One or the other iPhone user wanted to do this, and now a student from Switzerland is showing his own concept of an iPhone with a USB-C connection that can be used both for charging and for transferring data. For this, however, he sat on the project for months, disassembling various Lightning and USB-C cables and gradually digging out interfering components from his iPhone X so that his connection solution would ultimately fit into the device. A first prototype was made in May, but it still had to be placed outside the device because it was simply too big.

In the video, the student shows his iPhone how it can not only be charged with the USB-C port, but also how data can be transferred with it. You can also see how he gradually creates his own connection, including using the 3D printing process, using information that he has received via reverse engineering on the Apple C94 connector.

The EU Commission wants to at least ensure that uniform charging connections for all smartphones become standard, which in the end could also lead Apple to discard its Lightning port and instead install a USB-C port on the iPhone . The current iPhone 13 device series is at least still based on Lightning and in the foreseeable future Apple will certainly not change anything for the time being.

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