“It’s not good to change, you have to sell it as is” (video)

They are not experts for nothing. This Friday, in “Affaire Conclue”, the buyers of the show had to reframe Marion, a retiree who came to sell a cup from the famous Nancy crystal factory Daum. If the saleswoman praised the family history of the object and its sumptuous decor, she “forgot” to mention a detail. “There was a small accident, unfortunately, on one of the feet,” said Caroline Pons, a collector of the show from France.

“Yes … well I don’t know but hey … I was watching, maybe by filing a little it can get better”, tried to defend Marion. Pain lost in the face of the buyer. “A little piece is missing,” she insisted, pointing the damage in front of her comrades. “It’s less boring, of course, when it’s on a piece of outside foot than on the cup itself where there is the decor. But it’s embarrassing. It must be said. “

Damage also noted by Julien Cohen. ” Oh yeah ! It’s not nothing! “. “Well no, it’s not nothing, Julien. It’s not nothing. It’s not nothing at all, ”insisted Caroline Pons.

And the filing solution, proposed by Marion, also did not like. “It’s not good to change, you have to sell it as is. “

Despite everything, Caroline Pons still paid 920 euros to afford the cup. “We are always very vigilant when we buy this kind of part. Because we ourselves, when we have to sell them afterwards, our collector clients are very careful about the state of this kind of coins, she explained. And if it’s damaged, it’s better to always know it and say it, rather than evade it. “


A positive in Palafrugell suspends the matches against Calafell and Lloret

CH Palafrugell has once again run into covid-19. The Baix Empordà team has detected a positive case in the squad that will mean that tomorrow’s matches will have to be postponed on the Calafell court and also next week’s Girona derby against Lloret. The club detailed that it had exposed the situation to the Federation and the health authorities and that the player was in home isolation.

This is the second time this season that Palafrugell has to suspend a game. The club already had to do so in the last week of October when a player from the squad tested positive for coronavirus. Then the matches that could not be played were the derby against Lloret and the visit to the Liceo de la Coruña. Precisely the match against the Selvatans had been set for Tuesday next week but the positive of another player announced yesterday will make it necessary to reschedule for later in the calendar.


Fight against terrorism: how to reform the Schengen area?

► How to strengthen border control?

Emmanuel Macron recently championed the protection of the internal borders of the Schengen area. But he clearly failed to convince his European partners who preferred to play the card of protecting the external borders. Organized after Europe was hit hard by a new round of terrorist attacks, the mini-summit wanted by the French head of state on Tuesday, November 10 had the air of déjà vu.

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In turn, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, as well as European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen waved in defense of the Schengen area as a bulwark against the terrorist threat. “It is urgent and crucial to know who comes in and who leaves”, summarized Angela Merkel.

The idea is not new. For Yves Pascouau, director of Europe programs at the Res Publica association, this is only an announcement effect: “The Schengen reform has already been in the pipeline since September with the European pact on asylum and immigration. ” It provides for a “filtering” of migrants by taking fingerprints and increasing control of security, health and identity data. It was decided to increase the number of border guards a year ago, going from 1,500 to 10,000 by 2027.

► How to improve cooperation between countries?

The Vienna attack showed shortcomings in cooperation between intelligence services. Ursula von der Leyen therefore promised the“Enlargement of the competences of Europol”, the European police agency. But difficult to know what improvements can be made.

“Europol is not supranational. It depends on the goodwill of the structures that send it information, comments Nathalie Cettina, researcher at the French Intelligence Research Center (CF2R). And the intelligence services still prefer to exchange bilaterally than through large bodies. “

“Schengen must be an area of ​​solidarity and responsibility”, also hammered Emmanuel Macron. A wishful thinking again according to Yves Pascouau who recalls that if Hungary and Slovakia were sanctioned for having refused European solidarity, “Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Norway violate Schengen rules by maintaining internal border control which is no longer justified and which is disproportionate. But the European Commission will never worry these states. “

How to reform the Dublin Regulation?

The heart of a Schengen reform would therefore go through a reform of the Dublin Regulation. As defined today, it makes responsible for processing migrants’ asylum requests the first country in which they have registered their fingerprints. In other words, Italy, Greece, Spain and Malta, the first entry points for migrants to Europe.

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“It is the only Schengen tool that is dysfunctional, emphasizes Yves Pascouau. Some states do not apply it and it is an unfair instrument. “ Unveiled on September 23, a reform project proposes, among other things, a relocation mechanism for voluntary states and a broadening of the criteria for determining the country responsible for the asylum request.


Bukele asked not to prosecute Walter Araujo for violent expressions against women, reveals Attorney General | News from El Salvador

The Attorney General, Raúl Melara, said on Twitter that the president asked him not to proceed criminally against the candidate of New Ideas. The process against Walter Araujo for expressions of violence is in the Investigation stage.

The attorney general, Raúl Melara, revealed on social networks that the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, asked him in his office not to criminally prosecute the candidate for deputy for New Ideas, Walter Araujo.

In a crossing of opinions on Twitter between Bukele and Melara, the head of the Public Ministry pointed out that the president knew what the candidate Araujo had done, but asked him not to process it. The process against Araujo has gone to the Specialized Court of Instruction for a Life Free of Violence against Women.

SEE: Court prohibits Walter Araujo, candidate of New Ideas, from publishing degrading messages against Bertha Deleón

The attorney general states that he ignored President Bukele’s request and prosecuted Walter Araujo.

The Ninth Peace Court prohibited him last October to Walter Araujo communicate by any means with the lawyer Bertha Deleón, who sued him, and in addition to posting degrading messages against her, either through social networks or through any other means of communication.

The Attorney General’s revelation came after President Bukele criticized Melara’s decision not to request jail for César Reyes, member of the Electoral Surveillance Board (JVE), for a crime attributed to him of expressions of violence against women , an arrest that according to the ARENA party is political persecution.

Reyes was detained by the PNC on Wednesday morning, in a situation that the ARENA party maintains was illegal. The JVE member was released yesterday afternoon, according to the president of ARENA, Erick Salguero.

The Attorney General also referred to Bukele being prosecuted in court in 2017 for a similar crime against an FMLN trustee when he was mayor of San Salvador, and that at that time the Prosecutor’s Office did not request his arrest.

The prosecutor added that Bukele’s request not to prosecute Walter Araujo, for the crime of expressions of violence against women, “That is a message that you do not care if women are attacked”, Melara argued.

Regarding the case of César Reyes, the ARENA party, lawyers and deputies of the Legislative Assembly have questioned the actions of the National Civil Police (PNC), as they say it is being exploited.

The publications of the head of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic and President Bukele were given by the statements made by Melara on the case of Reyes, of not requesting prison, because the penalty for which he could
to be convicted, if it is concluded that he was guilty, is not a prison sentence, “which would be an excess for the Prosecutor’s Office to request it, because the crime does not contemplate it,” said Melara.

It adds that the Prosecutor’s Office, based on the policy of criminal prosecution, does not order arrests for crimes that do not merit imprisonment, so they will analyze the facts in which the Police have acted, and that if they determine that it is excessive, they will send it to the Inspection of the Police for their evaluation, “if we find evidence of crimes, we will also process them,” said the Attorney General.

ALSO: ARENA notices the Prosecutor’s Office for the capture of César Reyes, member of the San Salvador Electoral Surveillance Board


A European mini-summit against Islamist terrorism

French President Emmanuel Macron should have traveled to Austria on Monday, November 9, to meet with conservative chancellor Sebastian Kurz, a week after the Islamist attack that killed four people and left 23 injured in Vienna. Finally, it is Sebastian Kurz who made the trip to Paris, this Tuesday 10, for a working lunch with the French Head of State.

→ THE CONTEXT. Vienna attack: Austria in turn hit by Islamist terrorism

They will then be joined, via the Internet, by German Chancellor Angela Merkel – at the head of the rotating presidency of the European Council -, by Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, and by Charles Michel, the president of the European Council. , to bring ” a European response to the terrorist threat ”. The latter was yesterday in Vienna to clear the ground, just like the French Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune.

Joint program

The recent attacks in France and Austria have given new impetus to the fight against Islamist terrorism on the continent. With his Austrian colleague Caroline Edtstadler, Secretary of State Clément Beaune confirmed, Monday, November 9, the main lines that will be debated this Tuesday, in Paris: defense of European values, strengthening of cooperation between police, justice and information from the 27 EU countries, deepening of the fight against terrorist propaganda on the Internet, strengthening of protection at Europe’s external borders.

Last week, Emmanuel Macron said he was in favor of a “Complete overhaul of the Schengen system”, and advocated the creation of a real security police at the external borders.

→ EXPLANATION. Terrorism: what avenues for a new response?

The French president wants these ideas to be debated at the next European Council in December. On the Austrian side, we also insist on a better exchange of experiences in the field of de-radicalization and the fight against radicalization. The question is important in Austria, where the terrorist from Vienna, close to Daesh, had succeeded in “deceiving” the Austrian de-radicalization services, after several months spent in prison for having tried to join the terrorist organization in Syria.

European terrorist networks

The European dimension is in fact confirmed in the attack of November 2 in Vienna. Before taking action, the terrorist – shot dead by the police – had met in the Austrian capital “A large circle of people”, coming from Switzerland and Germany, belonging to the Islamist movement.

→ ANALYSIS. Terrorism: after the attacks, the worrying questioning of the rule of law

Austrian intelligence also admitted to having failed. If they received information from the Slovak intelligence services this summer about the terrorist’s purchase of ammunition, they did nothing against him. Sebastian Kurz also asks for reinforcement of the follow-up of jihadists leaving their war zone, so as not to have to find them in Europe.

The Vienna bombing gave the Conservative Chancellor the opportunity to mount once again one of his favorite battle horses, that of the fight against political Islam. “Since 2017, he has managed to double the popularity of his party by using the themes of immigration and political Islam. It is a strategy that succeeds him ”, recalls political scientist Franz Fallend from the University of Salzburg.

While this has no direct link with the November 2 attack in Vienna, the Austrian police force is stepping up the pace of their work in this area. On Monday, November 9, a large police operation took place across the country against the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.


against the opposition, Lukashenko’s war of attrition

The first time Vitaly was summoned to the police station was in August, after taking part in the strike at the Minsk electrical engineering plant. “The police asked me to identify the leaders of the protest in my company, he says in the kitchen of his small family apartment, on the outskirts of the Belarusian capital. They threatened me with criminal charges, but I refused. “

Back at the factory, this engineer and union leader continued his involvement in the unprecedented protest movement that has agitated the country for three months. But the ax ended up falling. On November 2, Vitaly was fired. In the process, he received a new police summons. “This time, I don’t know what’s going to happen to me. “

→ INVESTIGATION. Lukashenko in the face of the Belarusian opposition’s ultimatum

Like Vitaly, thousands of Belarusians responded on October 26 to the call for a strike launched by opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya after the expiration of her ultimatum demanding the resignation of President Alexander Lukashenko. Alas, the slogan was only partially followed, and the general strike supposed to paralyze the country did not take place.

In the streets padlocked by the police, the thousands of demonstrators who marched in Minsk on November 1 and 8 offered the spectacle of a mobilization in loss of speed, even if, according to the organization of defense of the human rights Viasna, at least 830 people were arrested in Minsk and a few other cities on Sunday. Proof of the limits of an unstructured movement, according to observers. The result, above all, of the war of attrition initiated by the regime to put an end to the protest.

“You are a good worker but you have to choose your side”

Hotbeds of contestation, the universities have been the object of a takeover, with the replacement of several rectors considered too conciliatory. About fifteen teachers have already been made redundant, and nearly 200 students excluded. “On October 26, I was summoned by the director of my establishment to write a note explaining the reasons for my participation in the strike”, remembers Piotr (1), a student of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts. His dismissal followed within 24 hours.

The pressure has also mounted a notch within companies, especially in the public sector, which employs 40% of the working population. Many strikers have been made redundant, or have had their contracts not renewed. Sergei (1), a programmer at the Peleng factory in Minsk, got involved in the strikes after the fraudulent re-election of Alexander Lukashenko in August. His manager recently summoned him for a “conversation”, which he sums up in one sentence: “You are a good worker but you have to choose your side. “

“Our revolution is only three months old”

Despite the threat of dismissal, he continues to work for the creation of an independent union in his company; witness among others of a mobilization that continues in new forms. “Italian strikes are spreading in the public sector: people come, but hardly work”, says Vitaly, the former engineer at the electrical engineering plant in Minsk, where productivity is said to have fallen sharply. For him, it is the economic slump that will ultimately revitalize the movement. “Our revolution is only three months old, he recalls. In Poland, it took Solidarnosc ten years to win. “

Like him, many Belarusians met by The cross do not perceive the slowing down of the protest as a failure, but as the temporary lull of a convulsive movement lasting. “The demonstrations may lose intensity or gain momentum, other forms of solidarity and modes of action will continue, says political scientist Artiom Chraïbman. Lukashenko can still survive for months, even a year or two, but in the short or medium term, his departure is inevitable. “


“Power cannot stop movement”

Dmitry Strotsev, 57, Belarusian poet

“On October 21, while I was shopping, I was arrested in the street. Men in civilian clothes handcuffed me, forced me into a van, and put a bag over my head. I was taken to the KGB headquarters for questioning, and after a hasty trial, sentenced to 13 days in prison for participating in a demonstration. I found myself in a cell with ten people, people from all walks of life.

We supported each other, I organized a poetry evening. It was a moment of intense fraternity. I understood in prison that power cannot put an end to movement. Whether the protests grow or shrink, there is no going back. Society has changed at the molecular level. And I will continue to protest. “


“This dream scenario is becoming more and more likely”

The beginnings of this good news arrived at the end of the week with the announcement by the CEO of BioNTech that certifications could be done as early as mid-December. Ursula von der Leyen also went in the same direction last Thursday. And it was Franck Vandenbroucke himself who said on Friday evening that vaccines should be able to start at the end of December even if only small quantities would be available in Belgium at that time.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) on the efficacy of the vaccine and its safety. According to Marc Kaptein, senior executive of Pfizer who speaks in Het Laatste Nieuws: “The EMA will now examine whether the vaccine is sufficiently effective, efficient and safe to allow it to enter the market”.

He says he always had the ambition to produce the vaccine for Christmas without really believing in it. “It has always been an ambition, a dream scenario. This optimal scenario, which we considered less likely, is now becoming more and more likely. It’s good news “.

50 million doses must be produced this year.


the Blues, battered against Croatia, win 2-1

France tamed with difficulty Luka Modric and his 6,300 Croatian supporters on Wednesday in Zagreb (2-1), on a late goal from Kylian Mbappé, which allows the Blues to stay up to Portugal, co-leader of group 3 of the Ligue des nations.

Didier Deschamps regretted a lack “Sparks” Sunday against the Portuguese (0-0), he may find comfort in the rediscovered success of his players on the eve of blowing out his 52 candles. The birthday gift was delivered to him one day in advance by his two world champions Mbappé and Antoine Griezmann, already scorers against the same Croats in the 2018 World Cup final (4-2).

33rd goal for Griezmann

However, the victory of the France team was drawn in pain in the Maksimir stadium, the usual playground of Dinamo Zagreb whose initial capacity (35,000 seats) has been reduced since an earthquake in March. . “We must not believe that because we are world champion, we win matches by snapping our fingers”, analyzed Didier Deschamps, emphasizing ” state of mind “ and ” the character “ of its players.

Football: the Blues, battered against Croatia, win 2-1

The Blues thought they would make the match easy after Griezmann’s 33rd goal in the selection, scored after only eight minutes of play, but Vatreni, already beaten in September at the Stade de France (4-2), did not give up.

Experience, thanks to a last sumptuous goal, the Blues have managed to extend their invincibility against the selection to the red and white checkered.

Heavy strike from Griezmann

At the kickoff, Didier Deschamps had chosen to launch Anthony Martial, rather than Olivier Giroud, associating the Manchester United center forward with Griezmann, of which it was the 40th consecutive selection, and Mbappé, engaged in two days with Paris SG in the league.

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If Mbappé lit the first wicks, the light came from an overflow of the left-hander Mendy who took speed his vis-à-vis to center with the right foot. His attempt, rejected by the defense, was exploited by Griezmann whose heavy strike shook the crossbar before finding the nets (8th).

Football: the Blues, battered against Croatia, win 2-1

In difficulty at Barça, not at his level against Portugal, the N.7 of the Blues celebrated his new offensive efficiency with a little dance.

This did not prevent the Blues from suffering then under the blows of the Croats, determined to finally make their bête noire bite the dust.

Fortunately for the Blues, Mbappé got them out of the rut (79th) on a superb center worthy of a volley, after a long service from Pogba.

→ REPORT. Football: the Blues of Olivier Giroud unfold against Ukraine

The Blues will be able to play a group final on November 14 in Lisbon against Portugal, winner 3-0 over Sweden on Wednesday.


the France team concedes a draw against Portugal

For Portugal’s return to Saint-Denis four years after the loss of 2016, the Blues conceded a draw against the Selecçao of Cristiano Ronaldo (0-0), Sunday, October 11, in the League of Nations.

This time around, there was no Eder in the Portuguese ranks to tip the game on the wrong side as in the Euro 2016 final. There was also no overtime for the simply switch, or thousands of spectators to make it panting, restrictions require.

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There was, however, an impeccable Hugo Lloris to deflect a strike from Ronaldo at the last minute and prevent the Blues from another stinging defeat.

Next game of the Blues against Croatia

After 90 minutes of a more physical than technical fight where the European champions will have looked the world champions in the eye, it was therefore necessary to postpone the revenge for later. “The defenses have taken precedence over the attacks”, summarized the coach Didier Deschamps, evoking a match « static “ and ” Locked “.

The PSG prodigy Kylian Mbappé would have liked to blow this lock against his youth model Ronaldo, but he created too few opportunities, four days after his goal during the offensive festival against Ukraine in a friendly (7 -1).

The first place in the League of Nations group therefore remains in the possession of the Selecçao, ahead of the Blues on goal difference, before the French match Wednesday against Croatia in Zagreb.

Ronaldo muzzled

The return match in Lisbon, on November 14, will be even more crucial because it is already shaping up to be a group final; and also because the winner will take a clear ascendancy over the loser before the reunion that will follow behind, on June 23, 2021 at the end of Group F of the Euro.

Football: the French team concedes a draw against Portugal

One of the satisfactions for the France team will still be able to muzzle Ronaldo, who has therefore still not scored against the Blues. The superstar with 101 international goals, however, had 90 minutes this time to open his counter, against only 25 on July 10, 2016, on the evening of the Portuguese coronation he had to celebrate from the sidelines, injured.

There will still be a little disappointment on the side of Deschamps, who had rarely had such a complete workforce at his disposal since the World Cup, which was good, given the pedigree of the evening opponent and the deadline for the ‘Euro approaching.


Olivier Giroud’s Blues take place against Ukraine

The Blues offered a cocktail of experience and fatal recklessness to the Ukrainians (7-1), Wednesday in a friendly in Saint-Denis, with Olivier Giroud, exemplary captain for his 100th selection of a young guard with long teeth in the image of Eduardo Camavinga, a prodigy scorer at 17.

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In his garden at the Stade de France, where the love affair with the Blues began in 2011, Giroud donned the captain’s armband at the same time as the costume of the second top scorer in history, which he wears snatched from former owner Michel Platini with a double in the first period (24th, 34th).

Young plants

For this warm-up round before receiving Portugal from Cristiano Ronaldo, Sunday in the League of Nations, Didier Deschamps had aligned a team mainly of “hairdressers” (substitutes) and young shoots, supervised by the dean Steve Mandanda (35 years) in goals and the irremovable Giroud, therefore, associated with Anthony Martial in attack.

Excluding Giroud and his 34 years, the Blues present at the kick-off had a little more than 16 selections on average on the clock, a figure that the young Dayot Upamecano (21 years old), Houssem Aouar (22 years old) and Eduardo Camavinga ( 17 years old) pulled down sharply.

Football: the Blues of Olivier Giroud unfold against Ukraine

The young promises got off to a good start in the October sprint that the coach is facing, with his three games in one week.

Camavinga’s first goal

Upamecano has indeed shown itself to be more solid than during its first two outings in September, Aouar has multiplied the initiatives for its first appearance in the France group and Camavinga has given a little more depth to its image of phenomenon, of a first goal in the blue jersey which launched the offensive festival.

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As a symbol, the Rennes midfielder took advantage of a Giroud header pushed back by the goalkeeper to become, at 17 years and 10 months, the youngest French goalscorer of the post-war period. And what a goal! With his back to the Ukrainian cage, he lodged the ball in the nets of a subtle return (9th), tearing a broad smile from the coach.

Football: the Blues of Olivier Giroud unfold against Ukraine

The satisfaction of Didier Deschamps continued with the double of his favorite striker, a long shot wound from the left (24th) then a diving header (34th) by exploiting a shot from Aouar repelled by the keeper.

The young OL midfielder showed himself to his advantage, a month after a positive Covid-19 test which had forced him to give up a first summons. He tried his luck from afar, found the small net (45th) and applied the corners with application, like the one which led to the goal against his own camp of Mykolenko (39th).

Next match against Portugal

Not everything was perfect despite everything, especially in the second half when the blue machine seized up a bit. The Ukrainians, although weakened in recent days by a slew of injuries and Covid-19 contaminations, regained strength and confidence by Tsygankov, scorer (53rd) a minute before Oleksandr Zubkov found the right post by Mike Maignan (1st selection), successor to Mandanda’s break, physically hampered.

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The Blues now have four days to prepare the revenge against Portugal, their executioner in the final of Euro-2016 in the same Stade de France.