suspicious incident| Gold remains at 1,000 pounds per gram.. Prices have gone mad

Our people in Upper Egypt, when a catastrophe or calamity occurs to them, they say, “A suspicious incident,” and we will say it after the gold prices became obsolete, so a gram of gold became 1,000 pounds, with workmanship, and a friend of 24 karat.

As for 21 karat gold, which concerns most people, it remains at 900 pounds per gram, and of course these prices are astronomical, and very high, blocking the same for anyone who intends to buy from buying.

Although the gold exchange and gold shops are their official holiday today, this is what refreshed gold from rising and jumping for this high price, as gold does not have a catalog, nor does it walk on a base.

And the price of gold rose today by two pounds, in the price of various calibers, and not only 21 karat, and this rise caused a case

Astonishment of the citizens, and almost no one will buy the gold of these days except for the forced grooms.

These are the gold prices today in the goldsmiths’ shops, which will be light, but without the price of workmanship.

Gold prices today

– 24 karat price reached 950 pounds.

– 21 caliber reached 830 pounds.

– 18 caliber jumped to 711 pounds,

– The price of the gold pound ranged from 6,624 to 6,640 pounds.

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