Syrian Kurds are regularly attacked by Turkey, as they tell their partners in Russia and the United States. Bassam Saker, a representative of the Syrian Democratic Council in the United States, spoke about such complaints and assistance from Moscow and Washington, quoted by RIA Novosti.

We are talking about regular shelling, in addition, the Turkish side is using drones. Attacks are also targeted at civilians. The Kurds have repeatedly told both the US State Department and Russia about this.

“I believe that Ankara is violating the agreement (…) that they will never fire, invade and attack us. Therefore, Russia and the United States must understand what is happening and why Turkey has violated this agreement, ”Saker said.

The representative of the Syrian Democratic Council means, in particular, the agreement between the Russian and Turkish presidents Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, concluded in October 2019. According to him, the parties to the agreement must facilitate the withdrawal of Kurdish armed formations and their weapons 30 kilometers from the Syrian-Turkish border.

The Syrian civil war began in March 2011. The main participants in the conflict are government forces on the side of President Bashar al-Assad, the moderate opposition and Islamist groups. The Russian military has repeatedly intervened in battles between the government army and Kurdish groups.

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