Home Sports | Taher Mohamed Taher, the first victim of Musimani in Al-Ahly

11:11 am | Wednesday 22nd September 2021 Taher Mohamed Taher, Al-Ahly player An informed source in Al-Ahly club revealed that Pitso Musimani, coach of the club’s first team, expressed his anger at the level of Taher Mohamed Taher, the first team player, after the local Super Cup match, which was held yesterday, Tuesday, against the […]

Ashraf Sobhi congratulates Al-Ahly’s new deal

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, congratulated Hamdi Moussa, player of the Kafr Majer Youth Center and Desouq Club, on his transfer to Al-Ahly Club, wishing success to all the players participating in the youth centers, appearing at a good level, moving to various clubs and selecting them for the teams. Al-Ahly […]

Home Sports | Al-Ahly includes Hamdi Moussa, left-back left-winger Desouq

01:38 PM | Friday 17 September 2021 Hamdi Moussa signs his transfer contracts to Al-Ahly Al-Ahly club administration has completed the procedures for contracting with Hamdi Moussa, the left back of Desouk Club, who participates in the third division league during the past hours, where the player signed in the presence of a representative from […]

Al-Ahly ends with Future the procedures for the departure of 5 players

Al-Ahly club officials completed the procedures for loaning the football team’s quartet, Karim Nedved, Saad Samir, Mohamed Abdel Moneim and Mustafa Al-Badry to the Future Club. It is now scheduled to announce that Future will include Saad Samir, Nedved, Mustafa Al-Badri, who recently joined Al-Ahly from the Military Production Club, and Mohamed Abdel-Moneim, who is […]

Home Sports | A tendency to postpone the Egypt Cup because of Al-Ahly and Queiroz

09:44 AM | Thursday 09 September 2021 Egypt Cup Championship There is a trend within the temporary tripartite committee in charge of managing the Football Association headed by Ahmed Mujahid, to postpone the Egypt Cup semi-final matches, scheduled for the second and third of next October. He left due to the poor performance of the […]

A tendency in Al-Ahly to agree to Galatasaray’s offer to include Diang

The intention is within the Al-Ahly club to agree to sell the Red Team midfielder Alio Diang to the Turkish club Galatasaray, which renewed its negotiations to obtain his services during the current summer transfers, especially after negotiations stopped during the last period because the Turkish club did not agree to Al-Ahly’s financial requests regarding […]