Corona live: Spahn employs dozens of lawyers because of mask trouble

Calculation: The risk of death from Corona for the elderly more than doubled

Corona is particularly dangerous for older people. A mathematician has now analyzed this in more detail: With increasing age, not only does the risk of dying within a year increase – for corona infected people over 60 years of age, it is even more than twice as high as for healthy people of the same age. And not only that: From the age of 60, the gap between the risk of dying from corona and the general age risk, which also applies to healthy people, becomes increasingly faster and larger for infected people.

This is what the Stuttgart mathematics professor Christian Hesse calculated on the basis of data from Germany and international studies on so-called infection mortality. That is the proportion of corona deaths among all infected, whether tested or not. For this purpose, the immune status of a representative sample of the population had to be determined with blood samples in order to also determine previous, undetected corona infections.

The same applies to healthy people: the risk of dying within a year is naturally much lower for young people. However, it doubles on average every seven years. There are also greater gender differences among younger people. For uninfected 20-year-old men, according to Hesse, the probability of dying within one year is 0.042 percent. “For women, the corresponding value of 0.018 percent is less than half as high at this age.” A woman only has the risk of death as with a 20-year-old man when she is 34. This difference diminishes over the years, explained Hesse. About 88-year-old men and 90-year-old women are comparable in terms of risk.

Since young people in particular have mild to no symptoms after a corona infection and the disease progresses less dramatically, the mean infection mortality for both sexes in 20-year-olds is just 0.006 percent – so the natural risk of dying increases only slightly . It is different with older people infected with corona. “At around 60 years of age, the risk of dying from corona infection is roughly the same as the normal age risk,” says Hesse.

“In concrete terms, this means that a corona infection doubles the effective risk of death for 60-year-old people,” explained the mathematician. “As a result, with regard to the risk, it is as if you suddenly became seven years older from the infection.” At 90 years of age, the corona mortality is 28 percent, which is a good 10 percentage points higher than the general old-age mortality.


Portugal in the list of countries with quarantine on arrival in Switzerland

Switzerland will impose from February a mandatory quarantine on travelers returning from Portugal, which will join the list along with ten more countries and five regions of neighboring countries, was announced on Wednesday.

According to the updated list released on Wednesday by the Federal Department of Public Health, ten more countries were added, including Portugal, and five regions of neighboring countries.

Among the countries are still Spain, Cyprus, Lebanon or Monaco, with the mandatory ten-day quarantine.

This determination has been suspended for travelers from Croatia, Denmark, Georgia, Luxembourg and Serbia.

The neighboring regions of Provence-Alpes-Côte d`Azur, Emilia-Romagna and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy, Thuringia in eastern Germany and Salzburg in Austria were added to the list.

Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to 10,000 Swiss francs [cerca de 9200 euros], and a negative covid-19 test does not automatically end quarantine.

The decision to add a country or region to the list depends on the incidence of covid-19 in the last 14 days, specifically the number of new infections per 100 thousand inhabitants.

If the incidence of a country exceeds at least 60 in relation to Switzerland, the country becomes part of the list.

The covid-19 pandemic caused at least 2,058,226 deaths resulting from more than 96.1 million cases of infection worldwide, according to a report by the French agency AFP.

In Portugal, 9465 people died from 581,605 confirmed cases of infection, according to the most recent bulletin from the Directorate-General for Health.

The disease is transmitted by a new coronavirus detected in late December 2019 in Wuhan, a city in central China.


Germany fears mutations and prolongs confinement until mid-February

Chancellor Angela Merkel and the governors of Germany’s 16 states on Tuesday decided to extend the current confinement until mid-February and fear that the recent covid-19 mutations will increase the number of cases.

The infection rate in that country has stabilized in recent days, which may mean that the restrictions in place are being effective in reducing contagions.

The entity responsible for disease prevention and control in Germany today registered 11,369 new cases of the new coronavirus and 989 deaths, which increases the total number of deaths to 47,622, reports the agency AP.

However, the increase in new infections in Britain and Ireland, which will be related to a more contagious variant of the virus, has left the German authorities concerned that this mutation could spread quickly if measures were not prolonged or even tightened.

Merkel and the governors have already scheduled a new meeting next week.

“All of our efforts to stem the spread of the virus are facing a serious threat,” said the German Chancellor, speaking to journalists in Berlin, referring to the new mutation of the covid-19.

In addition to prolonging the closure of restaurants, shops and schools until February 14, the authorities also agreed to require the population to use the FFP2 or KN95 masks, considered more effective, in public transport and in stores.

The authorities also intend to require employers to allow teleworking to employees, whenever possible, to avoid contagion in the workplace.

Saxony State Governor Michael Krretschmer, a region that until recently had the highest infection rates in the country, stressed that it is important to further reduce the number of new cases.

“Currently we see in Great Britain what happens when there is a mutation, the numbers explode”, he underlined, in statements to the news channel ‘ntv’.

Health professionals have demanded an extension or even a tightening of containment measures, since many hospitals are still on the edge, with overcrowded intensive care units in some parts of the country.

“Current measures to limit social contacts appear to be having an effect,” said Susanne Johna, head of the association of doctors Marburger Bund, in a statement to the DPA news agency.

Susanne Johna stressed that these measures must be maintained to further reduce the number of infections.

“We urgently need more relief,” he warned.

The covid-19 pandemic caused at least 2,041,289 deaths resulting from more than 95.4 million cases of infection worldwide, according to a report by the French agency AFP.

The disease is transmitted by a new coronavirus detected in late December 2019 in Wuhan, a city in central China.


Moving to Florida: Why Trump’s Neighbors Want To Evict Him From Palm Beach

Vhe residents of the island of Palm Beach and the neighboring city of West Palm Beach receive the prominent residents with a cold shoulder at best. Neighbors have been mobilizing against Trump for weeks, contesting his right to live on the property that he himself had once converted into a “private club”. The county is questioning Trump’s lease of the nearby golf club. With the storming of the Capitol by his supporters, fueled by Trump, the anger about the future island resident Trump has increased. Of all people, Alex Berrios, 41, Vice President of the Democrats in West Palm Beach, can see something positive about the arrival of the elected president.


Former governor wanted to save and put water that corroded pipes and poisoned inhabitants

Former Republican Michigan governor Rick Snyder and several former health and political officials were indicted for the lead-contaminated water scandal in the city of Flint in 2014, state officials announced on Thursday.

In 2014, Snyder had decided to change the city’s water supply to save money. The acidic and polluted water of the local river, preferred to the water of the neighboring Huron lake, corroded the lead pipes of the distribution network, exposing the inhabitants to saturnism, resulting from ingestion of lead.

Pollution, initially denied by local and state authorities, poisoned thousands of children and killed 12 people for “legionella”. According to the deputy state prosecutor, Fadwa Hammoud, quoted by the agency France-Presse (AFP), Snyder “failed to protect the health and safety of the people of Flint”.

Snyder’s lawyer, who pleaded not guilty, criticized what he considered to be “scandalous political persecution”, saying the prosecution “did nothing to do justice to the people of Flint”.

The former governor is accused of deliberate negligence and faces up to two years in prison, while others of the defendants are charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Former Michigan Department of Health (MDHHS) director Nicolas Lyon has been charged with nine deaths and faces 15 years in prison for each.

Eden Wells, former director of Michigan’s medical health services, and also charged with nine manslaughter and medical negligence for preventing the distribution of information about ‘legionella’.

Former MDHHS head of pediatric services, Nancy Peeler, is accused of “professional misconduct” and faces up to 10 years in prison for “hiding and then manipulating data” about the lead levels in the blood of Flint’s children, according to Hammoud .

Three former local officials and two Snyder employees were also charged.

According to Hammoud, the scandal “is not a relic of the past” and the people of Flint “continue to suffer from the total failure of civil servants at all levels of government”.

The municipality of Flint ensures that the water quality is now stabilized and that more than 90% of the lead pipes have been replaced.

Still, the American agency for the protection of the environment advises the population not to consume unfiltered water.

The first charges were announced in 2016, but the state judiciary took over the case and presented it to a special court in January 2020.

Rick Snyder is expected to appear in court on January 19, with other defendants scheduled for a hearing on February 18.


As if everything was resolved – Brexit brought the island’s first uprising

The last-minute deal with the EU at the end of the year seemed to have settled everything – but now Brexit is massively hindering the exchange of goods with Great Britain. The first logistics groups cut back their transports drastically. The customs bureaucracy is obviously to blame. .

Southern Rhetoric

Markus Söder regards opponents of the corona measures as potential terrorists – and accuses citizens who suffer from the lockdown to “stylize themselves” as victims. This aggressive rhetoric raises questions about his possible candidate for chancellor. .

Airbus-Boeing customs dispute: Trump’s poisoned farewell gift to the EU

AOn January 16, US President Donald Trump is due to leave the White House and hand over official duties to his successor, Joe Biden.

However, the incumbent government insisted on giving Europe a poisoned farewell gift: On January 12, a good week before the change of office, new punitive tariffs against EU companies will come into force.

The new levies, announced shortly before the turn of the year, are aimed primarily at German and French producers of wine and spirits. The penalty tax of 25 percent should apply to wines from Germany and France with more than 14 percent alcohol. Cognac is also included, for example.

The tariffs are only the latest chapter in the long-standing dispute over subsidies for the rival aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing.

The WTO has agreed with both the US and the EU

The US has complained to the World Trade Organization about illegal subsidies for the European manufacturer Airbus and the EU about illegal government support for the US company Boeing.

The WTO has agreed that both sides are right, ruling that the European and American subsidies violate WTO rules and allow both sides to impose punitive tariffs on each other.

The US government had already imposed its tariffs at the end of 2019, but is now stepping up with the new taxes. It had not yet exhausted the quota allowed by the WTO.

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Significance for Germany

The EU criticizes the new levies, but is preparing for the fact that the additional levies, which are a heavy burden for some companies, will only be short-lived.

Brussels and Washington will resolve the dispute over subsidies for aircraft manufacturers by the end of the year – that is the expectation in Europe’s capital.

In the past few weeks, after the Europeans had also imposed tariffs on US exports worth four billion euros at the beginning of November, talks between Brussels and Washington picked up speed.

Trump urgently needs a success at the end

On the US side, there was apparently the will to conclude the talks before the change of government, according to EU circles.

The US trade representative Robert Lighthizer apparently wanted to make an agreement his legacy. Trump, too, could have sold the deal as a success in his trade policy.

Such a success is urgently needed, because Trump’s strategy of trade wars and punitive tariffs has crashed: The outgoing president clearly missed the election promise to reduce the US trade deficit with other states. In November, the deficit was $ 68.1 billion, the largest since August 2006.

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Brussels has high hopes for the upcoming US President Joe Biden and an end to Trump’s difficult to predict political style. “The EU has always called for a negotiated solution in the Airbus-Boeing dispute,” said Valdis Dombrovskis, Vice President of the EU Commission responsible for trade, to WELT. “We only raised our tariffs when the US had given us no other choice.”

The powerful politician makes an offer to Joe Biden and his team: “We are hopeful that the new US administration will be more cooperative and we stand ready to resolve this dispute. We are very keen to put the trade disputes between the EU and the US behind us and to concentrate again on tackling global challenges such as the climate crisis and the WTO reform together. ”A solution to the trade dispute unless part of a new transatlantic one Agenda.

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New National Security Advisor

“I am very optimistic that there will be an agreement with the new US government this year,” says Bernd Lange (SPD), chairman of the trade committee in the European Parliament.

For an agreement on strictly regulated state support for aircraft manufacturers, however, the EU must also act unanimously. Apparently, however, the French government, which does not want to completely forego subsidy policies, is blocking. “The French idea of ​​funding national industrial champions collides with the idea that both sides should refrain from subsidizing their industries,” says Lange.

The hope that everything will get better soon seems justified. “Biden should settle the artificial trade war with Europe,” said Antony Blinken, the future US Secretary of State, recently at a panel discussion at the American Chamber of Commerce.

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ARCHIVE - 06.09.2013, Hamburg: The fuselage of an Airbus of the A320 family is in the final assembly hall at the Airbus factory in Hamburg-Finkenwerder.  (to dpa "Great moment in aviation: A321 made Norden an aircraft manufacturing Mecca" from 05.03.2018) Photo: Sven Hoppe / dpa +++ (c) dpa - Bildfunk +++ |  Usage worldwide

Most powerful aircraft manufacturer

The new president sees Brussels as an ally, not as an opponent like Trump – in fact, the Republican once called Europe an “enemy” in the middle of his term in office. Blinken himself, who spent part of his childhood in Paris and speaks perfect French, is also considered a transatlantic.

“The EU is the largest market in the world,” said Blinken, “that’s why Biden will try to mend economic relations.” But the Democrat will also be tough in one area: agriculture. “There is an imbalance,” said Blinken. “Certain rules make it difficult for America to export agricultural products to Europe.” That must change.

Other personnel decisions in Biden also suggest that the tone is becoming more conciliatory. Katherine Tai will take the place of the previous trade representative Robert Lighthizer. Worlds seem to lie between the two.

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Lighthizer is considered a macho with a big ego, he is said to have hung a life-size picture of himself at home. And like Trump, he sees America as the victim of a global economic raid. Other states, says Lighthizer, plundered the United States.

Tai, previously a trade expert on the powerful budget committee of the US House of Representatives, is more cautious.

Democrats and Republicans alike see her as a skilled negotiator. A woman who manages to find compromises behind the scenes. When the two parties argued over the USMCA trade agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico in 2019, Tai is said to have reached an agreement quietly and efficiently.

Ross once helped Trump introduce tariffs on steel and aluminum

The successor to US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross is also considered moderate. It was announced Thursday that Biden has selected Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo for the post.

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Ross once helped Trump introduce tariffs on steel and aluminum. He developed the notorious argument that the import of the metals threatened the national security of the United States – which met with worldwide criticism.

Something like that is not to be expected from Raimondo. The economist claims to be an advocate of free trade and in the past did not attract attention for her radical ideas. Their most controversial project to date: a slight cut in pensions for the citizens of Rhode Island.


Voucher madness with FFP2 masks – Germany’s next corona chaos

A counterfeit-proof voucher system was developed for the second round of the distribution of FFP2 masks. But now Bundesdruckerei is too late – shipping is delayed. Experts are stunned – and demand a pragmatic solution. .

Education Secretary resigns due to Capitol invasion

US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos presented the resignation on Thursday, the second on Donald Trump’s executive after the Capitol incidents by supporters of the outgoing president.

“It is undeniable that his rhetoric had an impact on the situation, and that is a turning point for me,” wrote DeVos in a letter sent to Donald Trump, cited by several American media outlets, according to the France news agency. -Press (AFP).

The controversial multimillionaire has been in office since the start of Trump’s term.

Hours earlier, Transport Secretary Elaine Chao had already announced her resignation, also invoking the invasion of the United States Congress on Wednesday, which left four dead and dozens injured.

“Our country has gone through a traumatic event, totally preventable (…), which has disturbed me so much that I cannot ignore it,” said in a statement, Elaine Chao, married to Senator Mitch McConnell, leader of the Republican majority in the Senate.

Supporters of outgoing US President Donald Trump clashed with officials and stormed the Capitol in Washington on Wednesday, while members of Congress were meeting to formalize President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the November.

Five people died, including a policeman, in the building’s invasion.

Congress would end up ratifying Joe Biden’s victory on Thursday, in the last leg before taking office on January 20.

The use of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to remove Donald Trump from the White House, accused of inciting supporters to the invasion of the Capitol, is being defended by numerous voices in the USA, namely by the President of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

Democratic leaders want Vice President Mike Pence to move away from Trump in this way, assuming the interim presidency, to prevent the outgoing President from serving in the last two weeks of his term.