Hollywood in the riverboat: Helena Zengel talks with Kim Fisher and Tom Pauls

She is an exceptional talent. In Germany that has been certain since “Systemsprenger” at the latest. In the film drama, actress Helena Zengel shines as nine-year-old Benni, who overwhelms the system with constantly changing foster families and emotional outbursts. It was then that Hollywood became aware of the 12-year-old. It was her eyes that first caught the eye of the producers of the current film “News from the World”. Your Icelandic pony “Mehre” probably also played their part. In the western drama, the paths of Helena Zengel, who plays the girl Johanna from the Kiowa tribe in the film, and Tom Hanks, aka Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, cross. Then it goes on and with horses through the desert on an exciting journey that closely connects the two.

“Uncle” Tom

Helena also seems to have a close connection to the “real” Tom Hanks. He was a great and lovable acting partner and somehow like an uncle for Helena, she said in a BRISANT article. And Tom Hanks also speaks highly of the Berliner:

I can’t say it enough. It is unbelievable what strength there is in this young Helena. I’ve never seen anything like it. How a kid picks up the balls I throw him. Make something of your own out of it and also have fun with it.

Tom Hanks
BRISANT, 01.03.2021


Of course, Helena Zengel is still very young at 12, but she started acting at the age of five. She made her film debut in “Spreewaldkrimi” in 2013. Various roles followed in numerous film productions until 2019 “Systemsprenger” came out. Last year, Helena Zengel won the German Film Prize for it. She was also honored with a nomination at this year’s Golden Globes for “News from the World”. Even if she has not yet won it, Helena Zengel is still on the road to success and other important prizes are definitely only a matter of time.


Which are your favorites? …

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The wife revealed the real diagnosis of Mikhail Boyarsky

Mikhail Boyarsky was admitted to the hospital on February 16, but a day later he left it safely.

Mikhail Boyarsky was admitted to the hospital on February 16, but a day later he left it safely.

A photo: Svetlana CHERNYSHOVA

The hospitalization of Mikhail Boyarsky, People’s Artist of the RSFSR, at the Sokolov Scientific and Clinical Center in St. Petersburg made a lot of noise. Journalists “diagnosed” the star of “The Three Musketeers”, “The Man from Boulevard des Capuchins” and many other cult films and TV series either coronavirus or pneumonia, but no one came close to the truth. The real diagnosis of the famous actor on Sunday, February 28, in an interview with “KP-St. Petersburg” was named by his wife, People’s Artist of Russia and artistic director of the Lensovet Theater Larisa Luppian.

“Misha had a slight inflammation of the pancreas,” she said. – This is the official diagnosis that he was given at the hospital. Just a short attack, now, fortunately, it has long since passed.

According to Larisa Luppian, Mikhail Boyarsky bounced back on the second day of his hospital stay. True, he still had to undergo some medical procedures: for example, the actor was given a dropper.

By the way, this diagnosis also does not allow in any way to link the sudden hospitalization of the actor with the coronavirus vaccination. Larisa Luppian also confirms this:

– We were all vaccinated – I, Misha, our children, – said the actress. – Moreover, we have already managed to introduce both the first and second dose – Misha, for example, generally underwent revaccination on January 27th. There were no side effects. No pain, no fever, no dizziness – nothing at all. So this is definitely not a vaccine.

Recall: Mikhail Boyarsky was hospitalized on February 16. According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, he had a fever at night, and his family called an ambulance. By the way, the legendary Alisa Freundlich was previously treated at the same Center – she was hospitalized at the end of last year. Recovering was given to her hard, but the doctors still put the star of “The Three Musketeers”, “Straw Hat” and “Stalker” on her feet.


These bloopers are so good, they made it into the film ……

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These Bloopers we’re so good, they made it into the movie…🍿 #movie #mistake #actor #funny #fy #fyp #funfacts #blooper

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the adopted son adored Ekaterina Gradova and abandoned his biological mother

Ekaterina Gradova with her daughter Maria Mironova, grandson Andrey (left) and adopted son Alexei. Photo: frame of the TV channel “Russia”, the program “Live”

Actress Ekaterina Gradova was buried in Moscow today. The family decided that the funeral would be closed – only relatives said goodbye to Ekaterina Georgievna. At the Troyekurovsky cemetery, about 15 close people of the actress and family members were present at the funeral. Next to the daughter of Ekaterina Gradova, Maria Mironova, stood her son Andrei and brother Alexei.

Maria Mironova was born in the first marriage of Ekaterina Gradova – with actor Andrei Mironov. With her second husband, physicist Igor Timofeev, Ekaterina Gradova raised a son – the couple took a child in the 90s from an orphanage. Now this guy Alexei Sukhoverkov is already 28 years old. On February 24, the day of the actress’s funeral, the program “Live” was released, where they showed interviews that Gradova had recently recorded with Andrei Malakhov’s team by March 7, 2021 – to the 80th birthday of Andrei Mironov. For the first time, at the request of Gradova, her son Alexei also gave an interview.

Alexey Sukhoverkov says that if not for his mother, he would have grown up a bad person. Photo: frame of the TV channel “Russia”

Alexey Sukhoverkov said: “My mother brought me to church from an early age – she taught me what it is, how it is. She baptized me, constantly took me to church. All family members honor church holidays, they unite us, make us united. ” Alexey told why he refused to maintain a relationship with his biological mother, he understood: his family is the family that raised him. Sukhoverkov remembered that after that meeting he understood and felt even more sharply – his mother, Yekaterina Gradova: “At the age of 16 I saw my mother, she found me at school, waited between lessons. She came up and said: “Hi, I’m your mom.” I understood what it was about, I was not surprised. I am grateful that she gave birth to me, but on this I put an end to the relationship … I knew from my earliest childhood that I was an adopted son. At the age of twenty he met his sisters, brother. There is a brother and two sisters. The sister has two children. I communicate with them warmly, well. With my sister, mostly. My brother has a violent character … “

Ekaterina Gradova, as soon as she saw the boy in the orphanage, immediately said: “Ours!” Photo: frame of the TV channel “Russia”

Gradova’s friends unanimously declare: “Katya raised a good man!” Alexey works as a chef in a restaurant and enjoys the authority and respect of his colleagues, he has excellent relations with family members. As a teenager, Alexei had behavioral problems – he was a serious bully, not childish. But the patient and wise mother Ekaterina Gradova managed to raise the guy. Alexei himself wanted to serve, and when in Murmansk he was told that he would be left in the city at the headquarters, he realized that the family was busy, called and insisted on transferring to the marines. He served, returned and found something to his liking – he became a chef.

Alexey was constantly in touch with his mother. He recalls the story of his adoption: “Mom wanted to take the girl. And so he and dad came to the orphanage, and there they saw me. I ran after the children – I was showing something. Mom saw me and said that this boy is ours. It seems to me – if not for my mother, then I would have grown up a bad person. “

Ekaterina Gradova said in an interview with Andrei Malakhov that she never regretted adoption and only once in her hearts after another misconduct of her son complained to her confessor about the difficulties with raising a schoolchild: “The child then did such things and said that it was difficult to imagine. And the confessor told me: can you imagine if you had not taken the boy into the family, where is the church, where is the faith, so that he could make people … ” they said – who, what, what kind. And then it turned out like that – you just flinch. But before adolescence, Alexei spent a lot of time in the church – he sang in the Epiphany Cathedral. He has a grandiose voice and hearing, since he was taking communion all the time and was in the temple – he has changed a lot. Some hereditary things have receded. “

Gradova and her husband raised a good son, and Maria Mironova was always there and helped. Masha’s eldest son and her mother’s son are the same age. Ekaterina Georgievna talked about the reasons for the adoption: “When we got married with Igor, the spiritual father told me that we could have our own children – even at my 44 years old. But Igor was in Chernobyl, so he was afraid. Since childhood, I have dreamed of having adopted children. So we decided to take the child. ” After the death of Ekaterina Gradova, her daughter Maria Mironova became the head of this friendly family.


The star of the series “Seventeen Moments of Spring” Yekaterina Gradova believed that prayer saved her from death

The actress died suddenly at the age of 75 (details).

Died Ekaterina Gradova: ex-wife of Andrei Mironov died at 74

Actress Ekaterina Gradova became famous for her role as radio operator Kat in the cult film “Seventeen Moments of Spring”. She died at the age of 75 (details).


Ricardo Crespo. Daughter of former Garibaldi raises her voice after sexual abuse

Mexico City /

Ricardo Crespo, actor and singer of Garibaldi, who was arrested and charged for allegedly abusing his 14-year-old daughter, remains embroiled in controversy. In the midst of voices from the artistic medium that defend him, as well as those who condemn what happened, his daughter -the victim- recently made a post on Instagram where he thanked those who believe him on this sensitive issue for their support.

Through the program Windowing It was revealed that Ricardo Crespo’s daughter had decided to speak after her father’s arrest for allegedly sexual abuse.

The young woman asked for respect for this delicate process; He said that it was difficult for him to speak and that he is still recovering emotionally.

“Thank you for all the support and messages on the subject of my father, I ask for prudence and respect because it is a sensitive subject. I had a hard time talking and I am still in the process of recovering emotionally “wrote the 14-year-old with the hashtags #notequedescallada #Noestassola and #Nomoresexualabussing.


Likewise, in other stories, the minor recommended to young women who go through the same situation not to remain silent and not to allow themselves to be manipulated:

Don’t shut up, don’t let yourself be manipulated, speak up, don’t be ashamed, don’t feel guilty “, he shared.

Ricardo Crespo denied accusation of sexual abuse

It was on February 18, when he was accused and detained for the alleged sexual abuse of his daughter, the actor Ricardo Crespo spoke about the legal situation he faces, denying all the allegations against him through a letter.

“As has already been published in the media, I am in detention and subject to investigation, and arrested for my alleged participation in the crime of corruption of a minor to the detriment of my own daughter,” the actor revealed at the beginning of the missive.

Crespo pointed out that his ex-wife, on behalf of his daughter, was the one who denounced him for these “supposed and monstrous acts, and those that are surely seen by me and by anyone, father or mother of the family and public opinion with astonishment, indignation, because they remove the intimate fibers of any human being“.

“I totally ignore the reason why my ex-wife and presumably my daughter have denounced the inconceivable acts, because the only trial that has been aired in our relationship is divorce, whose sentence dates from the year 2017 and within which, of the alleged facts that now impute me, nothing said at the time “, added.

The actor stated that he had not previously made any statements “Well, I myself found myself surprised, paralyzed and astonished at the seriousness of the criminal charges that are attributed to me.”

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In an action film I …

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I played in an Action movie 🎬 #action #movie #actor #model #actionmovie #bts #film #parkour #cascade #foryou #pourtoi

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