Swedish scientists have named diseases that double the risk of dementia

Dementia does not appear suddenly, but develops over years. Its first signs can be identified with the help of special cognitive tests. And only after a fairly long period of time, obvious symptoms appear: memory impairment, inability to take care of oneself. In the case of dementia, it is easier to prevent than to stop. Therefore, it is so important to monitor your health, especially for people with diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. Because cardiometabolic diseases double the risk of cognitive impairment.

The Swedish study involved 2,500 older people, over 60, without dementia.

“Participants were followed for 12 years through physical examinations and cognitive tests,” the scientists explained how the observation was conducted in the journal. Alzheimer’s & Dementia. “Having more than one cardiometabolic disorder doubled the risk of cognitive impairment and dementia, speeding up their development by two years. The magnitude of the risk increased with the increase in the number of diseases.

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