Black Friday, which will be held on Friday, November 26, is the most important shopping day of the year, says Demoscope, the institute specializing in market surveys which publishes this Monday the results of its representative survey commissioned by Thus, like in other years, a turnover of 500 million francs is expected.

However, to avoid the desertion of stores, physical or online, the rest of the month, merchants make, year after year, more and more enticing offers throughout the month of November. “Many online merchants are increasingly trying to make the whole month of November a shopping event. Traders even started selling good deals the week after Black Friday under the name of Cyber Week», Comments Julian Zrotz of

As a result, only one in six people shopped during the last BlackFriday. A third of the consumers questioned regretted their purchase, two thirds among 15-34 year olds. However, overconsumption must be put into perspective because 70% of customers indicate that they have only bought items that they really need.

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