A DNA test, carried out in a completely different context, allowed a young Spanish woman to realize that her parents were not her biological parents. Exchanged by mistake at birth with another baby, she claims compensation.

It is a hell of a puzzle, which Spanish justice faces, with the complaint of a young woman of 19, who claims three million euros in the face of the damage she considers to have suffered, because of a “human error” having led to an exchange when she had just been born in the maternity hospital.

The events took place in 2002, at the San Millan hospital in Logroño, in the province of Rioja in northern Spain. Two little girls, born only a few hours apart and placed in incubators, were swapped. This error was discovered fifteen years later.

Damage that nothing can repair

In a context of family conflict in one of the young women, a DNA test reveals that none of the parents of her are genetically linked to her. She believes that this exchange has seriously harmed her and is now claiming three million euros in compensation for the damage suffered.

“This is immense damage, which will last a lifetime and will never be repairable,” his lawyer responded to AFP.

An error that could no longer occur?

The difficulty in this case: it is impossible to trace a fault. “We could not determine who was at the origin of this error, the computer systems of the time not having as many details as today”, notably justified the regional head of Health who affirms that ‘currently, such an error could no longer occur.

The lawyer for the young woman said that the results of the DNA tests of the other family are not yet known. The health authorities, for their part, are only prepared to pay 215,000 €, but before deciding the question of the amount of compensation, the magistrates will have to question the merits of the case, which could lead to a correction of the civil status. .

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