SVP-Dettling also attacks Berset after turbo openings

In the “Arena” for the Federal Council’s big opening step, Alain Berset had to parry attacks from the right. But there is also criticism from the left.

the essentials in brief

  • Federal Councilor Alain Berset faced criticism from the parties in the “Arena”.
  • For his balance after two years of pandemic, there were bad grades, especially from the right.
  • Federalism is also heavily criticized by the left and green.

The Federal Council announced a return to normality this week and lifted almost all measures related to the pandemic. Now it’s about coming to terms with the past two years and learning from them. Federal Councilor Alain Berset emphasized this in advance, over a beer with

In the “Arena”, the party leaders support the opening steps. SP co-president Mattea Meyer would have liked more consideration for people at risk. For example, with a mask requirement in shops. Here they now hope for “the solidarity of the SVP”.

The SVP, represented by party leadership member Marcel Dettling, would have liked the mask requirement to be lifted on public transport. He attributes the large opening steps to his party: “The decision was also made under pressure from the SVP.”

Alain Berset: There was a tendency to badmouth everyone

On the show, Dettling was the only one who believed that the Federal Council had not mastered the pandemic well. The National Council admits that there have already been good things. “But there were always things where the Federal Council massively overshot the target, but we resisted.” His party has always intervened when the government has gone too far and has often brought about a correction.

As examples of this he cites the “Beizen for Büezer” and the open ski areas that the Federal Council wanted to close. Health Minister Alain Berset counters that that was never the plan. There was a lot of criticism and also a tendency to badmouth everything, says the Minister of Health. This is unfair: “We have never had curfews, always opened up a liberal path and faster than others,” he defended politics in the “Arena”.

SVP-Dettling, on the other hand, is certain that direct democracy has saved Switzerland from even more exaggerated measures. “The Federal Council always knew that if he exaggerated, he had the people against him.” According to Berset, the government had always known about the possibility of a referendum, and that was what guided them.

Grünen-Glättli in “Arena”: Federalism not capable of crisis

Federalism was also a big topic during the pandemic. According to Greens President Balthasar Glättli, however, this has proven to be “not crisis-proof”. Federalism also means that the cantons are allowed to do something on their own responsibility. “But responsibility was always delegated to the Federal Council when unpleasant decisions had to be made.”

From Mattea Meyer’s point of view, too, federalism “rather didn’t help”. It was often a “cacophony” about “who is responsible now. She was pushed back and forth.” The Federal Council often made decisions two weeks too late, while it would have been four to six weeks for the cantons.

Glättli: “The Federal Council has shown more backbone than many cantonal governments.” However, he criticizes the lack of preparation for the Corona autumn: “We have had two missed summers.”

How do you rate the Federal Council’s corona policy in general?

According to Federal Councilor Berset, people had to breathe easy in the summer. He largely defends the corona policy in the “Arena”, but also admits mistakes: “In the second wave, in autumn 2020, we acted too late.” In part, however, he also passes on the blame: “In a federal system, you shouldn’t expect everything from the Federal Council.”

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