly emotional speech, the party leader blamed the radicals in the party for their lack of success. The times when electoral success followed electoral success are over; the successes of the AfD and even the party are “at risk like never before”. Meuthen had blamed the provocative demeanor and the rough choice of words of the people from the right wing.

In detail, Meuthen had distanced himself from the “lateral thinker” movement and criticized the choice of words of the “Corona dictatorship” as well as the comparison of the Infection Protection Act with the “Enabling Act” of the National Socialists. Meuthen had said that it was a “trivialization of the horrific misdeeds of those dark times”. He had demanded discipline and professionalization and railed against “pubescent schoolboys”, “Politkasperle” and those “who are only too happy to scamper and roll around”.

Alexander Gauland, parliamentary group leader in the Bundestag, was one of the first to attack Meuthen directly. The speech of the party chairman was in parts “divisive”, Gauland told the Phoenix broadcaster. Gauland himself recently spoke of a “Corona” dictatorship in the Bundestag. Now he said it was “ridiculous” if Meuthen insinuated that he was questioning the constitution because of the use of this term. Gauland also does not share Meuthen’s criticism of the lateral thinkers. They also have “a lot of middle-class people”. Meuthen makes it “too easy” for itself with insulting them. With his speech, Meuthen “offended many people in the plenary”. Meuthen’s attack on the Bundestag faction because of the disturbances in the Bundestag by guests of AfD members he “did not understand at all,” said Gauland. “We have solved this problem in the Bundestag faction and the party chairman does not have to interfere in a speech that is supposed to bring people together,” said Gauland. Censorship from Meuthen “I cannot and will not accept”.

After Meuthen’s speech, there was applause, but also boos. Many delegates refused to applaud. Meuthen lacked a sense of how far he can go, even some of his supporters of the FAZ said. Many delegates see a movement like lateral thinking as a great potential for voters for the AfD.

Meuthen’s attacks on Gauland were also criticized. Meuthen had taken Gauland’s enthusiasm for Reich Chancellor Otto von Bismarck as an opportunity to portray him as looking backwards. Some in the AfD seemed to understand by being a conservative “a back to yesterday, feel at home with Bismarck and adore this historical figure enthusiastically,” Meuthen said – referring to Gauland, who is considered a great admirer of the Iron Chancellor. That may be “romantic”, “but above all it is blind to the future”. Delegates described this attack as unnecessary and too extensive.

Gauland: “Too much bow to the protection of the Constitution”

Gauland also criticized Meuthen’s appearance as “too much bow to the protection of the constitution”. Meuthen wants to prevent the Office for the Protection of the Constitution from declaring the entire party an object of observation. He is apparently relying on the fact that an observation of the AfD will be more difficult to enforce and will stand in court if the party leadership clearly distances itself from radical statements. However, Gauland does not believe that this strategy will be successful. “We have to fight against the protection of the constitution,” he said.

In his speech, he called for discipline and professionalization and railed against “pubescent schoolboys”, “Politkasperle” and those “who all too like to squeal and roll around”: AfD chairman Jörg Meuthen

In his speech, he called for discipline and professionalization and railed against “pubescent schoolboys”, “Politkasperle” and those “who all too like to squeal and roll around”: AfD chairman Jörg Meuthen

Image: EPA

Others accused Meuthen of indirectly providing food for the protection of the constitution. “Demand discipline, but use the stage of a federal party congress as a federal spokesman to fight against internal party opponents – and that during the period of the announced observation by the constitutional protection”, wrote Christoph Berndt, chairman of the AfD in the Brandenburg state parliament, on Twitter. Berndt is the successor to Andreas Kalbitz in the parliament in Potsdam, the organizer of the right-wing national “wing” in the AfD that was dissolved by the party leadership. Kalbitz himself was expelled from the AfD at Meuthen’s instigation.

The hour-long discussion about the socio-political concept of the AfD that the party congress passed was comparatively harmonious at the party congress. The party closed a programmatic gap before the federal election in 2021. The party congress passed the key motion on health policy and proposals for stabilizing the pension system. In the end, almost 89 percent of the 500 or so delegates voted for the concept. The application to test a basic income, however, failed. The delegates decided not to vote on the proposal of the social policy spokesman for the Bundestag faction, René Springer, for “citizenship money”.


AfD party congress – Meuthen seeks the decision in the power struggle – politics

The angry speech of the AfD boss is not only aimed at southpaws, but at the center of the party leadership. One year before the election, he believes that the attempt to address bourgeois and extreme camps equally has failed.

What happened on Saturday in the largest opposition party in the Bundestag is unparalleled in German party history. At the AfD party conference in the Wunderland amusement park near Kalkar, federal spokesman Jörg Meuthen took his own party to court in a downright angry speech. He dealt with taboos, provocateurs and mobsters.

But his anger wasn’t just targeted at the southpaw on the fringes of the party. Meuthen’s anger also hit the party leadership in its center, such as faction leader Alexander Gauland. Because he had repeatedly sought proximity to the controversial corona protests with harsh verbal attacks.

Meuthen’s emotional appearance is based on calculation. The party leader seeks the decision in the power struggle over the future direction of the AfD. His message: Barely a year before the general election, the party should finally decide what it wants in order not to slip further in the polls. Meuthen believes the AfD’s attempt to address both bourgeois and extreme camps has finally failed. It is becoming more and more of a serious problem since the protection of the Constitution has put the extreme right of the AfD under observation. Officials turn away. The previous business model threatens to end.

Important managers do not want to part with radicals

The party congress also made it clear that Meuthen’s desire to exclude the extreme right from the AfD is by no means clear. After Meuthen’s speech, there was little applause and some protest from the grassroots. The parliamentary group leaders Alice Weidel and Alexander Gauland publicly distanced themselves from Meuthen’s initiative.

One thing is clear: important leaders of the AfD still do not want to part with the radicals in the party. Pioneers of the disbanded “wing” are still active in leading positions in the party. For example Björn Höcke, the Thuringian AfD boss.

For Meuthen himself, the final about his future at the top of the AfD is approaching. The party is more divided than ever. The division runs through all hierarchical levels from the base to the top. At its last party congress almost exactly a year ago, the largest opposition party in the Bundestag formulated a self-confident goal. At the end of 2019, the AfD, inspired by high poll numbers, unceremoniously declared itself capable of government. Meuthen classified them as indispensable: “It’s all coming towards us,” the party leader said. Ten months later, he himself admits in his speech that none of his hopes for major electoral success have remained. The AfD is little more than a pile of broken glass.


Meuthen declares war on radicals

Dhis speech was tough. At the AfD party congress, federal chairman Jörg Meuthen accused the radical forces of harming the party and provoking the party to fail in the upcoming elections. In a highly emotional speech, Meuthen took the language and public behavior of radical AfD politicians hard. “We will not achieve more success by appearing more and more aggressive, more and more coarse, more and more uninhibited.” Since such speeches and deeds also had a deterrent effect on many AfD voters, it was wrong to show solidarity with party members who are “in the The role of the provocateur fallen ”.

Meuthen expressly opposed the designation “Corona dictatorship”, as it has become common in the AfD. He wondered if it was really wise to use this term in Parliament. “We do not live in a dictatorship, otherwise we would hardly be able to hold this party congress today,” said the party leader. Anyone who claims that it is different is basically asking the question of the system. The indulgence in this would “just shake heads for many people”.

Warning of the lateral thinking movement

Meuthen also warned against uncritically joining forces with the lateral thinking movement. In addition to normal worried people, there were also “not very few contemporaries whose bizarre, sometimes openly system-hostile positions and views suggest that tragically, straight-ahead thinking doesn’t even work properly for them, let alone genuine lateral thinking”.

Meuthen also criticized the fact that AfD politicians had used the term “Enabling Act” in connection with the Infection Protection Act in the Bundestag. “Shouldn’t such implicit comparisons in view of the well-known monstrosity and in this dimension also the singularity of Nazi barbarism prohibit themselves, because they implicitly trivialize the horrific crimes of that dark time?” He asked.

Instead of creating an urgently needed “liberal-conservative” alternative policy draft, many immature members “up to high office holders behaved like defiant adolescents with a desire for cheap, sometimes downright boorish provocation, in which they also fell in love with themselves . “

Meuthen described the example of a Bavarian member of the Bundestag who “almost purposefully” set out to get into a jostle with the police in a demonstration in order to then be able to stage himself as a victim in “theatrical indignation”. Something like that was “Kindergarten, that is unworthy, and that harms us immensely,” said the party chairman. Such actions made him angry, because they tore down “very relaxed with the very best”, for which thousands of other party members campaigned day after day in the party.


AfD under pressure after disturbances in the Bundestag in the current hour

Current hour of the Bundestag

The CDU MP Michael Grosse-Brömer spoke of an attack on parliamentary democracy.

(Photo: dpa)

Berlin After the harassment of politicians in the Bundestag by visitors, the other parliamentary groups opposed the AfD, which invited these troublemakers.

CDU / CSU, SPD, FDP, Greens and Left branded the right-wing populists in a current hour on Friday as “enemies of democracy”. AfD parliamentary group leader Alexander Gauland called the behavior of the visitors “uncivilized” and apologized for it. The other groups in the heated debate rated this as pure “hypocrisy”.

“What we had to experience on Wednesday is nothing less than an attack on the free mandate and an attack on parliamentary democracy,” said the First Parliamentary Executive Director of the Union, Michael Grosse-Brömer (CDU).

His CSU colleague Stefan Müller concluded: “The enemies of democracy don’t just come from outside. The enemies of democracy are also sitting here on the right in this plenary chamber. ”Grosse-Brömer emphasized that the incidents did not happen suddenly, but“ the low point of a lasting strategy by the AfD ”.

This was described by the First Parliamentary Managing Director of the Greens, Britta Haßelmann, as follows: “Insincere and hypocritical regrets here, because you can tell it is getting tricky.” “That is the strategy – and we have to expose it.”

AfD politicians should apologize to Schäuble

On Wednesday, on the sidelines of the debate on the new Infection Protection Act, MPs were harassed, filmed and insulted by several visitors in the hallways of the Bundestag building. This happened, among others, Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier (CDU) and the FDP domestic politician Konstantin Kuhle. Visitors also broke into the offices of representatives. Thousands of people demonstrated against the law around the government district.

AfD parliamentary group leader Gauland admitted on Friday that the behavior of the guests was “uncivilized” and did not belong. “Something has gotten out of hand here,” he said. “As group leader, I apologize for that.”

However, the visitors would have gone through the security checks. “We couldn’t expect something like this to happen.” The AfD parliamentary group had previously decided that their MPs Petr Bystron and Udo Hemmelgarn should apologize in writing to Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) because of the invitation to the guests. There was no public apology in plenary.

Schäuble had previously written to all MPs that he had asked the administration “to examine all legal options to take action against the perpetrators and those who gave them access to the Bundestag property”.

The first parliamentary manager of the FDP parliamentary group, Marco Buschmann, accused the AfD of wanting to bring “a climate of threat” into the Bundestag. “You want to drag the institutions in the dirt because you hate them. But be sure of one thing: our democracy is stronger than your hatred. ”

Left draw comparison to NSDAP

For the SPD, the MP Susann Rüthrich recalled Gauland’s sentence “We will hunt them” from the evening of the 2017 federal election, coined on the new federal government. “This meant all of us, freely elected members and our employees.”

Bundestag Vice President Petra Pau (left) made a direct line to the National Socialists. She quoted the later Reich Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, who had said about the goals of the NSDAP in the Reichstag: “We do not come as friends, not even as neutrals. We come as enemies. As the wolf breaks into the flock of sheep, that’s how we come. ”Some AfD politicians such as the Thuringian state chief Björn Höcke had taken up this threat for themselves -“ in the wording and in action, ”said Pau.

As if he wanted to keep the level of indignation high in the plenary hall, the AfD MP Karsten Hilse finally brought out the term “Enabling Act”, which had already been sharply criticized in the days before, for the infection protection law passed on Wednesday.

AfD politician with a holey mask

Until the Enabling Act of the Nazis of 1933, this was “a common term”. “And if authorization is mentioned several times in a law, then you can rightly call it that without this negative connotation (secondary meaning).”

The heckling from the other groups showed that this was seen as another provocation in a parliamentary week that was not poor in provocations.

But it wasn’t the end of it. It was set by the AfD MP Thomas Seitz, who came to the lectern in the afternoon with an apparently perforated mask. Vice President Claudia Roth forbade him to go back to his seat with it.

She handed him a fresh FFP2 mask. When Seitz complained about the “muzzle”, Roth threatened him with a fine.

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AfD Bayern scandal: AfD man relativizes the Holocaust

This is even fierce for the AfD: A local politician in Chiemgau is said to have spread holocaust-denying content on Facebook.

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin Photo: Stefan Boness / Ipon / imago

MUNICH taz | Sepp Schuster is a local councilor in Prien am Chiemsee. In March, the AfD man even ran as a candidate for mayor for his party in the local elections; he is deputy chairman of the local association. Now, according to AfD Watch Rosenheim, he shared a post on Facebook that even puts Alexander Gauland’s “bird shit” statement in the shade: he denied historical facts about the National Socialist mass murder of European Jews.

AfD Watch Rosenheim, a research collective that has been observing the activities of the AfD in the Upper Bavarian district since the beginning of the year, has published a screenshot of the post that the Prien heating engineer distributed last Wednesday evening.

It is about a documentary that Alfred Hitchcock made in 1945 on behalf of the British and Americans about the Nazi regime and the Holocaust. In it, for example, the famous Hollywood director shows pictures of the liberation of Bergen-Belsen and the conditions there.

In the Facebook post, Hitchcock is described as a “master liar”, then it says: “False corpses from the Rhine meadow camps, false trucks, showers and crematoriums, etc. Hitchcock was out with the mass murderer and Zionist, the pathological and German hater General Dwight David Eisenhower in Germany. ”The grammar and spelling is a bit confused, the message all the more clear.

Anti-Semitic lies on Facebook

This is followed by a link to a website that purports to expose Hitchcock’s supposed lies. After a heap of crude theses, the alleged evidence culminates in the assertion: “This proves that there were no mass murders of Jews in the dimensions of 100,000 or millions of victims in German concentration camps.”

It is also said that because of Hitchcock’s documentation in Nuremberg, Germany was “sentenced to a false 6 million murder of Jews and had to pay for it”. Schuster himself has apparently deleted the post in the meantime.

AfD Watch Rosenheim judges: “The history revisionist and anti-Semitic Facebook post from Sepp Schuster is another example of how widespread inhuman attitudes are among AfD members in the city and district of Rosenheim.” In fact, it is not the first in the Rosenheim area Time that incidents with AfD participation go beyond what one is used to from this party.

Although the prominent figures of the district association – the members of the state parliament Franz Bergmüller and Andreas Winhart – unlike their faction leader Katrin Ebner-Steiner, cannot be attributed to the folk tendency within the party, right-wing extremist ideas also seem to be spreading in the back rows.

Not the first case in the Rosenheim AfD

So they had Jungle World and AfD Watch Rosenheim reported, for example, that a police officer convicted in July for showing the Hitler salute appears to be an active member of the Rosenheim AfD. A video showed him as a participant in an internal AfD event.

The Southgerman newspaper for her part, recently reported on Stefan Bauer, board member of the AfD in the Rosenheim district, who is currently being noticed as an aggressive “corona rebel” among Atilla Hildmann’s followers. And Andreas Kohlberger, last candidate for mayor of the AfD in Rosenheim, could be got to know better on a YouTube video from an AfD event from 2018, which AfD Watch Rosenheim had also pointed out.

There Kohlberger agitated against people with a migration background in a way that at least came very close to calling for violence: “But if I – please excuse the expression – give up on one of them, then he knows what a limit is. I’ve done it like this all my life, and I will always do it this way. ”The politician also said that he had violent clashes“ with Turks ”every other day and blasphemed“ our men ”and their“ non-existent ones Eggs “.


AfD argues about Joe Biden: criticism of Weidel and Gauland

The top of the group congratulated the new US president. But other AfD MPs prefer to spread Trump’s wild allegations.

The two AfD parliamentary group leaders, Alice Weidel Alexander Gauland, congratulated Biden on his election Photo: Christian Thiel / imago

BERLIN taz | There is another dispute in the AfD, but currently the lines of conflict run beyond the party’s internal camp boundaries. This time it is not about party matters, unlike so often in the past few months. Instead, it’s about the election of Joe Biden as the next US President. The two parliamentary group leaders, Alexander Gauland and Alice Weidel, had congratulated Biden on the election and were confident that “possible irregularities in the counts will be resolved quickly through the rule of law,” according to a press release on Saturday evening.

Some members of the Bundestag parliamentary group have a completely different position on Biden’s election victory – and are now addressing their parliamentary group leaders directly. In the style of the elected president Trump, they are spreading rumors of alleged election fraud – allegations for which there is no evidence to date.

“Anyone who sends congratulations to the not yet activated #Biden for no reason either has no clue of the dimensions of the current political situation or they want to secure their donation-filled bowl in good time,” wrote AfD MP Martin Renner from NRW in the social networks.

“No congratulations for the globalist electoral fraudster Joe Biden,” countered Markus Frohnmaier, member of the Bundestag from Baden-Württemberg, and thus adopted Trump’s rhetoric almost one to one.

It is not just backbenchers who publicly contradict the parliamentary group leaders. Beatrix von Storch, who is vice-president of the parliamentary group and party, also speaks of “massive evidence of election fraud” and Member of the Board of Management Stephan Protschka, MP from Bavaria, tweeted: “As long as there is no final result of the election, Trump is President of the USA for me. Don’t believe any mainstream press! ”.

Party leader Jörg Meuthen, who otherwise likes to be bourgeois and repeatedly accuse Gauland and Weidel of defending himself to the “old parties”, is much more cautious than the two faction leaders: “There is still a lot to be clarified,” he says .

While the party has been characterized by sharp internal disputes throughout its existence, things have been more peaceful in the group for a while. There they tried to ignore the wing fighting and to work together. But that hasn’t worked for a while.

This is also due to Gauland and Weidel, whom MPs repeatedly accuse of weak leadership. However, it is also likely to be due to the AfD’s poor poll results for the Bundestag election in the coming year – many MPs have to fear for a good place on the list and a return to the federal parliament. One or the other like to make a name for themselves by making sharp statements on social networks.


Virology as a moral institution

Schiller would wear a mask today, says Christian Drosten. He really just wants to be a scientist. But his Schiller speech speaks a somewhat different language. Reading between the lines. .