expand investigation in Ainara case

YosStop will remain in prison. A control judge of Mexico City granted a two-month extension of the term of the investigation complementary to the defense of Ainara Suárez, to continue performing acts and proceedings as part of the criminal process against youtuber Yoseline Hoffman, reported by exhibit a video in which the young woman, who […]

These are the 6 evidence that Ainara presented against YosStop

MEXICO CITY.- The defense of Ainara S., the young woman who denounced the youtuber “YosStop” for the crime of child pornography, shared the complaint she presented to the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City and the evidence that supported it . The complaint was filed on March 3 and was accompanied by six documentary evidence: […]

Ainara does not seek financial agreement with YosStop

MEXICO CITY. After YosStop, accused of possession of child pornography, was linked to the process, Ainara Suárez stressed that she is not looking for money, but justice. I am happy that justice is starting to be done, it has been my goal from the beginning, it is the first step, we have a long way […]