Switch to Unreal Engine delayed release

Survival MMO The Day Before is eagerly awaited by fans. Due to the switch to Unreal Engine 5, the release has now been delayed by nine months.

An image from the zombie MMO The Day Before. – Mytona


the essentials in brief

  • Fans of games like Tom Clancy’s The Division are looking forward to the MMO The Day Before.
  • This should actually have been released on June 23 for the PC and next-gen consoles.
  • Due to the switch to Unreal Engine 5, development has now been delayed by nine months.

The developers at Fntastic have good news and bad news for the long-awaited survival MMO The Day Before. The good first: Thanks to the new Unreal Engine 5 technology, the open world game will probably be even more advanced.

But that leads to bad news for everyone who was looking forward to playing the zombie adventure in June: Due to the change in development, the release of the game has been delayed considerably.

The game will be released nine months later, on March 1, 2023, instead of June 23, 2022 as planned. The makers revealed this exclusively to the US magazine IGN.

That should disappoint many gamers. After all, The Day Before has 165,000 followers on Steam. Many others must have been looking forward to playing the Tom Clancy’s The Division-esque game on next-gen consoles.

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