F1: Mercedes chose Hamilton’s replacement and Williams had to give up one of his drivers

Mercedes did not want to settle for a reserve driver to replace Lewis Hamilton, who tested positive for coronavirus on Monday. Chose George Russell, one of Williams’ drivers but also a member of the academy of the champion team and a project of Toto Wolff. On Wednesday, Williams accepted and it was confirmed that the Briton will change cars for this weekend’s Grand Prix in Bahrain.

Russell, 22, will be replaced in Williams (powered by Mercedes) while racing for the seven-time world champion team since 2014 by Britain’s Jack Aitken (25 years old). Mercedes thus opted for a driver with more racing experience in 2020 instead of turning to Belgian Stoffel Vandoorne (28), who has not competed in F1 since 2018.

“George has been released by our partner Williams Racing team to join Mercedes this weekend in Bahrain. He becomes the fifth driver to compete for the Mercedes team since 2010 and the third Briton to represent Mercedes-Benz in F1. after Sir Stirling Moss and Lewis Hamilton “, recalled the German team in a statement.

“It will not be an easy task for George to transition from Williams to W11, but he is ready for the race and has a detailed knowledge of the tires and how they work on this generation of cars. George has shown impressive form this year with Williams. , playing a key role in his rise on the grid, and I am optimistic that he will deliver a great performance alongside Valtteri (Bottas), who will be a demanding reference for him, “Mercedes boss Toto Wolff analyzed.

“No one can replace Lewis, but I will give it my all from the moment I sit in his car,” said Russell, who has been a member of the Mercedes-Benz Young Drivers Program since 2017, when he won the GP3 Series championship as a rookie, before to repeat that same success in Formula 2 in 2018.

He has been a Williams starter since last year, and while he has yet to score any points (his best ranking is 11th), he showed that this is due more to the shortcomings of his car than to a lack of skills.

His dream, of course, is to be a Mercedes driver, as he has already stated in the midst of the pandemic. “I am associated with Mercedes and of course it is the dominant force. No Formula 1 driver would turn them down, not even Max or Charles. This indicates how many people would like to be in the Mercedes. My aspirations are clear: I want to be a world champion, “he stressed.

Aitken, for his part, runs in F2, is a Williams reserve driver and participated in the first free trials of the Styrian GP in Austria in July.


Rieju will make his Dakar debut

Although it was founded in 1934 and is a benchmark in Catalan motorcycling, Rieju had never yet officially participated in the Dakar Rally. This 2021 edition will be historic for the Empordà brand, as those from Figueres will take part, for the first time, in the toughest rally in the world that will raise the curtain in just over a month.

Rieju’s debut in the Dakar in the elite category will feature two exceptional riders such as the Catalans Joan Pedrero and Oriol Mena and a third motorcycle ridden by Marc Calmet, current Catalan endurance champion, who will debut in the Rookie category and Marathon (endurance).

However, the motorcycles used by Pedrero, Mena and Calmet are not manufactured and designed in the Empordà, but take advantage of the mechanical and technological base of other manufacturers with experience in the Dakar. So Pedrero and Calmet will use a motorcycle based on a KTM and Mena will use a Husqvarna, both Austrian brands.

Rieju, aware that he could not create a structure of nothingness with face and eyes to compete with guarantees in the Dakar, has partnered with the team FN Speed ​​of Santi Navarro, with more than a quarter of a century of experience in two-wheeled and top-level competitions around the world.

Thanks to this formula (actually, Rieju would become a kind of sponsor) and taking advantage of a motorcycle already developed by another manufacturer, the Empordà want to collect information and data from the bikes of KTM and Husqvarna to develop from scratch a motorcycle of its own facing next year.

This is not the first time that Rieju has officially competed – he had done so in many enduro championships and even in the legendary Rally of the Pharaohs – but his participation in the Dakar is a big step forward for the Catalan brand, which wants to take advantage of participation in this rally to consolidate itself as a leading manufacturer in the segment and get a great media coverage.

In Rieju, the goal has been set for the three official drivers to finish the race, and if possible, to place one in the top ten at the end of this edition. Given that both Oriol Mena (9th in the 2019 edition) and Joan Pedrero (5th in 2011 and 2013) have accumulated many kilometers of experience in the Dakar, Rieju’s goal for his debut seems a realistic possibility.


The New York Post newspaper published the photos of Maradona dead and then covered the face of the star in the middle of the scandal

Not only the death of Diego Maradona that occurred last Wednesday was news around the world, also the scandal over the viralized photos by employees of the funeral home of the idol’s body inside the coffin reached the international press. The New York Post titled: “Funeral Home Apologizes for Selfie with Diego Maradona’s Body”, next to the controversial photo of Diego Molina without covering the face of the star.

The international media New York Post told what happened with the Pinier funeral home, where three employees broke the trust of the Maradona family and photographed the star on his deathbed.

“After receiving death threats, the funeral worker who posed for a selfie next to the open coffin of Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona asked for forgiveness,” they reported from the United States and They did not refuse to include the photo without hiding Maradona’s face.

Then, they went back in their actions and decided to cover the player’s face with digital retouching. The New York Post is the main tabloid newspaper in that city and is owned by Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

This is how the New York Post showed the scandal over the leak of photos of Maradona dead at the funeral home.

In another article, they reported that the employees involved had been fired by the funeral home owners.

This was confirmed by César Picón, owner together with his brothers Diego and Matías of the Pinier wake house, located in the Paternal neighborhood, which in dialogue with Telam He clarified that the two men and the young man did not belong to the company, but had been hired to collaborate with the funeral.

During these days the whereabouts of Diego Molina were unknown, until this Saturday morning when he appeared at the Neighborhood Police Station 15A on Guzmán Street at 300 with his lawyer. In the viralized photo, he is seen leaning over Maradona’s body, looking at the camera, with the thumb of his left hand pointing up while with his right he touches the former footballer’s forehead.

Clarion He accessed the details of his antecedents and has two causes, one from 2016 and another from this year, 2020. The first for the crime of usurpation and, the second, for an incident of gender violence.

After the photos taken by Molina went viral, social networks were filled with information about his whereabouts. And threats and messages also began to circulate warning that “La 12”, Boca’s barrabrava, had promised revenge.

In the hours when it was not known where Molina was, it was said that he was hiding in his house, that he had disappeared, that he had sought refuge in the province of Salta and until he had fallen into the clutches of the Boca bars, of Argentinos Juniors y de Gimnasia, the last club that Maradona led.

From the Police Station they reported that they made a consultation with the Misconduct Prosecutor’s Office 24, which understands when taking the photographs, and that they only received instructions to take the filiatory data and contact telephone numbers.

Meanwhile, the Argentinos Juniors club announced through its Twitter account that by unanimous decision of the Board of Directors it had submitted to the Disciplinary Court the request for expulsion as a member of the person who was photographed next to Diego Armando Maradona’s coffin.


Holed up in their homes and armed with cell phones, young people challenge the government in Cuba

Holed up in a house and armed with their mobiles and internet, a dozen young artists have been challenging the Cuban government for 10 days, which they demand free one of their own, accused by Havana of being paid by the United States.

“I tell the repressors: they are more afraid because this is our weapon, it’s internet, and the world is knowing all the abuse that they are doing here with us, “says independent journalist Iliana Hernández, one of the young women participating in the protest, in a video posted on Facebook.

Until now practically unknown, the San Isidro Movement, a collective of artists, university students and journalists, has gained notoriety with this protest, widely disseminated online, even beyond the borders of the island.

In total 14 members of the movement are locked up since November 16 in a house in the historic center of Havana.

Its hit of effect responds mainly to the mobile internet, which arrived in the country just two years ago, revolutionizing the daily life of Cubans and allowing critical voices to be better heard through social networks.

This episode also occurs after several months of tension between independent artists and the government around the decree 349, that forces them to link with the Ministry of Culture.

The heads of this movement, which emerged in response to that controversial decree, are the artist Luis Manuel Otero (32 years old), jailed for 12 days in March for using in a degrading way, according to the authorities, the Cuban flag in a performance; Y rapper maykel (Osorbo) Castillo (37), sentenced in 2018 to one year in prison for “attacking authority.”

Cubans in Spain support the San Isidro Movement. Photo: AFP

Both tend to launch provocations and constantly they put to the test the limits of freedom of expression.

Cuban writer and journalist Carlos Manuel Álvarez, a contributor to the US newspapers The Washington Post and The New York Times, joined the protest on Tuesday.

What are your demands? Report the imprisonment of one of its members, rapper Denis Solís, arrested on November 9 and sentenced to eight months in prison for “contempt” for authority, a sentence that did not appeal.

In a video, he is seen insulting a policeman who entered his house, as well as the former president and first secretary of the ruling Communist Party (PCC, the only one), Raúl Castro.

They also demand the closure of dollar stores that multiply as the government seeks hard currency, but which many Cubans they cannot access.

One part of the group claims to have started a hunger strike a week ago, something impossible to verify due to the strong police presence around the house, which even prevented an AFP journalist from approaching. On Tuesday, several law enforcement trucks and an ambulance were stationed near the scene.

The movement aroused a rare unanimity among the four main opposition organizations, which expressed their support, including the Patriotic Union of Cuba and Cubadecide.

“San Isidro protests and sacrifices himself for everyone,” said the Democratic Action Unity Table, which brings together moderate opponents.

“Grupo San Isidro, you are not alone,” the leader of the Ladies in White, Berta Soler, wrote on Facebook.

For the communist government, which does not legally recognize no opposition movement and qualifies its members as “mercenaries”, behind this new action hides the enemy of always: the United States.

The official Cuban Rap Agency denounced “gross political manipulation.” The official newspaper Granma sees “a provocative action, whose threads move from Washington and Miami “.

Under the title “The farce of San Isidro”, the official website Razones de Cuba released a video in which Solís confessed that he was going to receive 200 dollars from an anti-Castro Cuban from Florida for complying with his “instructions to perpetrate subversive actions.”

“What interested me was money,” Solís admits in the video.

The US authorities were quick to react. “The world is watching” and “the international community recognizes their peaceful protest,” tweeted Washington’s Charge d’Affaires in Cuba. Tim Zúñiga-Brown.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned the “cruel repression” and demanded the “unconditional release” of Solís.

Havana’s response was blunt: “Pompeo is lying” and “the US must cease (…) interference in the internal affairs of Cuba,” Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez said on Twitter.

Some NGOs, including Amnesty International, have expressed concern in recent days, as have European diplomats posted on the island.




Trump at the election rally protests: “Turn on the TV and nothing else is heard, only Covid Covid Covid Covid Covid Covid”

US President at Rally in Lumberton, North Carolina | CorriereTv

US President Donald Trump protests with the media. He does so at an election rally in Lumberton, North Carolina: “That’s all I hear now. Turn on the TV and you don’t hear about anything other than ‘Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid’ “. A word that the head of the White House repeats 6 consecutive times like a refrain in front of a crowd delirious for him: “Well, after November 4 you won’t hear this word again”


Welcome to the real world

The first thing that came to my mind after checking that more than twenty thousand Barça members had signed against Bartomeu and his board was that we were facing an institutionally historic moment and then that I had to make an act of contrition: that almost one in five voting members has sought a ballot shows, contrary to what I thought, that the Barça social mass is not completely anesthetized, but claims ownership of the club.

I’m also sincere if I tell you that when the signature collection began, I thought we were facing another frustrated attempt to overthrow a president without a compass, expired and rocked, because the circumstances — the rush, the fact that there were no parties at the Camp Nou and the very high number of supports required – they were completely adverse.


Dollar today | Price of the dollar today in Colombia September 7, 2020 | Finance | Economy

After the dollar closed last week with a weekly loss of 56 pesos, the US currency began a new week on the rise, appreciating 12 pesos this Monday.

The American currency it closed at an average price of $ 3,714 in the first session of the week. The TRM for the day was $ 3,702.

The last week, the foreign currency had a strong correction, after a long period of increases. This correction, the analysts explain, has had to do with the loss of the strength of the dollar at the global level against the basket of emerging currencies such as the Colombian peso.


This is the medical equipment that Pope Francis donated to Mexico

The bishops of Mexico are grateful for the generosity of SS Francisco to help the population in this emergency and recognize the gesture of closeness and love that he has with the People who make a pilgrimage in our country.


Word and deed, that’s what it’s about. And Pope Francis takes it to the letter

In the face of the serious and widespread health crisis that the world is experiencing, and in particular Latin America due to the covid-19, Pope Francis has also wanted to express with concrete acts his closeness to the population most affected by this pandemic.

Consequently, through the Apostolic Limosnería of the Holy See, the Pontiff decided to donate some medical equipment to different countries from which Mexico was one of the beneficiaries, where it was destined 3 pulmonary respirators, 3 volumetric infusion pumps and an oximeter, in order to mitigate the effects of the health emergency.

This material was delivered to the Apostolic Nunciature on July 7 and in accordance with the Mexican Episcopal Conference, made available to the President of the Republic, so that in his capacity as head of state, he would establish the destiny of this gift of the Holy Father. .

On July 13, the federal government, through the INSABI Director General, Mtro Juan Antonio Ferrer, assigned this material to the state of Querétaro, and Francisco Domínguez Servién, governor of the entity, received the following day at the headquarters of the Apostolic Nunciature in Mexico the three mechanical fans to care for the sick by covid-19. These devices will be added to the entity’s health infrastructure and will be used in the General Hospital of San Juan del Rio.

The bishops of Mexico are grateful for the generosity of SS Francisco to help the population in this emergency and recognize the gesture of closeness and love that he has with the People who make a pilgrimage in our country.

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