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Younes S. (21) will appeal against the eight-year prison sentence that he was imposed on Friday by the court in Rotterdam. He was convicted of his involvement in burglaries and two robberies, including the failed robbery of football analyst René van der Gijp. His lawyer Veerle Hammerstein announced this on Friday.

S. was sentenced to a prison sentence of seven years. Of the eight suspects, S. received the longest prison sentence.

Van der Gijp was attacked on April 27, 2020 by three men in white masks when he returned home in Dordrecht after a television broadcast. They slammed the armored windows on both sides of his car with hammers, but eventually fled with no loot. Van der Gijp suspects that the perpetrators were after his Rolex watch.

The conviction of S. is based, among other things, on telecom data. He had 95 notes in his phone of license plates, addresses, and watches. According to the court, on the night of the crime, his telephone was beamed on a transmission tower near Dordrecht, along with a telephone belonging to a man who has already been convicted of complicity.

S. received a prison sentence of one year in 2020, of which three months were suspended. He was the driver of the robbers.

Suspect involved in four crimes

According to the court, S. was involved in four crimes, including an armed robbery in Ridderkerk in February 2020. A Rolex with an Arabic dial and a telephone were stolen. The victim was tied up and held at gunpoint. According to the justice system, the Rolex was sold for 45,000 euros in Antwerp immediately after.

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S. is the only one of the eight convicted suspects who received a higher sentence than had been demanded. This is due to the multiplicity and seriousness of the facts, the court argued. “You have shown no respect for the victims’ personal belongings.”

S. was in custody for eight months, but was released last August. He had to go back to jail immediately after the verdict on Friday.



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