SWR Volontärin Helena Stössel #DeineVolos


Coffee or tea?

# grüntee4life

I am at home there

No matter where we land
My home is not a place
This is you: my family!

As for the matter: I did that before the traineeship

As a musicologist, manager and journalist, I shot words and music intravenously into my head and heart.

I think that’s best in the southwest

“A budder pretzel, a pretzel with budder”
(MC Bruddaal, you say it!)

Knowledge of my planet

Let’s look at all books like “RACISM – Structural Problems Need Structural Solutions!” inhale by Natasha A. Kelly.

Tell the truth: after the broadcast ends …

I’ll take a lap Teddy aka Antoine Burtz aka Percy aka Lohan Cohan aka Ernst Riedler aka Carlos purely and the day has gin again.

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