Looking back on the past two years, the members were presented with solid financial management, the reorientation of the organization, including a full-time managing director, the new association structure and the investments made. As part of the general meeting, it was also decided to intensify member recruitment.

“This member offensive is very important to us because we want to put the association on an even broader membership base,” emphasizes Roland Daxl, new President and CFO of SV Guntamatic Ried. “I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the unanimous election of the Executive Board. The path we have chosen has thus been confirmed and appreciated by our members. Our members know that our association is in responsible hands. Personally, I am very happy about the election as President of SV Guntamatic Ried. It is a great honor for me to succeed Honorary President Hans Willminger after a long period without a president, “said Daxl.

Daxl as a “clear face to the outside”

“My thanks go to the entire board of SV Ried, who managed to bring the club through the second division with enormous solidarity and great intensity and to position SV Ried even more broadly after its recovery,” explains SVR managing director Rainer Wllinger . The unanimous re-election of the board of directors will ensure continuity in the association in the next two years. “It makes me proud that we can continue on the path we have chosen together with all employees, volunteers and our great fans and sponsors. It was also very important for us that we were able to fill the position of President. With Roland Daxl we have now again a clear face on the outside. He is a more than worthy president. Without him, the club would not be in the positive situation we are in at the moment, “said Wllinger.

The confirmed board of directors of SV Guntamatic Ried:

  • Roland Daxl (President and Chief Financial Officer)
  • Thomas Gahleitner (Vice President and Chief Infrastructure Officer)
  • Karl Wagner (Organizational board)
  • Robert Tremel (Board of Directors for Legal Matters)
  • Maximilian Schmidt (Board of Directors for Young Talent)
  • Wolfgang Benezeder (Board Member for Development)

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