Swiss artist projects art onto icebergs

How beautiful and at the same time fragile the Arctic is – that is what Gerry Hofstetter (59) would like to show with his light art. “Together with the Antarctic and the Amazon rainforest, the Arctic forms the heart and lungs of our planet,” says the light artist. He wants to spread this awareness.

For this he has the support of the Avatar Leya Love on his expedition to the North Pole. An avatar is an animated, artificial person who is mostly at home in the virtual world. But Leya Love blurs the boundaries between the virtual and the real world: As a central role in Hofstetter’s projection motifs, she will be there live in the Arctic. Developed in 2020 by the Swiss company Cosmiq Universe, Love leads the #WorldAwarenessMovement on social media. Your mission is to bring more love, awareness and sustainability to the world. Leya Love shares these values ​​with the community of over 300,000 followers.



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