The hiring of new homes and rehabilitations falls by 30% in 2020 in Girona

The hiring of new homes and rehabilitations in the Girona counties has fallen by 32.54% during 2020. According to statistics from the Association of Surveyors, over the past year a total of 1,855 homes have been contracted (whether blocks of flats or houses), 895 less than during 2019 when there were 2,750.

The president of the College, Miquel Vendrell, attributes the decline to the moratorium on building on the Costa Brava during the processing of the Master Plan and in the pandemic.

The health crisis has also translated into one 23.63% decrease in housing contracted by foreigners. The College’s forecast is to close 2021 with 6.4% fewer finished homes and that the “relaunch” in construction will not arrive until 2023.

The statistics compiled by the Association of Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of Girona include, since 1987, data on finished homes (both new construction and renovations) and the contracts that are ‘have done every year for future works.

The study reflects a decline in hiring throughout 2020, both for new construction and rehabilitation. According to the president of the College, Miquel Vendrell, this brake when it comes to promoting projects it will result in a decline in finished housing which are expected to last this year and probably also in 2022. “Until 2023 there will be no relaunch of everything,” said Vendrell.

According to the data, the decline is more pronounced in the hiring of rehabilitations. From one year to the next they have gone from 1,562 homes to 1,028, 34.18% less. In relation to new construction, the decrease is 30.38%, from 1,188 in 2019 to 827 contracted homes in 2020.

Appraisers attribute the declines to two factors. On the one hand, in the moratorium on construction on the Costa Brava during the processing of the Master Plan. According to Vendrell, this has caused “uncertainty” between individuals and developers, who have left projects in the drawer waiting to have the new urban planning ready. Now, the College expects them to unravel, although some projects will have to be modified to adapt them to the regulations and this may delay deadlines.

The other factor is, how could it be otherwise, the pandemic. The study shows that mobility restrictions have fallen by 23.63% (181 less) housing contracted by foreign customers, especially from Eastern European countries. And the study also shows that, in addition to the decline in hiring, some have chosen to give up or give up housing construction.

In addition, Vendrell also points out that the economic crisis arising from covid-19 also causes one slowdown in construction, renovation and acquisition of housing. But the pandemic has also meant a change in the market because there has been an increase in the interest of customers in the country in second homes or homes in rural areas. The president warns, however, that the increase in teleworking must be accompanied by an improvement in infrastructure of telecommunications beyond cities.

According to statistics, the populations where there are more foreigners interested in having a home are Roses, Castelló d’Empúries, Begur and Lloret de Mar.

The Association of Surveyors estimates, based on the contracts and projects currently underway, that they will close in 2021 with a 6.4% less finished homes (both new and rehabilitated), with a figure of about 1,900.

The analysis also shells out finished homes during 2020. That is, those projects already completed and delivered to promoters or individuals. Of new construction, 953 have been completed (0.41% more than in 2019) and 756 rehabilitations have been approved (7.38% more than the previous year). A total of 1,709, to which must be added the projects approved from outside the demarcation, which raise the total to 2,030.

Of these projects, 60.1% have been new homes and 39.90% rehabilitation projects. Vendrell maintains that the future of the sector depends on the housing reforms already built, also on a question of “sustainability”.


One in three self-employed people lost more than € 30,000 in 2020

The Spanish self-employed close the year 2020 with an estimated loss of 65 billion as a result of the pandemic that has raged with the group, according to a balance sheet of the Association of Self-Employed Workers (ATA). According to the survey, one in three accumulates losses of 30,000 euros and more than 60% have stopped earning more than 15,000 euros. These are the figures that show a “horrible year” for the group, according to the president of ATA, Lorenzo Amor, who regretted that although self-employed workers have lost an average of 20,000 euros, the administrations have only given aid direct of 3,000 per head. That is, public subsidies have only compensated for 15 out of every 100 euros lost.

The self-employed still faces 2021 with pessimism, as three out of four respondents believe that their activity will decrease or remain at the same level as 2020.

Less than 10% estimate that it will be able to increase turnover and more than half estimate to have losses. Thus, 77% do not expect the economic recovery to come this year.

The survey shows that 12% of self-employed workers have some kind of restriction on their activity and 400,000 self-employed have their businesses closed. 5.5% say they have not been able to open since March.

On the other hand, more than half (56.5%) of those who have an ongoing activity are operating at 50% and only 1% of respondents say they are in a better situation than before the onset of covid. Only about 24% of the self-employed say they are working normally.

In terms of revenue, 83.6% saw a decrease in turnover compared to 2019 and for more than half (51.7%) the decrease was more than 60%. 10.5% of the group say they have maintained activity and 3.6% have noticed an increase in business. Delinquency continues to worry the group and 33% say they suffer from it both from the administrations and from the private sector.

On the other hand, half of the respondents requested the benefit for cessation of activity between March and June and of these, 72.4% still receive it and consider it essential to collect it for the continuity of their business.

Social Security affiliation data do not show a significant loss of fabric, which is explained, according to Amor, because “some of these discharges are fictitious.”


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“Martin Eden”, best film of 2020 by Girona critics

The Italian film Martin eden is the best of the premieres in theaters Girona cinema in 2020, according to Girona critics. Pietro Marcello ‘s film is the most voted in the thirtieth edition of the traditional vote of the Girona Film Critics Collective in this strange cinematic year in which, although due to the pandemic many films have been released directly on the platforms, the organization has wanted to maintain the traditional rules that limit the choice only to titles seen in theaters cinema, to claim them as the best space to enjoy the cinematic experience.

Martin Eden, winner with 37 points, has been one of the winners of the festival circuit in recent months, with recognitions in Venice and nominations for the European Film Awards. It is closely followed (with 33 points), Under the skin, a film by Jonathan Glazer starring Scarlett Johansson with a commercial life as unusual as the film itself: it was produced in 2013 but was not distributed in Spanish cinemas until to 2020.

In the first five positions of the list appear two films of Catalan production: the cinematographic debut of Núria Giménez with My mexican Bretzel (third 22 points) and Josep (fifth with 17 points), the praised animated tape on the cartoonist Josep Bartolí and his passage through the concentration camp of Argelès during the Civil War.

The top 5 is completed by Vitalina Varela of the Portuguese Pedro Costa (in fourth place with 21 points).


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Campazzo’s great game: minutes record, 11 points and victory

In one of five games Tuesday night, Facundo Campazzo and his Denver Nuggets beat the Minnesota Timberwolves 123-116. The Argentine, who came to the NBA this season, again had filming and added an important personal best. In a great general performance of the Colorado team, the Cordoba He showed what he can contribute if he is given the opportunity when the party calls for concentration.

From a personal point of view, Facu’s was excellent: he added 26 minutes (his maximum so far), had 11 points, two assists and caught a rebound. Although he was not as fine as other times, since he had 0/3 in triples and 3/7 in field goals, he appeared when he had to appear and collaborated a lot in defense. In the end it was D’Angelo Russell’s turn to score and he did it in a great way, since he canceled it in the middle of a huge performance and did not let him contribute in the final moments.

Look also

As for the rest of the team, the top figure was Nikola Jokic. The Slovenian finished with 35 points and 15 rebounds, in addition to his usual defensive contribution. Will Barton was also fundamental, especially in the third, to keep the cast of Karl Malone alive. Two wins in a row and getting closer to a positive record for Denver. If Facu keeps adding time on the court and evolving, the Nuggets will be serious. They will play again this coming Thursday night (at 00 on Friday) against Doncic and his Mavericks.

“He has a great basketball sense and he’s a pro.”, praised Barton after the victory. And he highlighted something we all see: “He has fun and makes it fun to play with.” As time goes by, Campazzo feels more comfortable and begins to cast that magic that we saw in him in Spain and the Argentine National Team. “I love playing with Facu”, concluded his partner.

The other matches of the day

Irving and Mitchell, two figures of the meeting.  Photo: Reuters.

Irving and Mitchell, two figures of the meeting. Photo: Reuters.

Also, there was a 130-96 beating of the Brooklyn Nets over the Utah Jazz. The New York team, led by Kyrie Irving (he made 29), took a considerable advantage in the first and dedicated the rest of the game to maintain and increase it. Caris LeVert also contributed his with 24 from the bench. For his part, Donovan Mitchell with 31 points was the best on the visit, who could do nothing to defeat those from the west of the Big Apple. There was a good Gobert show in Salt Lake City, with 11 points and 11 rebounds.

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Campazzo, MVP candidate of the decade

In a tighter duel, the Lakers beat the Grizzlies 94-92 in Tennessee. The Davis-James duo shined with 52 points in total (half each) and contributed a good amount of rebounds. The other side was missing Ja Morant, who could have tipped the balance in favor of the locals. Although the result suggests that the Angelenos suffered, the truth is that they reached the final 30 seconds with a nine point advantage. Memphis tried but without its star it just doesn’t have what.

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Spicier than ever curry

Those who could not celebrate were the other owners of Los Angeles. The San Antonio Spurs beat the Clippers 116-113 in a very exciting game. The Texans were comfortable at halftime but Kawhi Leonard appeared in the third to close the gap and spice up his team. However, Patty Mills stood out in the clutch with 15 points and the visitors managed to defend the last ball to stay with the victory.

Leonard lost to his former team.  Photo: Reuters.

Leonard lost to his former team. Photo: Reuters.

Ultimately, the Bulls edged Portland 111-108 in an uneven teams clash. The Chicago team took advantage of the good level of Coby White, Zach LaVine and Otto Porter and added their fourth win of the season, second in a row. On the premises it was again Damian Lillard who led the threads of the team and collaborated with 24 units (though it was 6/17 on TC). CJ McCollum, 26, also had a great game. However, a third man was missing to set the game for the Blazers. A LaVine 3-pointer in the end gave the Illinois team the fourth success in five games.


Eastern Conference.  Photo: NBA.

Eastern Conference. Photo: NBA.

Western Conference.  Photo: NBA.

Western Conference. Photo: NBA.

Best of Tuesday

Wednesday’s games

Play the pointer Philadelphia.  Photo: AFP:

Play the pointer Philadelphia. Photo: AFP:

21.00 (Argentine time)

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Washington Wizards
Orlando Magic vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
Indiana Pacers vs. Houston Rockets

21.30 (Argentine time)

Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics
Atlanta Hawks vs. Charlotte Hornets
New York Knicks vs. Utah Jazz

22.00 (Argentine time)

New Orleans Pelicans vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Detroit Pistons

23.00 (Argentine time)

Phoenix Suns vs. Toronto Raptors

00.00 (Argentine time)

Sacramento Kings vs. Chicago Bulls
Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Clippers


Comanegra reduces its production in 2020, to maintain the turnover of 2019

L’editorial Comanegra has reduced its production of novelties by 25% in 2020 (a proportion that will be maintained by the next Sant Jordi), by publishing 11 books less than in 2019. According to reports, despite the reduction in news, it has been able to maintain the same turnover as 2019, which was the “best year” in its history. The label recalled that the year began with the premiere of the Fernando Lara Prize awarded by the Book Chamber (which recognizes a young business initiative) and with a first quarter where they doubled the turnover of the first quarter of the previous year. “Confinements have complicated everything, and especially affected bookstores and the placement of novelties, but we have learned things and created others,” they added.

Looking ahead to 2021, the label has celebrated that the team is growing by adding one more person to the Communication area. In addition, Jordi Puig and Alba Cayón, editorial director and manager, respectively, become shareholders of Comanegra together with the Garrotxa Joan Sala i Torrent, who during this year will be the president of the Association of Publishers in Catalan Language (AELC ).

On the other hand, the publishing house will launch a new online page during the month of February, which will incorporate, in addition to the usual services, a cultural portal, the Fàbrica d’Idees, which will be a content generator independent of new publications. of Comanegra. In March they will pay tribute to Arnau Puig, who was the author, friend and councilor of the house until March 29. “He left us without being able to be fired,” they lamented.

With the trial for insults on the first book pending resolution, and after having also published Where is the Star. Catalan festivals and traditions, in September they will publish a book by L’Estel·la based on the history of Catalonia, which is already being drawn and will be “more acidic than ever”. Likewise, the label will publish in March L’endemà de la retirada, by Antoni Campañà, with the photographs he took of the passage of the republican retreat through the Empordà, in an edition by Arnau Gonzàlez i Vilalta.

The publishing house also plans to consolidate collections this year, in particular the short story collection Portàtils, which this year includes Edgar Allan Poe, with a selection by Víctor García Tur and a translation by Jordi Cussà and Anna Camps; Italo Svevo, with a selection by Francesco Ardolino and a translation by Marina Laboreo (in the first anthology of his stories in Catalan) and Colette, with the translation by Maria-Mercè Marçal of La dona amagada in 1984.

He has also consolidated the Authors collection with the essays by Capmany, Roig and Marçal, and in 2021 he will present anthologies of essays by two “central authors” such as Isabel-Clara Simó, with selection and prologue by by Núria Cadenes, and Joan Fuster, with selection and prologue by Antoni Martí Monterde.

On the other hand, Comanegra plans to publish Jordi Cussà’s new novel, El primer emperador i la reina Lluna, on 3 February; a new book from the successful series started with El gran llibre de les criatures fantàstiques and El gran llibre dels indrets fantàstics: El gran llibre dels exploradors catalans, by Joan de Déu Prats and Maria Padilla; the first winner of the Pere Calders Prize for Journalistic Essay (September); a comic by Oriol Malet dedicated to Art Brut (September); a historical essay on spies in Barcelona, ​​by Roser Messa (March); and the first novel by the Girona novelist Assum Guardiola, Blau (October), a finalist in the latest edition of the Just M. Casero Prize.