Switch to 35.5 hours of work per week: Véran rejects the proposal of Modem deputies

The government spokesperson rejected, this Sunday on “BFM Politique”, the proposed amendment envisaged by Modem deputies to increase the weekly working week by 30 minutes to finance the pension system.

A firm answer. Government spokesman Olivier Véran reacted this Sunday in “BFM Politique” to the amendment envisaged by Modem deputies and intended to increase weekly working time. According to them, the project should make it possible to finance the pension system.

“We are not going to go back to the 35-hour system”, firmly condemned Olivier Véran on our antenna.

“I would rather be inclined not to open the weekly working time project when we are already in a project which concerns pensions”, he added.

“At least” 2 billion savings according to the Modem

According to Le Figaro, Modem deputies want to table an amendment to return to the 35-hour week. They want to increase the working week to 35.5 hours.

The goal for elected officials? Finance the pension system, while the executive plans in particular to push back the legal retirement age to 64 years.

The deputies intend in particular to “lower the discount for small pensions and chopped careers” in this way, according to the boss of the Modem group in the National Assembly Jean-Paul Mattei. The elected officials claim that the measure would make it possible to save “at least” 2 billion.

The patron saint of Renaissance deputies also against

The measure does not arouse more enthusiasm among the Renaissance deputies, allies of the Modem in the presidential majority, according to information from the Figaro. The boss of the deputies of the majority is clear on the subject: “it is not envisaged to open the question of the legal duration of working time”, she decides with the daily.

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The proposal reveals a new dissonance on this project which must obtain a majority by drawing from the center but also from the right. A dozen Republican (LR) deputies already assured last week that they did not want to vote for the project as it stands.

Unsurprisingly, on the left side, the Modem proposal is widely decried. “Retirement at 64 is not enough for them. They want to abolish the 35 hours. And tomorrow, the end of paid leave?”, Annoyed on Twitter the national secretary of the Communist Party, Fabien Roussel.

“Their project: to dismantle one by one all the social conquests of the last 50 years”, denounces for his part the ecologist deputy Benjamin Lucas on the social network.



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