Witness: Menna Arafa’s husband makes a fuss with his picture with his second wife

The Egyptian artist Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, who is the husband of the young Egyptian artist Menna Arafa, broke his silence, to respond to those who attacked him that he was secretly married to his second wife, who preceded Menna Arafa. Al-Mahdi published a photo on his personal account on the social networking site (Facebook) with his […]

Watch: A beautician raises controversy and turns to Dalal Abdel Aziz and Samir Ghanem

The Iraqi make-up expert, Barez Hadi, sparked controversy, after she was able to transform into the characters of the late Samir Ghanem and Dalal Abdulaziz, through make-up. And Barez published, through her account via the photo-sharing application (Instagram), her look after makeup, and she performed a representative scene of the late couple, according to (her). […]

Watch: Elissa shocks her fans with her different features

The Lebanese singer Elissa surprised her audience with her last appearance, at a party she held as part of the “Riyadh Concerts” series in the Saudi capital, sponsored by the “General Authority for Entertainment” and the “Rotana Audio and Visual” company. And Elisa presented a group of her most prominent songs, which she started with […]