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A few days after debuting on the Uruguayan stage, the best-kept secret of Susana Gimenez: his obsession with buying clothes for which he spends thousands of dollars.

It was Michael Romanhis lifelong hairdresser, who shared the secret on air on the TV show Karina Mazzoccoin the afternoons of America.

interviewed in in the afternoonthe coiffeur also told how the diva reacted when he told her that he spent large sums of money on different types of costumes.

“On one occasion I told her that, in my opinion, she spent too much on her wardrobe and she told me…”, Miguel told about the private talk he had with Susana where she explained the reason why he spends so much money on clothing.

“He told me ‘Miguel I have to invest in this, and he pointed to his body’ and he was absolutely right in the world,” Romano acknowledged when analyzing the response he received from the “mouth” of Giménez, who is about to make his debut with Piel de Judas, in the sister country.

“Susana has been and is one of the best dressed in Argentina, with tight or loose clothing to the body”, analyzed Miguel, an expert in having taken care of the driver’s hair look for decades and decades.

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