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Avenir Fund and Yandex top manager invested in CARL online car purchase service

The leading investor in the round was Abner, the company said in a statement. The investment is in the form of a convertible loan. For Avenir, this is the second investment round with CARL – in 2017 the company has already invested $ 1 million in a startup. According to SPARK-Interfax, as of June 16, 2021, the founder of the project, entrepreneur Vitaly Malykhin, owned more than 75% of Karl Rus LLC. ”, To the“ Abner ”fund – more than 24%. Malykhin confirmed to Vedomosti that the deal was completed. Among the startup’s investors, the message named Yandex’s director for new products, Dmitry Stepanov, as well as Oleg Shardin, Anton Volkov and Alexander Karpovich, who previously invested in the Miro remote work platform.

The startup was launched by Malykhin in 2016. The company offers manufacturers and car dealers to digitize the sale of cars, reducing its cost, and consumers – to buy a car through a mobile application. CARL allows you to choose a car according to more than 40 parameters, reserve a car, order a test drive anywhere in the city along a convenient route (on a trip, a potential buyer is accompanied by its own product consultant) and pay for the purchase without visiting a dealership. CARL claims that the service is synchronized with the warehouses of dealers and importers, and the car is paid for through its payment system, which minimizes acquiring costs. In this case, the client concludes a contract for the purchase and sale of a car with a car dealer.


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Noticiero Free Fire UMTIMA HORA🚨 #1 #10 #freefire #freefirememe #menes #frifair #freefair #news #noticias #winnermax #fin #theend #parati

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Coronavirus: cases, deaths and vaccinated of covid-19 in Colombia July 1 – Other Cities – Colombia

According to the report of the Ministry of Health this Thursday, July 1, in Colombia there were 28,315 new cases of covid-19 in the last hours.

This, after 123,272 tests were processed (60,798 of PCR and 62,474 of antigens).

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In the country, to date, 20,060,182 tests have been processed. Thus, Colombia reaches 4,269,297 confirmed coronavirus cases since the pandemic began in March 2020.

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On the other hand, the report shows 593 more deaths from the virus. With this update, the total number of deaths in Colombia amounts to 107,137.

In the last 24 hours, in addition, 27,918 recovered patients were reported. Thus, there are already 3,964,074 patients who, to date, have overcome covid-19 in the country.

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Total, 185,742 cases remain active in the country.

Regarding the advance of the National Vaccination Plan, the health authority reported that, with a cutoff at 11:59 pm this Wednesday, June 30, the country has applied 18,281,743 doses of the covid-19 vaccine, a figure that includes first and second doses.

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Agonizing triumph of the Sub 23 before Tokyo

The Under 23 team began their tour prior to the Tokyo Olympics in Marbella and against Denmark. Those led by Fernando Batista, who continue to prepare, ran into a rival who stood up and was minutes away from taking the victory. However, in the final stretch of the confrontation, and with a 1-0 against that seemed to consolidate, A burst of lucidity caused the Albiceleste to react and end up imposing 2-1, with goals from Ezequiel Barco from a penalty and Fausto Vera from the head.

Los del Bocha started the tour with the right foot. (Photo by Kazuhiro NOGI / AFP)

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Far from being a formality, the duel was very complex for the Argentine team that, during the first stage, starred in a dynamic match with a lot of back and forth. Both searched incessantly throughout the initial 45 ‘but could not open the scoring. Argentina was clearer in attack and showed good associated game in that sector, but it was not enough to convert.

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Already in the second half, the European squad met an early goal -at 11 minutes- from the hand of Emil Korving. Time passed and Argentina, with initiative and neatness, was looking for a tie that did not come from any route.

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However, at the end, when everything indicated that the result was not going to change again, from the 12 steps the aforementioned Barco, a former Independent man, put the equality. Y In the last of the match, after a good collective maneuver, Argentinos midfielder Fausto Vera gave the victory to those led by Bocha.


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Without rest: Rojo and Salvio practiced in Boca


Headlines: 1- Jeremías Ledesma; 13- Marcelo Herrera, 2- Nehuén Pérez, 14- Facundo Medina, 3- Claudio Bravo; 21- Martín Payero, 17- Tomás Belmonte, 7- Fernando Valenzuela, 20- Thiago Almada, 19- Agustín Urzi; 18- Ezequiel Ponce.

Changes: Vera x Belmonte; De La Vega x Valenzuela; Ortega x Bravo; Barco x Urzi; Gaich x Ponce; Colombatto x Payero; Mosevich x Pérez.


On Friday, from 11 am, the youth will make their second presentation in the framework of the preparatory tour for Tokyo, the great objective of the year. The rival on duty will be Saudi Arabia and everything indicates that Batista will rotate the starting eleven.

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