Stage IV cancer patient Svetlana Kryuchkova: “I’m so scared”

Svetlana Kryuchkova has been fighting cancer for six years now.

Photo: Anatoly MELIKHOV

Actress Svetlana Kryuchkova has been fighting cancer for six years. The celebrity is now alone. The artist’s sons have been living their own lives for a long time. The eldest heir to the star of the movie “Big Change” has settled in France, and the youngest is going to marry the chosen one, whom he has known for 26 years.

Svetlana Kryuchkova lately longs for his sons… The actress was married three times. From her second husband – cameraman Yuri Veksler, who shot the films “Seven Brides of Corporal Zbruev”, “Winter Cherry”, “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson”, in 1981 she gave birth to a son, Dmitry. In a marriage with the decorator Alexander Molodtsov in 1990, a son, Alexander, was born. He bears the name of his mother.

Sons of Svetlana Kryuchkova from different husbands.  Photo: frame from the program "Hi Andrew!" on the channel "Russia 1"

Sons of Svetlana Kryuchkova from different husbands. Photo: still from the program “Hello Andrey!” on the channel “Russia 1”

Now the heirs of Kryuchkova are far from her. They have grown up a long time ago. Everyone has their own life. According to Svetlana Nikolaevna, it is sad for her to realize the fact that there are no those she loves next to her. The celebrity does not hide that she is afraid of loneliness and she is afraid of becoming useless to anyone. “I’m so scared. I feel like I’m alone. I didn’t manage to reach the hour of death alone with my husband“, – the artist shared her secrets on the air of the program” Hello, Andrey! “on the channel” Russia 1 “.

Kryuchkova’s company is only her beloved cat. It was the pet in 2015 that made the star turn to doctors and undergo an examination, as a result of which she was diagnosed with cancer. “There were severe pains, I went to the doctors. They checked, but they said that there was nothing wrong. And then the cat began to climb into my sore spot. Caressing me, he always lay down on the same place, was nervous. asked the doctors to find the reason, and they found – a fourth stage tumor measuring 15 centimeters… Moreover, they did not find it right away, at first the tests showed that everything was in order. Only after a barbaric biopsy without anesthesia was the diagnosis made, the fourth stage, “Svetlana Nikolaevna noted.

The artist also reported that when a tumor was found in her, she first rewrote her will, and then chose a dress for burial. “The first thing I decided to do was to rewrite the will. After death, some relatives often appear, the carve-up begins. I have no diamonds from fans, I earned everything myself and wanted the children to get it,” Kryuchkova emphasized.

The actress understood that in her situation one could only hope for a miracle. “Nothing depends on you personally. I even wrote a letter in which I described in detail how my loved ones should behave in the event of my death. I forbade the children to cry, and together with my masseuse I chose a dress for the last journey “, – summed up Svetlana Nikolaevna.


Transparent robe by Aleida Núñez shows what’s underneath

While the beautiful actressMexican model and businesswoman Aleida Núñez delighted her followers with this flirty photo on transparencies, she in turn looked very inspired and focused on sharing a beautiful message.

Steadily the pretty celebrity with striking tanned skin and exquisite figure He has been giving us content on his social networks, not only promoting his projects but also showing off his figure and the result of the gym.

This time it was thanks to Instagram where we could see part of her back charms and shapely legs, because she made this publication in that application just 20 hours ago.

Remembering this place … Change your fears for Faith “, wrote Aleida Núñez.

A few weeks or months ago perhaps, the actress who played Gardenia in “Tomorrow is Forever” had the fortune to travel to Los Cabos, Baja California, Mexico and enjoying the beautiful beaches of this peninsula, since that time he has been giving us interesting content and above all very flirtatious since we have seen his figure with various swimsuits as he was again this time.

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As for other social media personalities, for Aleida Nunez It is quite easy to instantly impress your followers, thanks to her beautiful figure it is not complicated at all because you can enjoy seeing her from any angle.

This time he was wearing a tiny swimsuit Of two pieces, one of them by the way was lost among its charms, although to tell the truth you could only see it by paying close attention to its figure because on top of its swimsuit, it was wearing a kind of long robe or kimono rather, this it was black but transparent.


Núñez was posing on his back with his view towards the beautiful sunset that reflected the waves of the sea and was hidden between the horizon, surely he had one of the most spectacular views he has ever seen thanks to the combination of the blue, yellow and orange colors of this beautiful snapshot.

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His photo has more than 11 thousand Likes and 81 comments, which although this time he did not fully show off his figure, it surely left a good taste in his mouth with his reflection and the landscape in general.

How cute and beautiful “,” The most sublime image of the day “,” Always beautiful, beautiful kisses “, wrote some fans.

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The businesswoman and model continuously shares content, it takes approximately two to three days to publish new images to her Instagram account, where she has more than 3.4 million followers, who come together to give her a like and write a nice detail. in your comment box.

Although we see some of his projects and activities on his social networks, we are sure that he participates in others more of which he does not do so much publicity, like other stars of the show, he is one of the ambassadors of an association that supports women who have been abused.

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Among the personalities that support this cause in addition to Aleida Núñez, who is the main ambassador, we find Latin Lover, Maribel Guardia, Galilea Montijo, Paul Stanley, Luz Elena González and Flor Rubio to name a few.

The businesswoman shared that she herself had gone through something similar and that now she herself supports all those women who are going through these types of situations, without a doubt this type of stories will always surprise and move us, what better than a recognized personality is who support these types of movements.


Actress Lisa Banes died after being run over in New York – People – Culture

The actress Lisa Banes, 65 years old, died this Monday, June 14, after having fought for his life for the last 10 days, in a hospital in New York, in the United States.

In accordance with Daily Mail, the renowned artist, who lived in Los Angeles, was there because it was her first visit to the Big Apple since the confinements for the covid-19 began in the North American country.

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The media said that on June 4 Banes was on his way to meet his wife, Kathryn Kranhold, when he went run over by a rider on a scooter type motorcycle. The incident occurred at the intersection of Amsterdam Avenue and West 64th Street on the Upper West Side.

The famous was transferred from the emergency room to Mount Sinai Morningside in critical condition. There he remained under medical observation due to his delicate state of health; however, despite professional efforts, they failed to save her from death.

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According to a spokesperson for the New York Police, “Upon arrival, the officers observed a 65-year-old woman lying on the road with a severe concussion on her head.”

The incident is being investigated by the collision department from the New York Police; however, they reported that to date they have not been able to find the person responsible for the incident.

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(Can you read us from the EL TIEMPO app? You can see the photos here)

According Coast Reporter, The first hypothesis used by the authorities is that the driver would have jumped a light in red.

Banes is remembered for her performances in series such as Looking Back in Anger (1985), Girls Club (2002), Six Feet Under (2005), The Good Wife (2010), Law and Order: Vee (2011). His last appearance in series he gave it in the fourth episode of Them (2021).

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He also remains in the memory of many moviegoers for his performances in films such asCocktail O Gone Girl (Lost).

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In addition, it was awarded with the Theater World Award in 1981 for her portrayal of Alison Porter in Don’t Look Back in Anger, and went nominated Best Actress in 1984 for the Drama Desk Award for her role in Isn’t it Romantic?


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Konchalovsky showed 76-year-old Anastasia Vertinskaya

Anastasia Vertinskaya and Natalya Arinbasarova with their grandchildren. Photo: Instagram Yegor Konchalovsky

Anastasia Vertinskaya was married only once. Nikita Mikhalkov became her first and only official spouse. In this marriage, a son, Stepan, was born. Vertinskaya has recently been a great-grandmother. Director Yegor Konchalovsky showed what the 76-year-old star of the movie “Amphibian Man” looks like now.

Anastasia Vertinskaya was considered one of the most beautiful actresses. She gained all-Union fame after filming such films as “Amphibian Man” and “Scarlet Sails”. Over the years, she is still beautiful. Director Yegor Konchalovsky shared a rare photo on his blog. On the SIM card, you can see two actresses – Natalia Arinbasarova and Anastasia Vertinskaya with their grandchildren.

Fans were delighted with the sight of beauties, many noted that women look great. “How is this possible? Years are not powerful!”

Recall Anastasia Vertinskaya was the director’s wife Nikita Mikhalkov, and Natalya Arinbasarova, who is two years older than the actress, is the second wife of Andrei Konchalovsky. Anastasia Mikhalkov was introduced by an older brother who was in love with her sister Marianne. In 1966, Vertinskaya married him. “I was very in love … Least of all we thought about where we live, how to make money, and life was then cheap,” the actress recalled. At first, the newlyweds lived with Andrei Konchalovsky, then with the Mikhalkovs at their dacha. “I didn’t have the feeling that I married an artist. It was just my beloved Nikiton. Cheerful, charming, kind. Nikita has always been a leader, he is very talented … We lived and breathed each other,” she said.

Anastasia Vertinskaya was considered one of the most beautiful actresses. Photo: still from the movie “Amphibian Man”

The young couple got married when they already had a six-month-old son Stepan. He was born on September 24, 1966. Three years after the birth of the boy, the couple separated. Later, Anastasia Alexandrovna called the divorce a tragedy and explained the break with her husband by “a thirst for self-affirmation” on both sides. “I frenziedly, almost maniacally wanted to become an actress. For this, it seemed to me I should sacrifice everything. And Nikita, of course, went his own way. He needed a woman who would live his life, his interests. He always told me, that the purpose of a woman is to sit in the country and give birth to children. By nature, I am not a wife of a genius, I cannot be a second person anywhere, only the first. If I had to live anew, in the first place I would not have made human mistakes and love. Such mistakes occur during a period of self-affirmation. You want victory over a man … And you gallop, not knowing where your horse’s hoof steps, destroy both the life of this person and your life. This is what I call the biggest love mistake, “the star recalled.

According to the actress, Mikhalkov is always in her heart. “In church, I pray for him, for his family, so that they will be healthy.”, – the artist confessed.

After the divorce, Vertinskaya never married again. “Of course, there were novels when there was excitement in the blood, a special uplift of the spirit, then it turns into a different relationship. I do not refuse novels, but these are not my husbands. I do not even think that I had civil marriages. The most durable. the person in my life was Oleg Nikolaevich Efremov. At the age of 30 I realized that it is very difficult to get along with my character with someone. I love complete freedom, “she said.

According to the actress, Efremov proposed to her, but at the time when she wanted to marry him, it was impossible, since he was married. “And when he wanted it himself, I no longer loved him. It was Efremov, with his great life experience, who gave me life as an actress. I adored him. He did not need me to cook soups for him, there was always a place to eat. Oleg Nikolaevich was a very drinking person. This is a heavy cross, and I could not take it upon myself, “she said.

Vertinskaya has not performed in the theater for a long time, does not act in films and ignores almost all social events. Most of the time in recent years, the actress spends with her grandchildren. Alexandra Mikhalkova was born in 1992, studied at Moscow State University at the Faculty of History. Vasily was born in 1999, Peter in 2002, and Luka was born in the spring of 2017. On December 22, 2017, the eldest granddaughter got married, and in 2018 it became known that she gave birth to a son, Fedor, the first great-grandson of Anastasia Alexandrovna. Her grandchildren and great-grandson call her “Nana”. “I have no complex of a single woman. Moreover, it would be terribly difficult for me to live in a marriage. I already have a large family, I have enough cares and concerns, but no one forces me to anything. The son is independent, the grandchildren have parents. , nannies, and I can go where and when I want. It’s another matter, I adore them, I yearn for them and if I don’t squeeze them on Saturday and Sunday, I miss them very much, ”the artist admits.


Elizabeth II insists and grabs a sword to cut a cake

Queen Elizabeth was the guest of the Big Lunch on Friday June 11 in Cornwall. Not shrinking from any challenge, the sovereign refused to use a knife to share the dessert, preferring a sword.

On Friday June 11, Elizabeth II went to the Big Lunch reception which took place in the botany garden of the Eden Project, in Cornwall. This event, which aims to bring together several communities around a lunch, will be part of the celebrations of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022. On the occasion of this visit, the 94-year-old sovereign honored her hosts to cut the cake, but with a certain touch of originality.

The queen agreed to use a small sword, the one that had belonged to Edward Bolitho, formerly Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall. She even insisted on using it. The Mirror reports that an assistant offered her a knife, to which Elizabeth II reportedly replied: “I know there are, but it is more unusual”. It still took the help of his daughter-in-law Camilla Parker Bowles to achieve this, all under the amused gaze of Kate Middleton who had accompanied them.

Meeting with the G7

A few minutes earlier, the three crowned heads were in the presence of the heads of G7 member states for a reception which also took place at the Eden Project. This year, the United Kingdom is indeed hosting the group’s 47th summit. The British royal family therefore mobilized to welcome them, and on this occasion, some official visits and receptions were organized.

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Elizabeth Gutiérrez and her most anticipated interview for ¡HOLA!

After the hard time that the family of William Levy Y Elizabeth gutierrez, in October 2020, when your child Christopher suffered an accident that shook everyone at home, the actress posed exclusively for HELLO!, in an endearing report, available in this week’s print edition, where for the first time he appears with his children, Kailey and Christopher, where, among other things, he told us about the great connection he has with them, the excellent work that William does as a father and the future of his children who at their young age have already begun to show their concerns: Christopher for baseball, a sport to which he wants to dedicate himself professionally and Kailey who, according to Elizabeth, sees him as a lot of acting talent.



For the first time, Elizabeth described what happened the day her son, who in the images of the report looks very recovered, suffered the accident: “He stayed to sleep at a friend’s house. The next day, in the morning, I told him that I was going to get him, but he asked me for a bit more. And I allowed it. He called me at the hour and told me: ‘Mommy, I messed up my life. I have to go to the hospital”He recalled. The actress confessed what she felt at that moment: “My body collapsed. I didn’t have to say anything to William. With my expression, I said it all. The 15 minutes it took us to go to his friend’s house have been the longest I have ever lived in my life. Now I think what strength our son had to call us! He would dial us up and say, ‘Mommy, hurry up. We have to go to the hospital ”.

Elizabeth Gutiérrez with her children Christopher and KaileyVIEW GALLERY

Elizabeth Gutiérrez, said that when they arrived at the scene, the image shocked her: “We arrived and there were three ambulances, police… I thank God, because when I arrived, he was already inside the ambulance. I didn’t see it on the floor! “. The actress recounted how Christopher suffered the accident: “He drove a golf cart that he was not used to. There were three children and it was unstable. He wasn’t going fast, but when he had to make a right turn it flipped him over and dragged him across the concrete. He wanted me to go with him in the ambulance, because of the Covid they didn’t let us. They took him first to one hospital and then transported him by helicopter to another”. Although the scene looked very cumbersome, fortunately it did not get older: “When I saw his leg! -At this moment, Elizabeth Gutiérrez I can’t help crying- When we got to the hospital, they were doing more tests. They were afraid that he had hit his head or broken a bone. Thank goodness none of this happened to him!”.

On how William Levy lived this situation, the actress explained: “William was not sleeping. And I, as a mother, was dying inside. Every time I went into surgery, I would pray and cry in a corner. For six months, we have been going to therapy every day. He couldn’t bend his knee and now… he’s already flexing it! “. Elizabeth said that William has become the main emotional support of her son: “William, like father, has known how to speak to him to give him that strength and security in everything he was going to be fine. ‘You are a champion, go ahead’. That has helped him a lot. Now that William is working in Colombia, if Christopher gets a little down, he calls William and he encourages him, ”he said.

elizabethreportaje2VIEW GALLERY

The unconditional support of his sister

On how Kailey experienced her brother’s accident, Elizabeth commented: “It was traumatic for her. They are very attached. Kai answered the phone when Christopher dialed me. All the way I was screaming: ‘My Toty, my Toty ‘. However, we are already going to get out of this, because he is strong and happy”. About her daughter, who in this photo session was very artistic, the actress recognized her talent and her desire to follow in her footsteps: “Enjoy it. I see her in this and what I want is for her to be happy. How am I going to say no to something that is also my passion? I can only teach it everything I have learned in my career, direct it, take care of it “he commented. Do not miss the complete interview and the rest of the photos in the report available in the print edition of HELLO! this week.


Photo 1: Stephanie Salas explodes against Luis Miguel for exposing the private life of her daughter Michelle

The singer Luis Miguel is in the eye of the hurricane, and is that his daughter Michelle Salas is very upset with the artist for “sexualizing” her in the last chapter of the Netflix series on the “Sun of Mexico.” Stephanie Salas, Michelle’s mother, has also come out in defense of her daughter.


Charlotte Gainsbourg: “I mourned my father very badly”

We run into her in the street, near the meeting place. A thin black figure (pants, jacket, T-shirt) tries without result to push forward a tiny white dog. At the end of the leash, Rita, a 2 month old baby bull terrier, newcomer to Charlotte Gainsbourg’s life. They took half an hour to travel a few hundred meters, one encouraging movement, the other stopping, and this learning to walk seems to delight them.

This Thursday, October 29, 2020 is a day to stroll. Only a few hours left and, at midnight, France will enter its second confinement. The walks will be timed, the interviews will take place by Zoom, it will be necessary to reconnect with expectation and uncertainty. Charlotte Gainsbourg says with a smile that she is “not the most gifted in positive energy”. But, like any anguished who knows himself, she “knows how to pretend” and take advantage of the last moments. The torments will have their time anyway, with the projects at a standstill, the counts and the predictions. We do not know, for example, when Benoît Jacquot’s film will be released, Suzanna Andler, initially scheduled for December 2, and which earned us this meeting with the actress. “As soon as possible,” she smiled again, making her expression of the moment her own.

Charlotte gainsbourg

Dant Studio / H&K

In this adaptation of a play by Marguerite Duras, she has the leading role, that of a great bourgeois, rich, idle and on the verge of suicide. The film was shot entirely in a deserted villa on the Côte d’Azur, out of season, and this unity of place, in the spirit of the times of confinement, gives us an idea: an interview which would have precisely for anchor points the places, the houses which marked the life of Charlotte Gainsbourg, in order to unroll the memories which are attached to it. “Why not,” she smiles, stroking Rita.

New-York, 2013-2020

After the death of her sister Kate Barry in 2013, Charlotte Gainsbourg wanted to leave Paris. She moved to a house in New York with her children. His companion, Yvan Attal, was going back and forth. Since June 2020, she is once again a resident of the 7th arrondissement in Paris. “In April,” she says, “New York had become this deserted city, the end of the world, and I had a panic. I said to myself: enough to live apart, I need to be with Yvan, my son, my mother, Yvan’s mother. ” On returning to Paris accompanied by her youngest child, Joe, 9, she found her companion and their eldest, Ben, 23. Their youngest daughter, Alice, 18, has remained in the United States, she studies on a campus.

In video, “Suzanna Andler”, the trailer

These American years were fruitful: fifteen films (by Lars von Trier, Wim Wenders, Arnaud Desplechin, Yvan Attal…) and the most intimate of his albums, Rest. For the first time, she wrote the texts in French, they talk about her sister Kate, the death of her father. “New York has allowed me to do a lot of things. It’s a stimulating city, and then there I’m anonymous, in a bubble, so very concentrated. ”

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Find Paris

Charlotte gainsbourg

Juvenile. Cotton T-shirt, Majestic Filatures, strass pants, Bottega Veneta.

Dant Studio / H&K

Quite the opposite of Paris, where the daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg has the impression of depending on the gaze of others, on autograph requests from passers-by, on the aura of her ancestors. “At the same time, she tempers, it’s nice to be recognized. I am fortunate to be approached by people who tell me positive, affectionate things… ”And rewarding? (Laughs.) “Yes, well, here I am again my parents’ daughter. Someone stops me, I expect them to tell me about my music, about a movie. And often it is: “I am unconditional of your father / your mother”. I can only answer: “Thank you, that’s very nice”. Because it is, even if it’s a compliment that is not addressed to me! ”

In her suitcases, she brought back a third of an upcoming album. Several shootings are also in project, she has just completed that of Human things, by Yvan Attal. Their son, Ben, stars in it. “He likes it a lot, he’s always been made to be an actor and he’s discovering it today. But he knows that it’s a job where you are not sure of anything … I hope he will be able to create roles for himself, to be in a less passive approach than mine. “

The villa of the movie “Suzanna Andler”

In the seaside home chosen by Benoît Jacquot, Charlotte Gainsbourg lived there (with her cat) and played at the same time. The shoot lasted eight days, during which she did not escape further than the beach below. “We lived behind closed doors with the whole team. Every evening, we met in the kitchen of the house to prepare a meal to share together. There was a holiday vibe. ” The film literally revolves around her, present in all shots. She didn’t want to see him, she doesn’t like herself on screen. She saw it, found herself “ugly, as usual”. It is suggested that she exaggerates, she admits. “Okay ugly at times. I remember the first line of the script from L’Effrontée, which described the character. It said: “A girl, at times gracious, at times ungrateful”. Since then, it sticks to my skin. I always thought that was the definition of my physique. ”

The holiday home, child, in Normandy

Charlotte gainsbourg

Rock. Latex and denim bodysuit, Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. Coiffure Rishi Jokhoo. Makeup Satoko Watanabe. Manicure Alexandra Janowski.
Photos taken with the kind collaboration of the Hotel Regina Louvre.

Dant Studio / H&K

This Thursday, Charlotte Gainsbourg returns from Deauville, where she was on vacation at the Normandy hotel. “It’s a place I’ve loved since I was little. My mother had a country house about fifteen kilometers away, in Cresseveuille. The four of us spent our vacations there with Kate, my father… He was hyperdocile, he played the game. Well, he was bored anyway, so there were going out, so he could go to the Normandy’s bar. ” In these Norman escapes, until the separation of her parents at the age of 9, she places her fondest childhood memories. Tells the “total excitement” of the night walks with his sister, when Jane and Serge thought they were asleep, the games with the neighbors’ children, his first love for Didier, the grandson of the farmers opposite. “It was country life. We went to village festivals, my parents loved it. They weren’t snobs at all, there was a simplicity… Which would perhaps surprise, as we think that what goes with celebrity is the madness of grandeur. There was a tiny house, an old rectory. During the year, we lived in rue de Verneuil, where everything was according to my father: its decor, its rules… So in Normandy, my mother bought this to make her own, entirely decorated in the English style, she put everything she liked. “

5 rue de Verneuil

We hesitate to ask her about the mythical mansion of Serge Gainsbourg, which she bought on his death, kept as it is for thirty years. She must have had enough of people talking to her about her museum project that never came to fruition… “Not at all,” she cuts, “because things are finally moving forward. We have the structure, we know how it will work. ” The objective of an opening this year has even been set. Between the famous black walls, Charlotte Gainsbourg shot the video for Lying With You, farewell song to his father. “It was a big step, it will be another to open it to the public, but I think that’s what it takes, for people as well as for me. I mourned my father very badly, because there was such a public phenomenon around him. And I was young too, I was 19, so… I protected myself. I kept this house, basically, as if it was going to come back, a little ghostly ideas. I haven’t broken anything. I did not look death in the face. ”

Jane’s Parisian house

Charlotte gainsbourg

Glamor. Feather coat and t-shirt, Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. Personal jewelry.

Dant Studio / H&K

Much was exhibited in Charlotte Gainsbourg’s childhood. Her mother’s house where she lives, rue de la Tour, after the separation of the parents, is no exception. It becomes the set of a double shoot by Agnès Varda: the documentary Jane B. by Agnès V. and the movie Kung-Fu Master (mother falls in love with her daughter’s high school boyfriend, Charlotte is daughter, Jane is mother). “I didn’t want to do it, like I didn’t want to do Charlotte Forever (provocative father-daughter camera filmed by Serge Gainsbourg, Editor’s note). It is normal, it was at an age, adolescence, where one expects one’s experiences to oneself, not with one’s parents. Especially since I was lucky to have already turned on my side, Lyrics and Music, and L’Effrontée.»

For reminders of her last concert tour, she nevertheless resumed Charlotte for Ever and Lemon Incest. “He had explained the lyrics to me, it was very clear to me, and then there was so much no ambiguity with my father.” It wouldn’t be okay today, she knows, but hopes “he would do it anyway.” She paid a little at school for her father’s provocations, never held her grudge against him. “On the contrary, in the family, we were very united! As soon as he appeared on a program, we were grouped together in front of the TV, when he released a record, we listened to it over and over. It’s funny, I didn’t do that with my kids at all. ” She kept them away from the cameras for a long time. Then filmed them all, suddenly, in his clips. When she realized, “very late”, that she was infinitely happy to have these images of her as a child with her parents. “A treasure trove of memories.”

Suzanna Andler, by Benoît Jacquot. Coming soon.

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