swallow mill wheels

swallow mill wheels

Manuel Castro M.

There are things that it is impossible to swallow or commune. But the “seer” president of the Unitary Front of Workers, FUT, “demands” that the Constitutional Court admit the report approved by the National Assembly to initiate the political trial of the President of the Republic. The absurdity is that the requirements are not yet met, worse to get the issue to the Constitutional Court, to admit a trial against the head of state. To the basket the logic and legal analysis of the matter. It’s like demanding a divorce before getting married, because the grounds are in the law.

The Clan del Golfo drug traffickers assert that they are willing to negotiate peace with the Government of Colombia. Only Petro can believe that they are going to leave the only business they have, drug trafficking, and go home to enjoy peace without means.. It is as if a banker gave up his bank, which gives him good profits, to counterfeit bills so as not to leave the house or a taxi driver who gave away the tires of his car so as not to run over a pedestrian.

Maduro and Ortega assert that they “unite” for the sovereignty of the peoples against the oligarchies. They forget their people who live in oppression, misery, immobility, and lack legitimate and transparent elections, when sovereignty resides in the people. Such dictators band together to stay in power and seize their wealth permanently. Their goal is to end democracy. Maduro highlights the “prosperity and development” of Venezuela while Ortega closes 19 universities.

The Nicaraguan regime closes the main business organizations and 16 NGOs alleging “alleged irregularities of an administrative nature.” Most of those exiled by that country to the United States are members of these organizations. The government simply wants to seize the assets of such organizations.

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And the worst wheel that the fugitive Correa, the communist Iza and Nebot try to make us swallow with their inexplicable alliance with Correa, It is their supposed love for the people, when they don’t even love each other, but hate Lasso and because of that ignoble passion they promote chaos and the backwardness of the country.



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