Bordeaux winner of the Challenge Emiliano Sala against Caen, Nantes loses again / Friendly / Bordeaux-Caen (2-1) / July 18, 2021 /

Finally a new title for the Girondins!

In Orleans for the weekend on the occasion of the Emiliano Sala Challenge with a four-team table, Bordeaux – winner of Niort on penalties on Friday – returned Caen to the “final” of this event (2-1) and finished in the first place. The Girondins were surprised by a goal from Russian defender Vladislav Molchan (20, not yet competing with the Caen pros) upon receiving a corner from the second minute. But they logically equalized from the start with a sharpened Rémi Oudin from afar (47e), then went ahead thanks to the famous Sékou Mara, who came into play a few minutes earlier and on the lookout at the penalty spot at the end of the match (84e)

Earlier in the afternoon for the “small final” of the tournament, the Chamois Niortais (18it is Ligue 2 in 2020-2021) won against FC Nantes (1-0) despite an overall domination of the yellow and green. Unable to conclude, the Canaries gave in on a free kick from Mathis Ansar badly returned by Alban Lafont (81e) and left Loiret with two defeats against training from the anteroom (after the 1-0 defeat against Caen on Saturday).

But hey, a fourth place (out of four) remains a fourth place …

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Penile Shrinkage and Facial Paralysis Among Symptoms of Long Covid, Study Finds

One study found that penile shrinkage and night terrors are among the 200 symptoms of long Covid.

One of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction was coronavirus identified in patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus . The virus can cause inflammation in erectile cells, which affects sexual function, researchers from the University of Miami say.

A study of Sainsbury Wellcome Center de l’University College London recently revealed to have collected 200 symptoms of Covid long. Data that has been collected around the world from patient reports from different countries. Among these symptoms of Covid long include penile shrinkage, or night terrors.

The site published a list of symptoms of coronavirus :

Blood clots


High or low blood pressure

Bulging or inflamed veins

Rapid heart rate


Brittle or discolored nails


Peeling skin



Abdominal pain

Loss of appetite



Facial paralysis

Numbness of the face

Bloodshot eyes

Ear and eye pain

Hearing loss


Runny nose

Sore throat

Loss of vision

New allergies


Changes in drug sensitivity

Joint and muscle pain and stiffness

Difficulty breathing

Shortness of breath


Abnormally heavy or irregular periods

Decreased penis / testicle size

Early menopause, postmenopausal bleeding









Feeling of unhappiness


Confusion / disorientation

Difficulty solving problems

Bad attention

Difficulty in thinking






Malaise post-effort

High or low blood sugar

Memory problems

Forgetting how to do routine tasks,

Short-term and long-term memory problems

Inability to cry or yawn






Sensation of brain pressure or heat

Noise sensitivity

Tingling / tingling



Sleep Apnea

Vivid dreams



Health: around 4% of cancer cases linked to alcohol –

According to a new study from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (Circ), alcohol consumption can be dangerous for your health.

Alcohol, a health hazard

Estimates from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (Circ) published this Wednesday, July 14, revealed that about 4% of cases of cancer detected last year in the world are linked toalcohol. Some 86% of these cancers attributable toalcohol are associated with excessive alcohol consumption, i.e. more than two alcoholic drinks per day. The Circ has, however, estimated that a consumption (light to moderate) represents one in seven cases attributable toalcohol. In 2020, more than 100,000 new cases of cancer in the world.

One of the heads of the Circ, Dr Isabelle Soerjomataram, thus highlighted the importance of implementing effective policies to raise public awareness of the link between the risk of cancer and the alcohol consumption.

Sept cancers

The study listed seven cancers whose risk is increased by the alcohol consumption. These are cancer of the oral cavity, larynx, liver, esophagus, pharynx, breast for women and colon-rectum. As the site reports 20 Minutes, 741,300 of these cancers could be directly related to thealcohol.

In 2020, the types of cancer with the highest number of new cases associated with alcohol consumption were cancer of the esophagus (190,000 cases), liver cancer (155,000 cases) and breast cancer in women (98,000 cases)“, specifies Circ.

75% of cases are men

With 560 cases, the Mongolia is the country where the rate of new cases of cancers related toalcohol is the highest (10%). Conversely, there were only 5 cases in Kuwait, Muslim country where the alcohol consumption is prohibited. In France, this proportion is estimated at 5%.

In addition, men account for about three quarters of the total cases of cancer attributable toalcohol with 567,000 cases.

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Olympic France defeats South Korea (2-1) in preparation / Olympic Games / France /

Three imaginary points before Tokyo.

The victory against South Korea (2-1), this Friday afternoon, however, took a long time to take shape, especially since it was the Koreans who opened the scoring through Kwon at the 63e minute, on a penalty) caused by Modibo Sagnan.

Scrambled, battered, but enterprising, especially after the opener, France returned to the match after a great collective movement. At the 83e minute, a cross from Téji Savanier – his favorite weapon this afternoon – finds Melvin Bard in the area, then Anthony Caci behind. His shot off target is well picked up by Randal Kolo Muani and allows the Blues to return to the game. But things do not end there: the Rémois Nathanaël Mbuku – well helped by the Korean goalkeeper – gives the victory to his team with a vicious strike in the 88e. Six players came into play during the match, including the two scorers, on the French side.

100% success for France in preparation!


Covid-19: the flu vaccine would protect against certain serious forms –

According to an American study, patients with Covid-19 vaccinated against influenza would be protected against certain serious forms of Covid-19.

An American study

Researchers at the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami (United States) conducted a study of more than 74,000 patients with Covid-19 worldwide. At the end of their investigation, they concluded that people infected with SARS-CoV-2 and vaccinated against influenza would be better equipped to fight against certain serious forms of the disease.

Details of this study

According to the results of this American study, patients infected with coronavirus and unvaccinated against influenza presented a 20% risk in addition to being admitted to intensive care. They also had a 58% more risk of going to the emergency room, 45% more prone to developing sepsis. At the same time, they had an up to 58% risk of suffering a stroke and a 40% risk of developing deep vein thrombosis.

Hence the conclusion of scientists who say that the vaccine against influenza provides additional protection against the severe effects of the coronavirus. Influenza vaccine decreases in patients affected by SARS-CoV-2 the risk of cerebrovascular accident (stroke), sepsis and admission to intensive care, because said strengthens the innate immune system, reports

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The price of the new Harley-Davidson Sportster S 2021

ENGINE Revolution Max 1250T

BORE 105 mm

CORSA 72,3 mm



POWER SYSTEM Sequential Electronic Injection (ESPFI)

EXHAUST SYSTEM 2 in 1 in 2; catalyst in the muffler

COUPLE 125 Nm at 6,000 g / min





FORK 43 mm upside-down fork with adjustable compression, rebound and spring preload. Fork plates in aluminum

REAR SUSPENSION Single piggyback shock absorber with adjustable compression, rebound and hydraulic spring preload

WHEELS, FRONT RIMS Die-cast aluminum, Satin Black

WHEELS, REAR RIMS Die-cast aluminum, Satin Black

BRAKES, CALIPER TYPES Front: monobloc 4-piston caliper, radial; rear: single piston caliper, floating

LIGHTS (ACCORDING TO NATIONAL REGULATIONS), SPIES Full LED headlight, low beam and high beam with characteristic position lighting. Full LED brake / tail light with distinctive rear lighting

INSTRUMENTATION 10.1cm viewable TFT display with speedometer, gear indicator, odometer and tripmeter, fuel level, clock, ambient temperature, low temperature warning, side stand down warning, rollover warning, speed indicator cruise, range and tachometer with Bluetooth compatibility – pairing with the phone to access calls, music, navigation (HD App ONLY)


KIND Color TFT (thin film transistor)



RIDER / PASSENGER INTERCOM Earphone function only


USB Instrument upgrade and charge, USB-C, 5V, 3A



LENGTH 2.270 mm



ADVANCE 148 mm

WHEELBASE 1.520 mm



TIRES, TYPE Serie Dunlop Harley-Davidson, radiale



WEIGHT, DRY 221 kg



Reunion Island placed in a state of health emergency: what does that change? –

A state of health emergency is declared in Reunion as of this day. Following this measure, announced by the Head of State during his speech, the prefect instituted a curfew, effective from 11 p.m. this Wednesday for a period of at least three weeks. What are the terms of the return to the regulatory framework?

The department placed in a state of health emergency

Faced with the health crisis, the emergency law to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic provides for the possibility of declaring a state of health emergency.

In view of the alarming health situation, the island is placed in a state of health emergency, barely a few weeks after the lifting of the measure throughout the territory, a statement by Emmanuel Macron during his televised address:

The state of health emergency will be declared on Tuesday in the Council of Ministers for Martinique and Reunion“. A decision that he justifies by the”insufficient immunization level“and the”High pressure“hospitable on the territory of Reunion.

This exceptional measure, approved on Tuesday in the Council of Ministers, is deployed in the event of a health disaster endangering the health of the population.

In particular, it allows the Prime Minister to take by decree:

  • Measures limiting the freedom to come and go, the freedom to conduct business and the freedom of assembly
  • Measures to requisition goods and services necessary to end the health disaster
  • Temporary price control measures

Applications in Reunion

This regulatory framework allows the Prefect of Reunion to take appropriate measures, adjusted to an unstable situation and aggravated by the appearance of the Delta variant on the territory. Jacques Billant then sets up a curfew from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. on Tuesday.

The Health Pass will also be applicable in Reunion Island as well as in mainland France from July 21.

State of health emergency in Reunion: details of the modalities

Covid-19 in Reunion: 10 deaths and 1,450 new cases

Health crisis: the return of the curfew in Reunion Island

Vaccination obligation for healthcare professionals


Dengue: MP N. Ramassamy is asking for more green jobs from Minister S.Lecornu

In a letter addressed to the Minister of Overseas Territories, the member highlights the need to “provide concrete solutions” to fight against dengue fever in Reunion.

We need more green jobs allocated to mosquito prophylaxis“This request was made by the member for La Réunion in a letter she sent to the Minister of Overseas Affairs, Sébastien Lecornu.

In this letter, the deputy draws her attention “on the severity of dengue fever in Reunion Island and proposing several solutions to halt its progression in the years to come.”

We need more green jobs assigned to mosquito prophylaxis “, highlights Nadia Ramassamy. This request, the member for Reunion made it in a letter she sent to the Minister of Overseas France , Sébastien Lecornu.

In this letter, the deputy draws her attention “on the severity of dengue fever in Reunion Island and proposing several solutions to halt its progression in the years to come.”

15 deaths since the start of the year

While nearly 27,200 people have been affected by the disease since the start of the year, which has led to 15 deaths and 720 hospitalizations, Nadia Ramassamy deplores the drop in state subsidies which “lead to an unacceptable reduction in the number of green jobs despite the involvement of local communities, impacting the effectiveness of the fight against mosquitoes.

100% reimbursement of drugs

In addition to providing mosquito repellents to sensitive audiences, the MP is also asking for the full reimbursement of “all the drugs needed by the sick, but also and above all the strengthening of the number of doctors and nurses in hospitals.


Bukayo Saka, the surprise of the chef Southgate / Euro 2020 / Final / Italy-England /

Holder three times since the start of the Euro in an England team full of attacking talents, Bukayo Saka is undoubtedly the biggest surprise concocted by Gareth Southgate since the start of the tournament. And it’s not over, since the young prodigy, one of the few players able to sketch a smile on the faces of Arsenal fans in recent months, has every chance of making his debut against Italy again. this Sunday evening in the final (9 p.m.). Watch out, thrill player.

With almost every publication of the scoresheet since the match against Czechia, the same astonishment on the faces of the English supporters: Bukayo Saka is the holder. Launched in the third group match against Souček and his friends, the kid from London Colney, the Arsenal training center, was able to be decisive to be renewed against Germany and Denmark. In the meantime, he let Jadon Sancho take a little light during the demonstration against Ukraine, just to treat a small pain in his ankle. Again decisive in the semi-finals, here he is hoping to play the detonators for the first final of his country in a major tournament for 55 years.

« Little chili » spiced up

“It started with Auba [Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang]. He said it in French. We were doing a finishing drill in training, and he kept saying it, and I kept scoring, I was shooting so hard and he was calling me “little chili”. » A nickname that has remained attached to the young nugget of north London, as he himself recently explained to the press. It must be said that the young man of 19 years has applied to raise somewhat the taste of the season of Gunners farther and farther from the score. This exercise confirmed in passing the promises made since his first appearance in red and white, one evening in November 2018 against Vorskla Poltava in the Europa League. Since then, Saka is quite simply Arsenal’s best passer over the period, with 21 caviars delivered from his right wing.

To the point that Emirates Stadium fans sometimes name their team Bukayo Saka FC as a mockery of the poor performance of several executives. The beautiful story of little Bukayo begins on the grounds of his club Greenford Celtic, where he was spotted at the age of seven. “I had invitations from Tottenham, Chelsea, Fulham and Watford, but my only choice was Arsenal, remembers the boy. I liked the way they played, so the choice was easy for me. I trained in Hale End (the training center for Gunners, Editor’s note) and I signed at the age of nine. ”

And very quickly, everyone is under the spell. Even Thierry Henry, who came to train within the academy between 2015 and 2016. “He always wanted the ball and he was brave, declared the French striker to Goal. It was too early to say how good he would be, but when I saw him win in the first team after I left, I thought to myself: “Wow, this is amazing.” I always liked the kid’s attitude and his commitment. What I like about him is that he cares about his club and will do anything to make the team win. You have to respect that. ”

English cream

His tenure against Denmark on Wednesday night allowed him, at 19 years, 10 months and 2 days, to become the youngest English player to start a match of such magnitude under the liquette of the Three Lions. Not so anecdotal when we know the precocity of the one who should celebrate his eighth cape this Sunday evening for what is already one of the most significant matches of his career. It was on October 8, during a friendly against Wales, that Gareth Southgate decided to put it to the test. Verdict: 90 minutes which call 232 on the three meetings of the following gathering, in November.

The rise of steps four to four continues in early June. In the list of 26, Saka scores his first goal in preparation against Austria and gives himself the right to savor: “This is probably the biggest moment of my career so far. To mark for his country, we dream of it when we are children. It’s an incredible feeling and I hope I can experience that feeling many more times. ” And why not from the final against Italy? The opportunity should in any case be given to him, once again.

In any case, seeing his name once again written among the eleven holders on the scoresheet would no longer be a surprise for José Mourinho. “I played an 18-year-old in a Champions League final (Carlos Alberto) and he is still the youngest player to score at this level. No problemexclaimed the Portuguese in the talkSPORT podcast. Southgate had no problem doing this, not only with Saka but also with other players giving them chances to play. The kid proves my theory, which is that experience has nothing to do with age. ” Here is another who would see himself crowned with his country from his 19 years. And why not complete the success of his family with a remote-controlled strike from the entrance to the surface?

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    In the Vosges, an outbreak of Delta variant detected in supporters returning from … / Euro 2020 / Portugal /

    Let the “festivities” begin.

    As reported by AFP on Thursday, the prefecture of the Vosges detected a cluster of the Delta variant on its land. Six of the nine positive cases would be young inhabitants of Thillot, the other three residing in Fresse-sur-Moselle. All are from the same family and of Portuguese ancestry, according to the mayor of Thillot, Michel Mourot.

    At the origin of their contamination by the Indian variant, a trip by minibus in June, to Hungary, to attend a match in Portugal at Euro 2020. Remember that the Puskás Aréna was the only stadium of the tournament with a spectator gauge set at 100% and that the wearing of a mask was completely optional. In response, the Grand-Est Regional Health Agency (ARS) launched a major call for vaccination as well as a free screening operation, jointly with the prefecture, to prevent the spread of the variant in the department.

    Not sure that the number of R9 remains there so far.

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