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The Guardian’s denunciation: Kurdish forces release jihadists captured after the defeat of the Islamic State

Isis militants freed by Kurdish military forces in exchange for money and bribes. It takes place in three prisons in Rojava (as the Kurds in north-eastern Syria define their autonomous region), where about 10,000 guerrillas of the Caliphate militias are still imprisoned. Hard and pure jihadists, who fought under the orders of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and many of them captured in March 2019 during the final battle of Baghouz. The British newspaper Guardian he spoke to two of them, who reveal several details of the liberation.

Abu Jafar, who obviously claims he never killed or perpetrated any violence, says he paid $ 8,000 to Kurdish officers to be admitted to the “reconciliation” program, which then allowed him to be released along with his wife and children who were detained in the large Al Hol concentration camp. But he also adds that he has shelled out another $ 22,000 in bribes to get the case started. He and his family then reached the area controlled by Sunni militias around the Syrian city of Idlib and soon obtained permission to enter Turkey.. A very similar account is made by Abu Muhammad, with the addition of an accurate description of the terrible conditions of detention in Hasakah prison.where, according to him, torture is applied regularly. The spokesman for the Kurdish forces, Farhad Shami, denies there is any program for the liberation of the militants of Isis still considered dangerous, let alone that this happens in exchange for money.

On the other hand, the Rojava authorities have long since released prisoners who are believed to have “no blood on their hands” to try to reduce the cost of their detention. However, the story returns to remember the problem of Isis prisoners in the hands of the Kurds. To the approximately 8,000 Syrian and Iraqi militants are added 2,000 foreigners judged to be dangerous and tens of thousands of women and children still closed in Al Hol. What to do with them? For some time the Kurds have been asking for help from the international community without getting answers.

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