The suspect of the coup by pulling the female doctor’s hair was arrested for “intentional simple injury due to his duty to a public official”. The suspect defended himself, saying, “I was unconscious.”

Esma Demir, a doctor working in the Emergency Service of Istanbul Pendik State Hospital, on 17 November. A woman named was attacked.

Pulling the young doctor’s hair, the attacker forcibly left with the intervention of the security guards.

M.İ., who was taken into custody after the incident, was transferred to the Anatolian Palace of Justice in Kartal after his procedures at the police station.


In his interrogation at the court, the suspect said that he did not intentionally injure, “I was unconscious, it’s not something I would ever do. I am also a nurse. My doctor lady had given me an IV, there was no one on my side. Meanwhile, I removed the serum. I remember the doctor lady saying, ‘He has taken out this serum, am I going to deal with it’. I don’t know exactly what I did after saying that. I demand a trial without detention.” said.

Prosecutor’s Office, suspect M.İ. “intentional simple injury due to duty to public official” He was sent to the Anatolian Criminal Judgeship of Peace with a request for his arrest.

The moment of attack on the doctor in the emergency room in Pendik VIDEO


The judge decided to arrest the suspect Mi, on the grounds that there was concrete evidence that the crime had been committed, that the act had been carried out without any reason, and that the suspect had committed it during his duty against the doctor who was performing his public duties.


On the other hand, the statements of the complainant doctor Esma Demir at the police station appeared.

The young doctor said that he worked as a general practitioner at Pendik State Hospital, “On the day of the incident M.I. The woman named was taken to the observation room. The patient attacked me from behind after removing the vascular access in his arm in the observation room. He tangled my hair in his hand and plucked my hair, it hurt me. The person continued his aggressive actions. The security forces neutralized the attacker.” said.

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