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CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglulike an activist to government institutions He will stand up and be a serious president. While thinking, the Chairman of IP Meral Aksener much more confident When you say “I’m going to be prime minister” All accounts were suddenly turned upside down.
Let go of power, messing around before the alliance becomes clear, 6’s February 28 Alliance Desk started to shake.
A small move by the power front, the changes in the election law were enough to shake that table.
“The table is also a table, huh? He didn’t say that to me to the load
A couple of swayed
Man, my father was putting it on”
Unfortunately, the political table set up by the opposition, the poet Edip Cansever‘in “desk” It wasn’t as durable.
It was shaken with a move, and crackling sounds began to be heard. Because that table was not only the spirit bearing the traces of February 28, but also its feet were not solid.
The first voice is from the weakest leg of the table, DP Chairman Gultekin Docilecame from
DocileIn his three-point tweet, he warns the Deva and Future Parties, which were established to dent the AK Party, and openly, “In the 20-year AK Party period, those who share the responsibility” He said he couldn’t be a candidate.
So, why did the weakest leg of the alliance make this exit?
There was no apparent reason. But there is a completely different truth behind it: Docile, Mansur SlowHe wanted the table to fall apart so that .
He wanted to, because among those who support Yavaş in Ankara, ATO Deputy Chairman Halil Ibrahim YilmazThe power centers, including . Ankara Metropolitan Municipality AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Murat KoseAccording to Yilmaz, Mansur Slow puts a lot of effort into it.
Umit Ozdag pointed to this preparation and bombarded the 6-way table by saying Yavaş’s candidacy.
When the table wobbled with these outlets, the malfunction in the second leg was also revealed. This time CHP’s “Wise man” said SP General President Basis Karamollaoglu stepped in and spoke of a new alliance: “Third Alliance, because of the new electoral law it could be.”
Thus, a small move by the government would break the memorization of the 6 alliance, and the table would begin to shake. As a matter of fact, this situation is the result of two political actors waiting in ambush. Ekrem Imamoglu ve Mansur SlowIt was working for him. If the table is dispersed, those who want the presidential candidacy very much Kılıçdaroğlu’nun hinderIt would be much easier to look for candidates other than party leaders.
All signs point to these two mayors. In fact, although the table continues, this possibility is not disabled. The presidential candidacy of Kılıçdaroğlu or a similar candidate will not be easy. Imamoglu openly “o makama” He was preparing from the very beginning, and Yavaş was conducting his work in a much more secretive way…
It seems that as the elections approach, the fight between the candidates on the opposition front will deepen. Both these two mayors will clash and these two mayors will mobilize the media against candidates like Kılıçdaroğlu other than themselves. Especially Imamoglu has yet to support fund media not activated. When that media comes into play, Mine BrokenwingWe will see that the files hinted by will also be opened.
Meanwhile, the accelerating “ambassadors traffic” should not be taken lightly either. The process that brought Kılıçdaroğlu to the head of the CHP and the ambassadors’ traffic these days are very similar. Honestly, at the last moment of his political life, he wanted the presidency very much. Kilicdaroglu I’m not sure if he’s sleeping comfortably.

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