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“Intuition is the suspension of logic due to impatience.”


It is not surprising that the first district judge of Yucatan, Adrián Novelo Pérez, has issued a definitive suspension for section 5 of the Mayan Train. This part of the project does not have an Environmental Impact Statement (MIA), which, by law, the builder must submit to the environmental authority, which must approve it before the execution of a work.

President López Obrador has done everything he can to prevent this and other requirements from being applied to his personal works. He has attacked the judges who grant amparos and has ordered that his financial situation be investigated. He has issued an agreement, the so-called decree, so that his projects are considered of public interest and national security and do not have to submit to legal criteria, such as those annoying environmental manifestations. Even so, the definitive suspension of this May 30 complicates the execution of one of the emblematic projects of the President, who wants to conclude it in a hurry.

The Government of and do not come to me with that story that the law is the law has declared that the work will continue despite the suspension. Fonatur released on May 30 a statement entitled: Work on the Mayan Train will continue for the pride of the people of Mexico. The document indicates that the judicial suspension on the work of the Mayan Train in Section 5 South is final only until the Environmental Impact Statement of the project, currently in process, is fully resolved.

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The Government, effectively, will be able to reverse the suspension if it presents an MIA authorized by the Ministry of the Environment, which will not be difficult due to the dependence of the dependency on the presidential wishes, but it will also have to convince the judge that the requirements have been fulfilled. requirements for the work. The legislation, however, has already been violated. In its article 28, the General Law of Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection establishes that works like this will require prior authorization in terms of environmental impact. Previously means before, not during execution, much less after.

All infrastructure works generate environmental damage. The purpose of the MIA is not to guarantee that none will occur, since this would close the doors to any project, but rather to limit the damage and carry out mitigation works. In the case of the Mayan Train, much of the damage has already been done.

The President has not stopped his chant against the citizens who have promoted this and other protections. We are going to go to another instance -he said yesterday- or appeals are going to be presented so that the amparo does not proceed, because it is unfounded. This is a political issue of those who do not want the work to be carried out. They are pseudo-environmentalists financed by large companies, especially tourism, and also by foreign governments. There are environmentalists financed by the United States Government. More Claudio X. González and those of the Mexico association in favor of corruption [sic]. He added: We are sure that the work will continue.

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The MIA is not the only previous study that the Mayan Train lacks. For example, an economic feasibility study was never done. We don’t know if it will be profitable or not, how many passengers and cargo it will carry, how much it will have to charge for its services, what its market will be. The work is the product of a personal decision, with no more environmental manifestation than a ceremony of reparation to Mother Earth, nor more economic study than the President’s intuition. What could go wrong?


The Government of the Forbidden to ban banned vapers yesterday. We already know what will happen. A black market will emerge for these products that the US FDA says make it easier for many smokers to quit. In Mexico it will be legal to smoke, but not to vape.



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