“During the holidays, I sometimes take my neighbors with them on trips to the surrounding lakes. It really bothers me when people in their original state, as nature created them, go into the water and stroll up and down on the beach. Unfortunately, you do not know beforehand where such people appear. Can you do something about it? It doesn’t have to be that way.

From a purely legal point of view, you could have the nude bathers referred to your area if you have not found them on a designated nudist beach. Being naked near citizens who feel disturbed by it is an administrative offense.

However, this kind of referral is quite theoretical. Because you wouldn’t call the police on a remote forest lake if you even have cell phone reception there. Especially since you want to save the children of the neighborhood from having such an appearance.

If you could actually get the police there, the naked bathers would have to expect to leave the beach. They may even have to pay a fine. If you wanted to do this, you could be at the beginning of a Sisyphean work. Because you can currently only come to Berlin’s outdoor pools with a pre-booked ticket and, for organizational reasons, they are not offered for naturists, you could meet supporters of naturism from time to time in the surrounding area.

It would be easier to talk to the parents of the neighboring children as to whether the sight of nude bathers is reasonable for the children. The old Berlin saying “ignore jar” best helps here. Just don’t look, the parents could already tell their children to go to the swimming area.

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If you repeatedly encounter the same free bodies, another trick could help. Make a note of three addresses of designated nudist bathing spots and print them out several times. You can push the notes into the hands of the nude bathers, if that doesn’t cost you too much effort. Some people just don’t have a problem awareness. Helping you in this way can lead to the goal.

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