Gallavotti: “We see an increase in mortality in all age groups”

The guest biologist at «diMartedì» | CorriereTv

Biologist Barbara Gallavotti: “We see an increase in mortality in all age groups. Protecting fragile people and letting others circulate risks creating a higher level of contagion. Then there is another problem: the more the virus circulates, the more new variants are born “


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Giletti against Bassetti: «He became a politician. I don’t accept it from her. ” And he: “I’ll answer as a doctor, or I’ll go away”

The clash between the host and the professor at «Non è l’Arena» on La7 | CorriereTv

To «Non è l’Arena» on La 7 Massimo Giletti against Matteo Bassetti: “He became a politician! I don’t accept it from her … “. Professor Bassetti’s answer: “I’ll answer as a doctor, otherwise I’ll go away …”


they hanged a woman who had died of terror seconds before

An Iranian woman was hanged even though her heart had already stopped for the terror having seen 16 dead men on the gallows before her.

It is the fate, according to his lawyer, for Zahra Esmaili, sentenced to capital punishment for having murdered her husband in 2018, an official of the intelligence services and accused by her and her children of continuous family violence.

“Sixteen men were hanged before her, under her eyes. Zahra before climbing the gallows had a heart attack and died. However, his lifeless body was hanged, “he wrote in a post on Facebook lawyer Omid Moradi cited by the BBC in Persian.

An Iranian woman was hanged even though her heart had already stopped with the terror of having seen 16 dead men on the gallows before her.

The lawyer provided, along with the chilling particular, a more shocking account of the executions that occurred last Wednesday in the Rajei-Shahr prison, in the city of Karaj, about 30 kilometers west of Tehran.

Previously, the organization Iran Human Righsts, based in Oslo, confirmed the execution of seven people, including Zahra.

The lawyer claims to have seen the death certificate according to which the woman died of a heart attack before the rope was placed around her neck.

Sixteen men were hanged before her, under her eyes.  Before going up to the gallows, Zahra had a heart attack and died.  However, his lifeless body was hanged (Twitter).

Sixteen men were hanged before her, under her eyes. Before going up to the gallows, Zahra had a heart attack and died. However, his lifeless body was hanged (Twitter).

The 42-year-old case of Zahra Esmaili sparked a vast outcry in Iran because during the process the media gave wide attention to the accusations of violence suffered by the woman and the two unsaved children. of husband and father.

It is not the first time that women have been considered victims of domestic violence they are hanged for murdering her husband.

And it happened three years ago to two minors, as the UN Human Rights Rapporteur in Iran, Javaid Rehman, denounced in his last report.

In the first 11 months of 2020, there were at least 233 hangings in Iran, including three people who were minors at the time of the crime against them.

In the first 11 months of 2020, there were at least 233 hangings in Iran, including three people who were minors at the time of the crime against them.

It was about Mahboubeh Mofidi and Zeinab Sekaanvand, the first forced to marry when he was 13 years old and the second at 15 years old. They both went up to the gallows after being found guilty of kill their husbands when they were 17 years old.

The UN rapporteur said he was “deeply concerned by the high number of executions” in Iran, and “alarmed by the news of secret executions“of people arrested in protest demonstrations, with” death sentences issued after unfair trials, and then the systematic use of torture to obtain forced confessions. “

According to Rehman in the first 11 months of 2020 they were at least 233 the hangings in Iran, including three people who were minors at the time of the crime against them.

ANSA Agency.

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How much is it trading this Sunday, February 21

The blue dollar quote this Sunday February 21 at $ 144 for the purchase and $ 147 for the sale. The gap between the blue and the official dollar it is 63%.

In this way, the blue dollar remains stable with respect to the last price with which the day began.

The blue dollar value it has a substantial difference with the official dollar, which is acquired in banks and has an established price.

How was the price of the blue dollar and its evolution in February 2020

Blue dollar quote

Tap to explore the data

Infographic: Clarion

Why is it called a blue dollar?

The blue dollar It is the one that circulates on the black market and usually has a higher value than the official one. An explanation of its name indicates that it is so called because in English, “blue”, in addition to naming the color blue, refers to something “dark”.

Another theory relates it to the purchase operations through bonds or shares of companies known as “blue chips”. They also link it to the approximate color that appears when a fibron is applied to detect counterfeit bills.

Origin of the blue dollar

The concept of the blue dollar began to be used in Argentina as of 2011, as a consequence of the restrictions for the acquisition of foreign currency that the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) and the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic began to apply under the government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

These limitations They gained new momentum in December 2019, after President Alberto Fernández’s announcements about the Economic Emergency Law. There, the implementation of the tourist dollar and the 30% tax on the purchase of dollars for savings and tourism was promoted. It came into effect on Monday, December 23, when it was announced in the Official Gazette.

This generates that sectors that travel abroad choose to buy dollars in the black market, thus generating an increase in the price of the blue dollar.

It should also be noted that the exchange rate remains in force and that, therefore, the purchase of the official dollar continues limited by the Central Bank only $ 200 per month if it is done by online transaction or 100 dollars if it is done by the window.


Peru’s “Vacunagate”, a scandal in which Argentina should be watched

The VIP vaccination that outrages Argentines is mirrored in another case that is burning today in Latin America. It is about the Vacunagate of Peru, for which at least 487 officials, leaders and family members from that country were irregularly vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Among them are the former president, Martín Vizcarra, and ministers who had to resign after the provisional president of Peru Francisco Sagasti denounced the list of vaccinated outside the normal circuit and before the health personnel; in a country with more than 44,000 deaths from COVID, more than 2.4 million infected, and with serious health problems such as the lack of medical oxygen for patients in serious condition.

The Argentine government has a warning in the Peruvian mirror that should not go unnoticed, since here it is unknown how many officials and privileged people have benefited from Sputnik V, the only vaccine in the country so far, with just over 1 million doses from December until now. La Cámpora leaders, young mayors and trade unionists and now businessmen and legislators who were summoned to the “vaccination” of the Ministry of Health were vaccinated.

While in Argentina the only one fired by President Alberto Fernández was the now former Minister of Health, Ginés Gonzalez García, the scandal that shocks Peruvians is of such magnitude that it is beginning to be investigated by the Justice. And it also splashes the Chinese embassy in Lima, since the vaccine that is at the center of irregular applications in Peru It is Sinopharm vaccine from China National Pharmaceutical Corporation. Coincidentally, a batch of 1 million of this vaccine is expected in Argentina by the end of the month.

Vacunagate broke out last week when journalist Carlos Paredes revealed that former President Vizcarra had been secretly vaccinated when he was in power. Later it was learned that Vizcarra, -candidate for legislator in the April elections-, vaccinated his wife and brothers. Then there was a cataract of confessions and then resignations. Among them those of the now former ministers Pilar Mazzetti (of Health) and Elizabeth Astete (Chancellor).

President Sagasti – assumed after a deep institutional crisis – said that 487 are irregularly vaccinated. There are versions in Argentina that here the number of those vaccinated without being in the groups that need it is higher than is known.

The ‘Vacunagate’ arises from the applications of the vaccine to people outside the use that should be given to an extra batch of 3,200 effective doses Sent by the Chinese state group for tests that were carried out in Lima.

The first doses of the vaccine arrived in September for 12,000. Studies began at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH) and the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM).

Last Sunday it was learned that the trial protocol established the sending of a batch with 3,200 extra doses “to be voluntarily administered to the research team and personnel related to the study.” It is in this game that there were irregularities.

Of these, 1,200 were allegedly in the hands of the Chinese Embassy in Peru and 2,000 in the management of the team in charge of the clinical trial, which provided them at the request of the authorities and close contacts.

The former president said he had been a volunteer in the clinical trial of the vaccine, but the study’s chief medical officer denied it.

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Morra moved after the “no” to Draghi: “There are situations in which you have to be alone”

The senator at risk of expulsion after he with 14 colleagues voted in dissent on the M5s line: «Will I sleep? I’ll try to read a book “ – by Nino Luca /CorriereTv

«I think I have done something that certainly does not put me at ease, but there are situations in which you also have to be alone. Am I ready for expulsion? Now we will see. There are no problems, we need to go forward and have the utmost respect for everyone’s positions ». Thus Nicola Morra (M5s) explained the reasons for his “no” to trust. «Today the Prime Minister has never referred to the fight against the mafia. He talked about legality in the South but I don’t think the mafia is only in the South, “he added to explain one of the reasons for his” no “. And then almost with tears in his eyes he concluded: «If I will sleep peacefully and with a clear conscience? I’ll try to accompany falling asleep with a few pages of a book ».

In the end, the so-called five-star “dissidents”, in total 15 and therefore more than the ten expected in recent days, voted no to the Draghi government. They are Laura Granato, Virginia La Mura, Elio Lannutti, Barbara Lezzi, Matteo Mantero, Cataldo Mininno, Vilma Moronese, Nicola Morra, Fabrizio Ortis, Rosa Abate, Laura Angrisani, Mattia Crucioli, Silvana Giannuzzi, Fabio Di Micco, Margherita Corrado. Basically, apart from 2 justified absentees (Orietta Vanin on leave and Francesco Castiello on a mission) and 6 others who did not participate in the vote (Giuseppe Auddino, Elena Botto, Antonella Campagna, Emanuele Dessì, Vincenzo Garruti, Simona Nocerino), the favorable of the M5s were 69 out of the 92 overall. Although it remains the largest group in the Senate with 92 MPs, it marks a sharp decline in numbers compared to the two previous governments. From 2018 to today, between expulsions and farewells, the Movement has `lost ’15 senators, plus two deceased (Franco Ortolani in 2019 and Vittoria Bogo Deledda in 2020). In particular, in Giuseppe Conte’s first executive, on 5 June 2018 all 109 senators voted yes (many then formed the M5s group at Palazzo Madama). For the Conte bis, voted in the House on 10 September 2019, 106 pentastellati lined up, while Gianluigi Paragone abstained (at the time in the 5S, he was expelled in early 2020) and two others were absent. One of them was Lello Ciampolillo, protagonist in January of the last-minute vote to Conte (today he voted no).


Crozza becomes Arcuri: «The expensive masks? I spent a thousand euros for a coffee “

The comedian becomes the extraordinary commissioner for the coronavirus emergency | CorriereTv

A few days before the start of the new season of Fratelli di Crozza, scheduled for Friday 19 February in prime time on the NOVE, Maurizio Crozza launches a new hilarious character: the extraordinary Commissioner for the Coronavirus emergency Domenico Arcuri. “Live streaming and full episodes only on discovery + (”


Is New York dying? The pandemic shuts down the city that never slept

Despite its glory and fame, all that so typical that this city does not sleep, nor does it let sleep because there is always a party around the corner, New York is today a boring place.

The Big Apple is in pause mode. In standby, trying to tame a pandemic that has so punished her in loss of life, job misery, business closure and starvation among the tinsel. Its excessive dependence on tourism, which has put the hotel industry in a coma, has led to one million residents are unoccupied.

Although it is a phenomenon that affects other cities in the world, the Big Apple enacts the contemporary splendor of the golden Rome of the old empire. The comparison was made by John Lennon more than 40 years ago.

As with that Rome, a citizen debate has arisen here, at the mercy of the people who have left: Is New York finished? She’s dead?

Marilyn Monroe is credited with the phrase “I like New York because it escapes me.”

That sense of unfathomable has been reduced to almost nothing. It should be understood, from the point of view of the well-known leisure offer, that afterwards each one is free of their particular will.

The popular Broadway Street in New York, half deserted by the pandemic, in July 2020. Photo: BLOOMBERG

But after a year of health crisis, visiting the same parks and the same streets, having visited museums (the only accessible culture, with reduced capacity), having turned shopping in the supermarket into the distraction of the weekend ( not a few people queue up like in a club), applying the norm of social distance that alienates friends and scares strangers away, the margin of merriment is limited, especially in the cold.

“New York misses itself,” says writer Michael Greenberg during a debate via zoom organized by the Public Library.

Indoor living

“After the First World War and the Spanish flu, that feeling that you had to celebrate every night, because the next day you could die, had incredible power and boosted creativity,” said Hari Kunzru, a British novelist based in Manhattan and who sighs for the reset button to be pressed.

“What we long for is contact. We will all get excited when we get into a bar. It will make me happy to stand in the entrance of a restaurant shoulder to shoulder with a lot of strangers waiting for a table ”, Kunzru emphasizes about what he misses.

You have to turn to the inner life. The neighbor next door, whose name is Norma, an appropriate name for a woman with musical syndrome, plays the Metropolitan’s operas at full volume.

Tourists disappeared from New York, which was the US city hardest hit by the pandemic last year.  Photo: The New York Times

Tourists disappeared from New York, which was the US city hardest hit by the pandemic last year. Photo: The New York Times

If you are looking for a live sound, you can go out into the corridor, as if you were going to take the elevator, and stay planted, listening to the other neighbor, a professional jazz player, while he rehearses the piano so as not to forget who he is.

At that point where even the reading or home viewing of series and movies provoke boredom, when cinemas, theaters, concert halls, or bars and restaurants -the patching of the terraces requires courage in freezing temperatures-, They find themselves in a position to collect cobwebs and the city of fun is an inert mastodon, any novelty acquires the relevance of the unexpected.

“In the midst of everything else, we need this, New York needs this,” writes Michael Kimmelman, an architecture critic for The New York Times.

The review alludes to the recently opened Moynihan train station, an extension of the decrepit Penn Station, the railway hub of mid-Manhattan and the busiest in the United States, a refuge, in addition, for the homeless abandoned to poverty and drugs. hard.

A half-empty restaurant in Times Square, in the heart of Manhattan, in a November image.  Foot: REUTERS

A half-empty restaurant in Times Square, in the heart of Manhattan, in a November image. Foot: REUTERS

The new lobby, named in honor of the visionary senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (who died in 2003), occupies what used to be the central post office, a giant Beaux Arts-style building, with a spectacular staircase and Corinthian columns outside. Inside, the result of the reform and adaptation, its transparent glass ceiling and its cathedral marble stand out in an open space.

“A big step to a better city,” emphasizes Kilmmelman.

“I heard it was a very nice place and I wanted to check it out,” explains Ethan, a lawyer who is accompanied by his girlfriend. “I commented that he could eat on this floor, how clean it is,” he says in his praise of the venue.

“It is a rare time. The city is boring, but it is for our health. So visiting a new building is perhaps the most exciting thing we can do, ”he acknowledges.

“Is New York finished?”

“It’s not open, but it’s still very much alive.” She is not dead, she has taken a little nap and will return like never before.

“It is not the vibrant city that it used to be, you cannot be side by side in a bar, but it is something temporary and we have reconnected with our parks, with the public space, we have adopted the European coffee culture and we dine on the terraces, even in winter. I’ve never seen my neighbors so much on the street, ”says Jonathan Rosen.

Longtime PR Rosen, along with his trade colleague, Risa Heller, launched the initiative NY Forever, forever, a non-profit organization with the goal of neutralizing the narrative that the Big Apple is dead and conspiring for its revitalization.

Passengers wearing a chinstrap get off a bus in New York at the end of 2020. Photo.  AP

Passengers wearing a chinstrap get off a bus in New York at the end of 2020. Photo. AP

“New York is more than alive,” Heller replies. “There are many people who are deeply committed to staying here, to lend a hand in its resurgence. NY Forever’s task is to involve all these people and give them the tools to collaborate, ”he stresses.

“We have created this organization in response to the frustration of last spring with all those who left, with that the city died,” he continues.

“We have talked for months with colleagues, with friends to specify what we could do with impact. The goal is to keep people connected, remind them of how exciting New York is and involve them in the project in different ways, ”he insists.

There were other crises – the bankruptcy of the 1970s, 9/11, the financial crisis – and the city has always come back, Rosen says.

“New York consists of density, in places where people congregate. Covid is a great challenge, but it will end and new restaurants, businesses, entrepreneurs will emerge, tourists will return. I think we have to work so that those who have suffered the most from the virus have the necessary support and we must all contribute to the city to move forward, ”he clarifies.

Campaign to “revive” the city

Rosen and Heller conveyed their proposal through a video on social networks in which recognized New Yorkers, led by comedian Jerry Seinfeld (the first who a few months ago rebelled against the New York funeral), they demand their commitment to the city from the citizens.

Actors, musicians, designers, athletes, celebrities, entities of all kinds (from banks or technology companies to real estate agencies or sports teams, passing through social groups) expressed their commitment. Without forgetting the ordinary citizens.

They have set the goal of collecting 500,000 votes by April, with the horizon of one million.

“We want to create a movement of popular power,” clarifies Heller. “It is not enough to go back the same as before,” adds Rosen.

“Sleeping Beauty”

They are concerned about the city and its citizens: the essentials, the students drowning in debt, the homeless, the families suffering from lack of food. One of its first campaigns consists of collaborators in the world of fashion design garments to raise funds for workers in the gastronomy industry, one of the most punished.

“Sleeping Beauty” is Rosen’s qualifier for New York. “He will wake up,” he predicts.

State Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced his Valentine’s gift. The restaurants will be able to serve 25% occupancy inside from this Sunday.

And the mayor, Bill de Blasio, spoke of the “good omen” for the future of the city. A few days ago a snow owl (Bubo scandiacus) was spotted in Central Park. Something like this hadn’t happened in 130 years.

La Vanguardia, New York, correspondent



Ecological transition, De Luca: “We will have the Ministry of the Galaxies entrusted, I believe, to Giordano Bruno”

Thus the President of the Campania Region in a live video on Facebook – Vista Agency / Alexander Jakhnagiev /CorriereTv

Rome, February 12, 2021 “There is an element of great consolation for all of us. We learned from Beppe Grillo that the Ministry of ecological transition will be realized, nothing less. Ministry of ecological transition. So we should expect this great news in Italy we will have the Ministry of the Galaxies which I believe will be entrusted to a high profile person – Giordano Bruno, I believe, who has been waiting in Campo dei Fiori for some time to be summoned. ” Thus the President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca in a live video on Facebook. / Facebook Vincenzo De Luca