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Attention, health hazard! This food shouldn’t be on the grill

Meat, sheep’s cheese and vegetable skewers are part of a barbecue party for many. The selection of foods that can be put on the grill is huge. But some products can pose a health risk as soon as they land on the rust. Under no circumstances should you grill these goods.

Steak, sausages or plantains are popular foods for the grill. Grill fans often experiment with what can still be prepared in this way and thus become a true taste experience. But be careful! With some products, substances are formed that are considered carcinogenic.

Wiener sausages are taboo on the grill

Both cured and smoked meat must not be grilled. Because wiener sausages, ham, smoked pork and many other meat products contain nitrite curing salts. Due to the high temperatures, these can form carcinogenic substances such as nitrosamines together with the meat protein. The risk of colon cancer or esophageal cancer increases.

Meat products that you are not allowed to grill include:

  • Bockwurst
  • Meat sausage
  • Kassler
  • meatloaf
  • Ham (cooked ham, raw ham, ham), bacon
  • Wiener sausages

However, nitrite curing salts are not always clearly marked on the packaging. They are also hidden behind names such as “(iodized) table salt … preservative E250”.

When it comes to sausage products for your grill, you should therefore use products that are explicitly labeled as fried or grilled sausages. They are free from curing salts and can be cooked on the wire rack.

Do not place marinated meat directly on the wire rack

Caution should also be exercised with marinated foods. Because if the marinade or the fat drips into the embers, substances that are hazardous to health – such as benzopyrene, which is considered carcinogenic – can also arise. Although these dangerous substances are not ingested through food, they are inhaled through the rising smoke. The same effect occurs when grilling on the electric grill as soon as the fat drips onto the heating elements.

You should therefore only grill meat, sheep’s cheese and vegetables that are marinated or pickled in an aluminum bowl. This prevents fat and marinade from dripping into the embers and toxic smoke from rising – it also makes it easier for you to clean the grill later.

Acidic or salty foods

However, not all marinated foods may be cooked in the aluminum dish. For example, if your marinade contains acid or is pickled in brine, aluminum is taboo. Due to the high temperatures, both acids and salts react with the light metal and release aluminum ions. These substances are very dangerous to health and then end up in the body through food.

Do not place feta, tomatoes, salted herrings, pineapples and apples in an aluminum tray on the grill. Instead, prepare them in a special grill pan or stainless steel bowl or alternatively use the following foods:

  • Aubergine
  • Mushrooms
  • fennel
  • Potatoes
  • Maiskolben
  • Paprika
  • asparagus
  • Onions

Butter is harmful to health

Corn on the cob like to end up on the grill as a healthy alternative to the usual meat products – especially when they are served with melted butter or herb butter. So that the snack stays healthy, you have to pay attention to the correct order in preparation. That means: do not brush the flask with the butter until after grilling. The reason: some of the fatty acids in butter are very sensitive to heat. At too high temperatures they can oxidize and form carcinogenic substances. In addition, even with corn that has already been buttered on the grill, the fat can drip into the embers and cause toxic smoke. It is better to brush the hot corn with butter after grilling.

If you would like to put the vegetables on the wire rack already greased so that they stay juicy, it is better to use heat-resistant oils such as olive oil or rapeseed oil. You can also use these oils for other vegetables, as well as grilled meats and fish.

Do not use cold-pressed oils to coat the food on the grill.

Lean meat is often tough instead of tender

Lean meat such as game or veal is unsuitable for grilling. It contains too little fat and is therefore easily tough and dry.

If you are looking for alternatives to fillets and sausages, it is better to choose pieces of meat that are lightly fat.

You can grill, for example

  • Turkey / chicken
    Turkey breast fillet
    Turkey thighs
  • Rind
    Beef fillet
    Beef rump steak
    Roast beef
    Rib Eye
  • pig
    Pork schnitzel
    Pork Neck Steak
    Pork loin
    Spare Ribs
  • Lamm
    Lamb chop
    Lamb salmon

After grilling, you can cut off the fat. This makes the dish more digestible and lower in calories.

You should take it out of the refrigerator in good time so that the meat remains juicy and does not burn if it is grilled for too long. 30 minutes in advance is usually sufficient.