Battlefield 2042 producer ‘disappointed’ by community toxicity

Battlefield 2042 has just finished its weekend open beta during which the community has been contributing their opinions on the state of the game and the performance of their games online. Being a preliminary version, which is in fact several months old, it is logical to find bugs and failures of which Electronic Arts and […]

Battlefield 4 Increases Server Capacity Following Battlefield 2042 Announcement

One of the protagonists of E3 2021 and its “previous” days before was Battlefield 2042, the new installment of one of the sagas of shooters most important first person in the world that allowed us to see his first gameplay during the Xbox and Bethesda conference a week ago today. After seeing what the game […]

E3 2021: Battlefield 2042 unveils its gameplay with an impressive video in Qatar

EA Games and DICE unveiled us Battlefield 2042 earlier this week with an impressive CGI trailer, but fans were obviously waiting to see some gameplay. The appointment was made for this Sunday, FPS did make an appearance at the conference Xbox & Bethesda Showcase with an explosive video, to admire right here: For this first […]

Battlefield 2042 shows off its massive battles in its first gameplay trailer

EA and DICE they have published the first gameplay trailer from Battlefield 2042, his new first-person action video game framed in the saga Battlefield, a title that we have already seen in Vandal and of which we have offered you a complete preview. The gameplay of the game presents the new setting and the options […]