Rafael is Fernanda’s new pawn! Enjoy HERE the chapter of ‘La Desalmada’ | The soulless

Fernanda takes advantage of Rafael to put him to milk cows. You have to see it!

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In chapter 10 of

“The Heartless”,


“I will be your employer”,

‘Rafael’ offers to work at the Nuevo Amanecer ranch in order to get the Maharaja back, but when he gets to his first day of work, ‘Fernanda’ puts him to work as a laborer!

In addition, ‘Octavio’ takes revenge against ‘Guzmán’ for having beaten his son.

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from Julia Roberts’ daughter to Sean Penn’s. PHOTO

From Hazel Moder (whose mother is the famous Julia Roberts) to Dylan and Hopper Penn, respectively daughter and son of the actor and director (the first is the absolute star of his “Flag Day”, in competition), here are all the offspring brightest stars of the seventh art. There is no shortage of Iris Law, daughter of Jude Law and Sadie Frost, and Honor Swinton Byrne, whose parents are Tilda Swinton and John Byrne