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The World Cup in Budapest closes and will be remembered as one of the most prolific for Italnuoto and as that of the generational change with the triumphs of the “boys of 2000” or thereabouts, Martinenghi, Ceccon and Pilato. It closes with all expectations for the final day and with the possibility of equaling, at least in numerical terms, Gwangju in terms of podiums. Then they were ottothere is an opportunity to match or even do better con a last day that presents a lot of Italy in the tub with excellent chances to aim high.


A record will certainly not be beaten, at most equaled, that of the places in the final conquered by the Italian expedition: in Gwangju there were 23, in Budapest at most they could be 23 again. but it must also be said that in numerical terms the Budapest expedition is less numerous than that of 2019 and therefore the ratio of athletes present to finalists will certainly be higher this year.

The final day as always presents only finals in the last session, and what endings! We start with the men’s 50 backstroke, a race that Thomas Ceccon has never particularly loved but in which he could get a lot of satisfaction, given his fitness and ideal physical condition. To beat the American Ress, but there will be surprises, as always in single-tank competitions. Italy also protagonist in the 50 breaststroke women. Here Benedetta Pilato can aim for the maximum. She is the world record holder, she is the world champion of the 100, in the first rounds she impressed with the rhythm and fluidity of the swim. Danger number one comes from South Africa Van Niekerkanother specialist of this race but also pay attention to possible surprises from the side lanes.

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Gregorio Paltrinieri is more and less in the same condition as last year in Tokyo: a 1500 style in the dark as it was in the dark, with so much suffering in the batteries, the 800 that gave him silver in Japan. A shot will try to beat him even if the condition in the pool is not ideal. For middle-distance runners, the close double engagement is a problem e Paltrinieri can only have focused on the European Championship at home, where he will try to exalt the Roman public. It is a crystalline class sample: the shot in the barrel can have it, even if in the battery it gave the impression of being on the hook. He will invent something, with the risk of having to pull the oars in the boat against a lot of opponents who now all have something more than him in the last two pools: Finke, Wellbrock, Romanchuk and Martens. A podium from Modena, at this moment, would be a surprise.

There will be no Italians at the start of the 50 freestyle women, with Sarah Sjoestroem the favorite part but you will have to watch from the Americans and the Polish Wasick that can put her in difficulty and there will be no Italy even in the last individual final, the 400 mixed women, probable “last dance” at home by Iron Lady Katinka Hosszu. Open field with the Japanese Olympic champion Ohashi who does not look his best, while the very young Canadian McIntosh could grant yet another magic of an unforgettable World Cup. Do not underestimate the Americans Weyant and Grimes.

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In closing there are two mixed relays e in the men, Italy has great hopes of getting on the podium and, why not, also of winning. The blue formation can count on world champion of 100 backstroke and 100 breaststroke, its one credible butterfly, where the goal will be not to lose too much ground compared to rivals, Australia and the USA above all, and finally on a free style from the world final (if it will focus on Miressi), or from playoff for the world final, Lorenzo Zazzeri should be the one to close the relay.

Italy from the final in the women’s mixed 4 × 100 where the blue will be able to fight for the positions just below the podium. The training should consist of Margherita Panziera, who will have to try not to lose too much ground from the 100 specialists, Benedetta Pilato, 100 world champion, Elena Di Liddo, who knows how to exalt herself in the relay despite an imperfect condition, and Silvia Di Pietro, who did well in the relay race in the mixed 4 × 100. A very good result can come out.

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