Jamal Lewis sees red against the Swiss national team after 37 minutes – because of time play! The Northern Irish are pissed off. That’s what the two coaches say about the game.

Ian Baraclough, Northern Ireland coach, after the 2-0 defeat by the Swiss national team. – Nau.ch

the essentials in brief

  • The Northern Irish coach Ian Baraclough criticized the referee after the Switzerland game.
  • Because he takes too much time with the throw-in, Jamal Lewis flies off the field with yellow-red.
  • Nati coach Murat Yakin didn’t understand what was happening at first either.

“I will not say what I think.” Northern Ireland coach Ian Baraclough is ugly after the World Cup qualifying game against the Swiss national team. For almost an hour, the “Green and White Army” had to play ten people in the 2-0 defeat. The referee sends Jamal Lewis off after 37 minutes with yellow and red – because of time play.

This delay in the throw-in leads to a red card in the game between the Swiss national team and Northern Ireland. – SRF

At the press conference, Baraclough commented: “You cannot give a second yellow card without giving the player a final verbal warning.” Perhaps the referee was “impressed by the Swiss players or the audience”. He thinks the referee simply forgot that Jamal Lewis had already received a warning.

Do you think the second yellow card against Jamal Lewis is fair?

Baraclough becomes clearer a short time later in an interview with “Sky Sports”: There the coach speaks of an “absolutely diabolical decision that changed the course of the game.”

Murat Yakin, coach of the Swiss national team, at the press conference. – Nau.ch

The red card also caused confusion for a short time with the coach of the Swiss national team, Murat Yakin. “It happened a little too quickly for me, I didn’t even realize it. My staff members jumped up, I wanted to calm them down. “

But he believes that the red card did not have a major impact on the course of the game. «We played very powerfully even before the red card. That wasn’t decisive for the match. “

It was more important that the second gate was found. Overall, Yakin is more than happy with the performance of his team. “Today it was a pleasure to watch.”

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