Miguel Arrobas will be the new deputy of the CDS-PP. Arrobas was number nine on the Lisbon CDS lists. Directly, he will replace Ana Rita Bessa. However, a number of other names had to get out of the way for Arrobas to enter Parliament: Isabel Galriça Neto, Sebastião Bugalho, Diogo Moura and Orísia Roque.

Miguel Arrobas – who, according to the current leader of the parliamentary bench, has already accepted the place – is an Olympic athlete, open water swimmer, competitor in swimming supermarathons and current municipal director of the Cascais City Council. Lawyer, 47 years old, is married and has seven children. So many because, as he told the Observer in January of this year, “he has a lot of hope for the future.” In 2017, Notícias Magazine was reporting on Miguel and his family, reporting that they lived in Sintra, near Praia das Maçãs, with a series of animals: dogs, donkeys, ducks and chickens.

In 1992, at just 17 years old, Arrobas was already participating in the Olympic Games in Barcelona. In 2008 he broke the world record in crossing the English Channel and in 2011 he became the first Portuguese to finish the Manhattan Island Swim: a marathon swimming around the island of Manhattan. In 2015 he made the crossing between the islands of São Jorge and Pico, in the Azores – a route with a length of 20 kilometers. Three years later, still in the Azores, the new MP of the CDS-PP made a swim across the sea that separates the islands of Corvo and Flores: 4 hours and 54 minutes swimming for a solidarity end with the children of Bangladesh. Last summer, despite being 47 years old, Arrobas became the first human being – of which there are records – to complete a complete circumference around the island of Corvo. Arrobas made a time of 4h56m, swimming between 18 and 19 kilometers.

Finally, the skein that determined who would be the next deputy of the CDS-PP is unfolded. Remember that the imbroglio began when Ana Rita Bessa – whom Miguel will replace – left Parliament denouncing the bad relationship between the leadership and the parliamentary group. “The relationship with the parliamentary group is, to say the least, fortuitous. There is no consistent work. There are no meetings, the atmosphere is disconnected», he told Expresso. After the announcement of Ana Rita Bessa’s departure, Telmo Correia – leader of the CDS parliamentary group – announced Bugalho’s entrance. However, less than 48 hours later, Bugalho would end up announcing that, after all, he would not be a deputy, citing reasons of “political circumstances [do CDS] and professionals’. In between, Isabel Galriça Neto (direct successor of Ana Rita Bessa) rejected due to the fact that she was the most recent president of the Municipal Assembly of Lisbon, Diogo Moura refused because he was elected to the executive of Coins and Orísia Roque, aged 87, he refused because he had no interest in returning to Parliament.


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