Syktyvkarka infected her partner with HIV and will spend a year in the colony-settlement “BNK

The woman knew about her illness, but she decided not to tell the man about it.

Photo from the BNK archive

The Syktyvkar city court has considered a criminal case against a resident of the capital of Komi.

The court found that the defendant, knowing reliably that she was infected with HIV, did not warn the victim, who was not infected, about the presence of the above disease, while regularly engaging with him in unprotected sexual intercourse, as a result of which she infected the victim with HIV -infection.

By a court verdict, the guilty person was sentenced to 1 year of imprisonment in a penal colony.

Also, the court’s verdict satisfied the civil claim of the victim to recover from the defendant a sum of 300,000 rubles in compensation for moral damage.

The verdict has not entered into legal force.


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