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Studies say the supplement can also cause eating disorders (this includes diseases such as anorexia or bulimia). According to Facebook experts, the effect of “negative social comparison” is stronger with Instagram than with TikTok and Snapchat. This is due to the fact that Instagram is mostly built on showing off your body and lifestyle. Read […]

Majority supports blocking bank accounts of ‘fake news spreaders’ – Hartvannederland.nl

Majority supports blocking bank accounts of ‘fake news spreaders’Hartvannederland.nl Banks keep organizations of corona critics, size not clearUS Can banks just block conspiracy theorists like Willem Engel?Fidelity That’s bad luck, account gone: banks and payment services block antivax organizationsLINDA. The conspiracy theorists bank elsewhere, says the bankThe Limburger View full story on Google News .

Apple will scan user photos for child pornography – Software and Apps

Apple will scan all photos uploaded by its users to iCloud and saved on devices, looking for child pornography images that it will report to the relevant authorities. This was announced by the same company, which will use a method based on encrypted codes that should not jeopardize privacy. The system, as CNN reports, will […]

Iran is said to have spied on US citizens on Facebook

Facebook claims to have unmasked and stopped an Iran-controlled espionage operation on its website. Around 200 accounts kept under false identities in the online network as part of this operation have been removed, as the anti-espionage boss of the online group, Mike Dvilyanski, announced on Thursday. These accounts were designed to siphon off data and […]

“No one could have imagined that one of these teams would make it to the semifinals” – European Championship 2020 – Kommersant

The Danish national team beat the Czech team with a score of 2: 1 and reached the semifinals of the European Championship. Kommersant asked football experts about their impressions of the last match. Photo: Archive of Konstantin Genich Konstantin Genich, telecommentator: – The Danish national team reminds me, with some reservations, of the Canadian national […]

TikTok removes over 7 million user accounts under 13 – Internet and Social

TikTok removed over seven million accounts of users suspected of being under 13 in the first three months of 2021: this was announced by the popular Chinese app, which is estimated to have about one billion members, of which over 100 million in the US . The social media platform also reported that in the […]

Tricks to view Instagram stories without your contacts noticing

Anyone can spend hours watching the videos and photos of your contacts on Instagram, and that is precisely why stories are so popular: they are a space to share important information in just 20 seconds, and they only last 24 hours. Vertical format and exclusively for mobile devices, Stories has a small drawback for some: […]

Florida woman found a billion dollars in her account – Noticieros Televisa

A Florida woman had the surprise of her life when she went to the ATM to withdraw $ 20, equivalent to 400 pesos, and instead found that he had a billion dollars (which would be equivalent to more than 20 billion pesos). She later said she was horrified. We recommend you: Video: Students throw tortillas […]