What is defended when authoritarian Nicaragua is defended?

Four days before last Christmas, the Nicaraguan Congress, vertically aligned with the needs of the ruling marriage in that wasteland, approved a destructive two-paragraph legislation that he piled up the entire opposition as traitors to the homeland. With a long and bombastic title that these regimes like, Law for the Defense of the Rights of […]

The US will impose new conditions for aid to Colombia – US – International

The US Senate presented this Thursday a bill in which US $ 463 million is authorized to deliver to Colombia in 2022 but includes a series of conditions associated with respect for human rights that must be met before full disbursement. Although most of these conditions – or a version of them – have been […]

Queen Elizabeth’s diet to maintain good health at 95

The formulas that Queen Elizabeth II follows to maintain her quality of life and her enviable figure generate a lot of intrigue. It is not for less, considering that the monarch has 95 years And, although in the last days the news was the indication of a few days of rest, his vitality seems to […]

“When he lights the fireplace, my living room fills with smoke” (photo)

Posted on Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 1:21 p.m. For almost two years now, this mother of four has been forced to live next to a shipping container, installed in her neighbor’s garden. The latter had indicated that he was installing a veranda, but it was not. A resident of Hull City has been exhausted […]

How much is it trading this Wednesday, October 20

The blue dollar quote this Wednesday, October 20 at $ 183.50 for the purchase and $ 187.50 for the sale. The gap between the blue and the official dollar it is 84%. In this way, the blue dollar remains stable compared to the last price. The blue dollar value it has a substantial difference with […]

France pronounces a damning verdict on Boris Johnson

Since Brexit, there have been regular crashes between Great Britain and France. There is now a great deal of mistrust between the countries – this is mainly due to the British Prime Minister. Sometimes it’s about migration, then about defense projects, and currently there are wild threats in the dispute over fishing licenses. The dispute […]