Lisandro López to sign at Atlanta / Argentina / Racing Club /

An Argentinian in Georgia.

Lisandro “Licha” Lopez announced on Tuesday evening that he is leaving Racing Club, Argentina champion in 2019, reports The new one. At 37, the Argentine will join MLS and Atlanta, where he will reunite with compatriot Gabriel Heinze, the current coach, for what should be his last experience before hanging up. Lisandro has scored 48 goals in 139 games for Racing.

For a final handful of dollars.



Virginia Torrecilla with a brain tumor lifts the Spanish Super Cup

The image is strong.

The emotion was great on Saturday after the final of the Women’s Spanish Supercup. In the wake of Atlético de Madrid’s victory against Levante (3-0), Amanda Sampedro climbed into the stands with the trophy to find her teammate, Virginia Torrecilla, who suffered from a brain tumor. And at two, the young women lifted the cup to the applause of the members of the federation, but also those of their teammates who remained on the lawn.

The Spanish midfielder appeared very moved by this gesture, eight months after having undergone emergency surgery for this health problem which has since forced her to put her career on hold.



Personal interests of judges tarnish the image of courts in Angola, according to opposition


January 14, 2021 at 12:15 pm

UNITA considers that transparency in the jurisdictional function is the basic rule for the true institutionalization of representative and participatory democracy for the effective defense of the rights, freedoms and guarantees of Angolan citizens.

“If our jurisdictional institutions do not work, citizens’ rights will not be defended or guaranteed and likewise true democracy will not be able to reign as a political system and an acceptable political regime in the middle of the 21st century,” said MP Mihaela Webba who read the political declaration of the UNITA Parliamentary Group in the plenary that will approve the proposed law that repeals the organic law of the Constitutional Court.

According to her, today there is a degradation of the image of the higher courts, particularly the Supreme and Constitutional, due to the particular interests of the judges.

“In addition, there is a conniving silence on the part of the justice bodies regarding the Executive’s abuse of the use of simplified contracting and direct award of public works valued at many billions of dollars in clear violation of the Law, to the detriment of the Angolan State , for the benefit of duly identified groups, putting future generations at risk “, he said.

The leader of the CASA-CE parliamentary group, Alexandre Sebastião André, lamented that the year 2021 had started agitated by hunger, demonstrations, garbage accumulations and denouncements of scandals of some rulers involved in illicit businesses.

“Angolans need to live well, but due to the lack of solidarity of many government officials who plundered the public purse, today poverty has increased significantly in the country,” he said.

The president of the PRS, Benedito Daniel, defended that “the judges must be impartial and nobody can be above the Law as it happens in Angola”.

“In Angola it is very difficult for citizens to have access to justice due to court fees. For this reason, we ask for a review of court fees”, he stressed.

FNLA President Lucas Ngonda said that since the creation of the Constitutional Court, his actions have always been criticized by citizens and he hopes that with the repeal of the Organic Law, things will have a different pace.

“We cannot continue to have militant party judges. We want judges who defend the interests of Angolans and society,” he concluded.

In defense, the leader of the MPLA Parliamentary Group, Américo Cuononoca, began by lamenting the crisis that the Covid-19 pandemic caused in the Angolan economy and the death of people.

“Only those who live in other countries do not know the damage caused by the disease in Angola. The Government has been playing a leading role in reducing the impact of the disease,” he said.

He said that the proposal to repeal the Organic Law is the initiative of the President of the Republic who wants to improve the country’s judicial system.


Qualifications: Neulf tricolor representatives in the last round – Fil Info – Open Australia

Of the 12 French, present Tuesday in Doha or Dubai for the second round of qualifying for the Australian Open, nine crossed the obstacle. Quentin Halys, Constant Lestienne, Mathias Bourgue, Arthur Rinderknech, Alexandre Muller and Grégoire Barrere will play the decisive match to reach the big table. Among the ladies, Harmony Tan, Chloé Paquet and Clara Burel are also continuing the adventure.


Australian Open: born with 4 fingers on each hand, Fran Jones tries to qualify – Australia Open

Francesca Fran Jones, qualified for the second round of qualifying for the Australian Open, was born with four fingers on each hand, the result of an anomaly in embryonic development, but she has a dream: “to become a big name in sport “.

“My syndrome is very rare. It’s complicated because there are so many symptoms. Mine are that I have three toes on my right foot, four on the left, four fingers on each hand, ”said the 20-year-old British player, in a video published by the International Federation (ITF). “The doctors told me I couldn’t play tennis. And my reaction was + since you said that, I will prove to you that you are wrong, + ”she says in her firm and determined voice. “My body isn’t meant to be an athlete’s, let’s say, but to me that doesn’t mean it can’t be. Even a Rolls Royce is built from the ground up, ”said the Leeds-born player, currently ranked 241st in the WTA.

“A big problem of balance”

Francesca Fran Jones

The genetic pathology from which she is affected, the syndrome of ectodactyly-ectodermal dysplasia-cleft lip and palate (EEC syndrome), poses in particular “a big problem of balance”. “When you have fewer toes, it is more difficult to put weight on the feet,” she explains, also emphasizing the increased risk of injury. There are also “the looks, the questions, the sympathy, or on the contrary the hatred” that it attracts. But whatever, she feels that she has built a character by trying to overcome her physical difficulties. And her appearances at Wimbledon (eliminated in the 1st round of qualifying in 2018 and 2019) remain etched in her mind as some of the greatest moments of her life. “Hearing people chanting your name says it all. To feel supported, in fact, that’s it: to feel supported, ”she emphasizes. After eliminating the Romanian Monica Niculescu (144th in the WTA but ex-top 30) in the 1st round of qualifying for the Australian Open, relocated to Dubai for health reasons, the Briton must face the Croatian Jana Fett (209th) for continue to hope to play his first Grand Slam tournament (February 8-21).


Sinnamary: army arrests 26 exiles and releases them to the wild

Saturday January 9, 2021 – 2:38 p.m.

Elected officials denounce a “ubiquitous” situation and demand explanations from the Ministry of the Interior.

In a press release, Rodolphe Alexandre and Georges Patient affirm that the army captured 22 Cubans and 4 Brazilians last night off Sinnamary, before releasing their charges on the outskirts of the city “ without warning the mayor ».

Michel-Ange Jérémie, city councilor, has chosen to temporarily accommodate several of the exiles abandoned by the army at the Hôtel du Fleuve. Georges Patient and Rodolphe Alexandre today announced their intention to ask the Ministry of the Interior “ what means are actually deployed For the management of illegal immigration in Guyana.


Honda Forza 750 wins over all in 2020

The compartment under the saddle has a volume of 22 liters and can house a full-face helmet; a USB charging socket is located at the rear of the compartment. Inside the front fairing, on the right side, there is also a useful, easy-to-access glove box.

The saddle is 790 mm above the ground.

The new Honda smartphone voice control system (‘Honda Smartphone Voice Control System’) is incorporated into the Forza 750 instrumentation, which can be viewed via the 5 “TFT display, which connects the scooter to the rider’s smartphone and allows voice management of phone calls , E-mail, music and navigation. For this function it is necessary to use a helmet intercom. The smartphone connects to the dashboard via Bluetooth and the management of the various functions is also possible via the buttons on the left handlebar block.

The Forza 750 2021 is also equipped with keyless starting with Smart-Key, which also manages the opening of the fuel cap and saddle. The Smart ‑ Key also acts on the lock of the optional Smart-Top Box.

The Forza 750’s direction indicators also act as an Emergency Stop Signal (ESS): if a deceleration of at least 6.0 m / s2 is detected while traveling at a speed of no less than 53 km / h with brakes on, the direction indicators flash to warn other road users that hard braking is in progress. The system also recognizes wet or slippery asphalt conditions by relying on the intervention of the ABS, which lowers the intervention threshold of the emergency flashing to a deceleration of at least 2.5 m / s2.

The direction indicators are also of the type with automatic deactivation, based not only on time, but also on the recognition of turns by exploiting the data of rotation speed of the two wheels coming from the ABS sensors.


Mayouri Santé Guyane fears a return to school under Covid

The decision of rector Alain Ayong Le Kama to maintain the start of the school year on Monday made the collective react, while the health protocol has not changed since September in schools.

Mayouri Santé Guyane, which has 25 associations *, political parties ** and unions *** in its ranks, denounces the conditions in which the return to school on Monday will take place. In favor of a postponement of the start of the school year for a week, Philippe Bouba, spokesperson for Mayouri Health, does not understand ” why this time the recommendations of the territorial scientific council were not followed, contrary to the previous times “. (The Territorial Scientific Council of the CTG recommended a postponement of the start of the school year from January 4 to 11).

The case of people returning to Guyana after the holidays also worries Philippe Bouba: “ Many people leave the territory for the holidays, especially teachers, as we know. There must be an important screening at their level before resuming classes, advocates the trade unionist. There, for this return, we remain on the same health protocol as in September, without any reinforcement ».

Postponing the start of the school year for a week without it being a wasted week for the students, such was the idea of ​​Mayouri Santé. ” The teachers could have managed by teleworking As during confinement, according to the spokesperson for the collective.

For the Mayouri, this decision of the rector to maintain the re-entry on January 4, against the advice of the scientific council of the CTG, but with the approval of the mayors of Guyana and of President Alexandre, reflects a policy of “copy and paste” of the minister Blanked by rector Alain Ayong Le Kama. ” In one of his speeches last June, Emmanuel Macron nevertheless declared: “Everything cannot be decided so often in Paris” », Recalls Philippe Bouba.

Mayouri Santé intends to organize a round table on the issue of the vaccine, in order to “ talk to the people » : « We want a language of truth », Ends the trade unionist.

* ATCG, Collective of First Nations, Dent de Saber, Fapeeg, Grandeur Noire, Komité Drapo, Nou Paré Pou, Trop Violans, Pan-Africanist Emergencies Guyana, Viva, Eric Louis, customary chief in Kuwano village.

** Guyane Ecology, MDES, Nouvelle Force de Guyane, Péyi Guyane, PPG, PSG.

*** CGT DIECCTE, CGT Finances publique, CGT, CSJ, Solidaires, Snetaa-Fo, Unef, Unsa Deal, Unsa Daf, UTG.


Cauet trainer of Châteauroux / France / Châteauroux /

Luka Elsner, mentioned for the post, will therefore only have been a rumor without a future.

Looking for a new coach to replace Nicolas Usaï, who took the door shortly before the end of 2020, Châteauroux formalized the arrival of Benoît Cauet on his social networks. The former Paris Saint-Germain and Inter player signed a contract running until the end of the season, with an additional year in option if maintained.

Aged 51, the new coach of the Berrichonne does not yet have much experience as a technician. After hanging up the crampons, the former midfielder took care of the young Milanese and donned the number one costume at US Concarneau between January 2019 and February 2020.

The first surprise of 2021.


Nadal in the Spanish team – Fil Info – ATP

According to Brand, Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal, is scheduled to take part in the ATP Cup (February 1-5). The world number two should evolve with Roberto Bautista Agut, Pablo Carreño and Marcel Granollers. Spain, finalist in 2020, will be among the favorite teams if Nadal’s presence is confirmed.