A pack with 9.3 kilos of chocolate bars as a gift for stopping Italy. It is the gift that the Swiss, a few days after qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, he madenorthern Ireland for the 0-0 in Belfast which sentenced the Azzurri to the play-offs. Allowing the Swiss to board the plane for Qatar as early as November.

In the video the coach of Switzerland, Murat Yakin, prepare a package that contains 9.3 kilos of chocolate, the house specialty, in bars. With the uniform of his national team, humming “Sweet Caroline”, a song often sung by fans of Windsor Park in Belfast, he closes the box and writes the address of the Irish Football Association on a piece of paper.

World playoffs: here are Italy’s possible opponents

by Franco Vanni

The quantity chosen by Yakin is not accidental, but it is a tribute to the 93 minutes of concentration thanks to which the Northern Irishmen held back the European champions of Italy without conceding them the goal. The Swiss Federation has thus kept the promise made on Twitter to Northern Ireland on the eve of the match with Italy. A nice video that helps to increase the desire of the blues to win a place at the World Cup. Even without chocolate, the flight to Qatar would have a sweet taste.


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